Super Smash Bros. 3DS Characters, Ranked

Super Smash Bros. 3DS Characters, Ranked

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49. Dark Pit

48. Jigglypuff

47. Dr. Mario

46. Lucina

45. Falco

44. Ike

43. Olimar

42. Mii Fighters

41. Shulk

40. Peach

39. Luigi

38. Yoshi

37. Lucario

36. Zelda

35. Marth

34. Mr. Game & Watch

33. Sheik

32. Mario

31. Wario

30. Donkey Kong

29. Link

28. Captain Falcon

27. Wii Fit Trainer

26. Pit

25. Pac-Man

24. King Dedede

23. Palutena

22. R.O.B.

21. Fox

20. Zero Suit Samus

19. Bowser

18. Toon Link

17. Diddy Kong

16. Ganondorf

15. Robin

14. Sonic

13. Samus

12. Meta Knight

11. Ness

10. Little Mac

9. Mega Man

8. Duck Hunt

7. Villager

6. Pikachu

5. Charizard

4. Rosalina & Luma

3. Greninja

2. Bowser Jr.

1. Kirby


  • This is a pretty nothing, meaningless article without providing exactly what criteria the characters are ranked on, or provide any links to any articles that explains what criteria they were ranked on.

    Are they ranked on relative strength (ie, is it a tier list)?
    Are they ranked on “coolness” factor?
    Are they ranked on the uniqueness of their movesets?
    Are they ranked on how good their final smash is?
    Are they ranked on their popularity with players online?
    Are they ranked on an arbitrary Jason Schreier scale of SSB characters that doesn’t mean anything to anyone except Jason Schreier?

    • If it’s on the underlying evil, it kinda works…

      I mean, Greninja is basically a pokeassassin, and if you played Sunshine, you’d that Bowser Jr. Is a Captian planet villian, running around plastering the most eco endangering graffti while framing Mario for it.
      All you need to is look at how nightmarish kirbys mass attack is , to realise that beneith that cute facade resides a monster bent a killing everything n anything in his path.

  • How are they ranked? You can’t use Mii Fighters online so it wouldn’t be on how good they are competitively right?

    • Not to mention that they can have 3(3*3*3*3) move sets (I believe thats the right math), so I’m not sure you can just bunch them into 1 section like that, I would just remove them in general.

  • Kirby ranked no. 1? I love him and still use him, but come on, he’s only marginally better than awful in every Smash bros other than 64.
    If they gave him back the range on his forward smash, actually gave Final Cutter some range and height, and got rid of his down aerial’s little charge up thing then yeah, maybe he’d be a force to be reckoned with.

    As he is? Jason Schreier is talking out his arse.

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