Super Smash Bros Announcer Sings The Pokémon Theme

Super Smash Bros. Announcer Sings The Pokémon Theme

One of the pivotal parts of the any Smash Bros game is an over-the-top announcer, and the current Smash Bros one is no different. And guess what? It turns out the guy can sing as well.

As part of an AMA on his YouTube channel, voice actor Xander Mobus karaoked the first half of the Pokémon theme in his brassy Super Smash Bros voice. And despite prefacing it with "this is going to suck", it actually kinda rules a whole lot. It's the sort of silly thing that actors should do when talking to their fans.

redforman & Xander Mobus via r/smashbros


    If men spoke like that to me, I might be a little less straight.

    Only a little.

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