Super Smash Bros.: The Community Review

My first Smash Bros. experience wasn't exactly a good one. I bought Super Smash Bros. Melee whilst living in Japan, had absolutely no idea what I was doing, got confused with the Japanese instructions, gave up, put in Mario Kart: Double Dash instead and never really bothered with the game again. When Super Smash Bros. Brawl came out I though I'd try again, but it never really clicked. Whatevs.

Maybe this is the version that can make Smash click with me?

And so far so good. I messed around with the game for a while on Saturday and man... I'm really enjoying it. I'm actually enjoying a Smash game. Maybe it suits the short burst handheld style of play, maybe it's just the right timing, but for once I'm finding myself actually wanting to play a Smash Bros. game instead of just forcing myself to 'understand' what the fuss is about.

I'm hearing a lot of complaints about the controls, I'm also hearing that it's a bit of stripped back version of what people expect will be the definitive Wii U version. I'm cool with that. I'm more than cool with that.

I think a huge part of it is the fact that I'm enjoying having a game to play on my 3DS again. When I finally found my charger and turned on my 3DS I was shocked to find that the last game I had played on it was A Link Between Worlds. Damn. That was over 9 months ago.

The end result of all these things combined? I'm thoroughly enjoying this game. Looking forward to playing more and maybe even getting some level of mastery over the mechanics.

How are you guys and girls finding it so far?


    When I first jumped in, rather than feeling like it was stripped-back I was feeling like it had *too much*. There's just so many freakin characters and different modes all spread out all over the place, I didn't really know where to start. Overwhelmed by choice.

    Settled on methodically playing through Classic with each character, and it seems to be going ok now. I suck pretty badly at it though, I'm trying to push up the intensity but keep getting smacked down again. I seem to be quite fond of using lateral attacks that unrecoverably launch me off the stage.

    Liking it though! Wasn't overly fond of Brawl, but it's hard to remember how I felt about it during the first few weeks rather than years down the track. Probably quite liked it then and only grew to dislike it later.

      Damned StarFox characters are my undoing. Accidentally side-special near a ledge so often -_-

        I haven't hit up those guys yet. But so far I've managed it with Mac, Charizard, Pac Man I think and Jigglypuff.

        But especially Mac.

        I have been having a similar issue with the Mii fighter "Airborne Assault" attack which carries on in the same direction after the attack takes place causing me to hit my target, fall off the edge and have the target still in play. I ended up just swapping it out

    I'm really enjoying it. What I'm not enjoying is fighting with the controls. I've been playing Smash Bros since the first incarnation on the N64. My cousins and I spent hours upon hours playing the first one, then again on Melee.

    The thing you want from Smash Bros is the ability to accurately control your character. In higher difficulties and with the elevated challenge level of some of the different modes in Smash Bros 3DS, you need a responsive, reliable control system. And unfortunately, the 3DS just cannot provide that.

    This serves as a taste test before the Wii U version, and a handy way to play it on the run, but it won't be my preferred method of play.

    That said, the lineup is excellent. The stages, mostly inspired by handheld entries into Nintendo's big franchises are a welcome addition. And the ability to switch every single stage to a Final Destination style battle arena? Genius.

    Even with the downfall of the controls, there's enough content, love, fun and fanservice in this package that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anybody.

      What is it you don't like about the controls? Not a fan of the circle pad?

      It's been mostly ok for me, though I often find I launch a side-B when I really wanted an up-B.

        The Circle Pad is the main issue. The main issue is that the Circle Pad just doesn't register precise directional input well enough.

      You can change the controls under Games and More > Options > Controls. I swapped the attack and special buttons and now it is playing a lot better for me but you can literally customize every control except for the D-pad which is reserved for taunts

    I r8 8/8 with no h8 m8.
    Only gripe is no sub space emissiary and that they added more pokemons.

    I downloaded it last night and have played for around four hours. After playing the demo I was skeptical, the game just didn't feel 'right' on a small screen with an awkward circle pad but of course, I bought into it because Smash Bros.

