Sunset Overdrive Has A Special In-Game Message For Reviewers

Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive has a weekly in-game television show that communicates the latest tips and challenges to players, and since the only people playing right now are game reviewers...

Posted over at Forbes (via Polygon), the message urges reviewers to resist their natural urge to bastardize game names into tongue-all-over-the-cheek commentary on quality. The posting of this video was followed by a dozen heavy sighs and the sound of rapid backspacing.


    I feel like I must get this game because the developers seem really cool.

    This game looks like a hectic of a time. Looking forward to giving it a bash.

    I love Insomniac. They've always had a wonderful sense of humour, and anyone who has played the Ratchet and Clank series (mostly the original three) will get what I mean.

    This looks really good. I've already got a PS4 and not in a position to buy a second console at the moment :(

    Will be getting this day one. Seems like a riot!

    Plus... Dress-ups!!!

    This plus master chief collection are going to be amazing!!

    Just pre-ordered. Can't wait!

    (Currently $60 at Dick Smith:

    Not sure whether to get this now that it looks like it's going to eventually come to PC.

      Oh really? Must have missed that, this was one of the games (along with Forza Horizon 2 and Crackdown) that would lead me to buying an Xbone.

        It's not confirmed, and wont be for some time I'd imagine. Hell, it might even take a year to come out like Dead Rising, but I read an article yesterday about it. I just hope its not a rubbish port like DR3.

    The graphics are awesome. I've never seen the point of hyper-realism, so I am happy whenever a developer in these days decides to use all those polygons and processing power to make something beautiful, colourful and a bit surreal.

    nba now this, is the in-game TV the definition of next-gen? lol

    can that sunset TV be disabled, that seems like alot of download

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