Street Fighter, Improved With A Furious Goat

Street Fighter, Improved With A Furious Goat

It's probably Street Fighter's biggest shortfall. The fact it focuses solely on bipedal, humanoid fighters. Imagine the possibilities if the roster could be expanded to include man's surliest foe, the goat.

It would also fill a gap in the market, since Goat Simulator leaves out the part where the humans try and fight back about as terribly as a human can manage.

[via Neatorama]


    I would play a Goat simulator/Street Fighter game. Just sayin.

    My girlfriend says it's a sheep. I don't wanna be caught in the middle of this debate though. I'm just the messenger.

    OK ok ok. That got me. I laughed good. SFX really made it.

    Shadow, you're girlfriend's correct in a way, it's actually a ram. Now mistakin' a ram for a sheep says alot about you masculinity or what she thinks you are as she ogles your private parts (or even perhaps what your intentions are when you "mood" appears in broad daylight).

    Only jokin mate, i was merely dotting the i's and crossin' the t's. :-)

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