    That said now, you do learn to make the best of the controls (which are still somewhat awkward) however like others have said its a great game to just pick up and play. There are plenty of fun, entertaining modes and the attention to detail, the roster, stages, customisation and music is fantastic. I haven't been able to play online however, I keep getting an error code (minus spectating, which you can place bets on players, which is awesome!) much like MK8 (must be my modem).

    All in all it feels like a good handheld port of a console game, it just makes me so keen for the Wii U release.

    It's been pretty good so far. Easier than Brawl, that's for sure. I agree the circle pad isn't too great for this game. I constantly compare to the GC controller, which had a much more responsive d-pad and allowed smash attacks to be executed easily. That said, I'm looking forward to seeing how the c-stick works in the new 3ds.

    I'm absolutely loving it! Pretty much haven't put it down except to sleep and eat since Saturday. Trying to get my head around all of the new characters to which ones I like playing and Little Mac is by far my favourite new addition.
    Dat uppercut when when you build up your KO metre. Mmm just beautiful!

    I was really excited for this game, and in many ways it exceeds my expectations. The new characters are really creatively done and are more than just carelessly thrown in to expand the roster. And the speed is awesome, Brawl was too slow, and Melee too fast, but I'm a happy little Goldy Locks playing this one. However the thing I was most excited about, online, is just awful. I've heard that it's fine if you're in the same country as your opponent, but as an Aussie that is unlikely to happen too often.

    I'll just have to wait for the Wii U version to really go online (assuming the Wii U is capable of better online, Mario Kart 8 works like a charm most of the time).

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    I am loving it so far. Love the new Classic mode and the stage and item selection.

    My only gripe is that it is killing my hands. I don't know if I'm holding my 3DS wrong, but playing for an extended period of time (say like half an hour) really takes its toll on my thumbs. It has never been a problem before, but then again I've never needed to hold my 3DS as intensely as in SSB, so my muscles on those places could just be out of shape.

    Other than that, love it.

    Pretty solid. Observations:

    Control's aren't that bad unless you're playing 10/10ths.

    Classic surprised me. I'm annoyed that I can't beat the end on 8 though!

    Would've preferred challenges like they had in Melee/Brawl over Smash Run.

    New characters are interesting but they feel very different to the older ones as their mechanics are a lot more complex (Little Mac/Shulk/Robin).

    I really like it so far. It's nice to be able to play Smash anywhere. It's not perfect though. The circle pad isn't as precise as a Gamecube controller and the small screen is annoying. I don't understand also the inclusion of some clone characters such as Dark Pitt. That seems to be a waste of a character space, but I suppose that's not a new thing for the Smash series. At any rate, it's whetted my appetite for the main event of Smash on the Wii U where I'll be able to play it in HD on a large television with a Gamecube controller.

    It's too bad the game doesn't have a story mode. The smash run concept is interesting but seems to be a bit of a letdown when it comes to the final battle. It doesn't really feel like all those powerups make much of a difference.

    I've found that the trophy rush seems to work best with DK - I just ground pound most of the time and move out of the way when the spark comes down.

    Now I don't hate Brawl like every second or third guy who talks about Brawl but it's definitely hard to argue that the faster pace and less floatiness of characters doesn't make the game better. I'm having an absolute blast, and all the characters just feel good and tuned given their weights. Yeah the circle pad is fucking me up from time to time but for a portable Smash experience, it's an incredible effort. Can't wait for the Wii U version.

    Loving it so far. Worried the A or B buttons will suffer in the long term, but I'm amazed by the amount of content and the graphics are great. Pacman is a lot of fun, and Mega Man is as awesome as I'd hoped. I like the changes to classic mode and so far everything just clicks. Assuming the buttons don't give in, I see this game lasting a long time in my 3DS's slot. Very pleased so far.

    The best part for me is that they really nailed the balancing of characters. Link, Sonic, Mario and Yoshi, characters I hated playing as in Brawl, are suddenly so much more fun to play as - and I have no idea why!

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