Surprise! Super Smash Bros. Has Sold A Lot Of Copies

Over 2.8 million copies to be precise. That's a lot of units.

It is worth noting that while the game came out in Australia this Saturday, it has been available in other regions for a fair amount of time. It came out in Japan on September 13, for example. And boy did it do some serious numbers in Japan.

That being said, it does appear that — surprise surprise — Super Smash Bros. on the 3DS has been an overwhelming success.

Considering the amount of 3DS consoles in the wild, it's almost to be expected. I'll be interested to see how well the Wii U version does in comparison, considering how poorly the console has sold in general. Will Super Smash Bros. actually shift Wii Us in the way, say, Mario Kart 8 did? It's difficult to say at this point. I wonder if releasing the 3DS version in advance will actually be detrimental to sales of the Wii U version. Surely there'll be people out there who don't want to buy two copies of a similar game in such close proximity.


    I've decided to pass up the 3DS version and get the Wii U one instead. By all accounts it seems the 3DS version is good - great even - but I can't see it being better than the Wii U version simply due to screen size. And like Mark said, I don't want two copies of the game so I'm holding out.

      I'm actually confused as to why they released a 3DS version, especially earlier than the Wii U counterpart. Everything Nintendo does seems detrimental and yet people are just fixated on their products. That said, love me some Smash!

        Because handhelds are way more popular than consoles in japan, the Wii U version wont sell near;y as much as the 3DS one will.

        They'll get more sales this way. Some people will end up buying both versions (which they wouldn't if they launched at the same time) which they probably wouldn't if they already had the better Wii U version.

        For them the decision was probably between selling more Wii Us and making more money and they figured this was the better way to do it.

    I've decided to pass on the Wii U version of smash... whats the point. The 3DS version gives me tons of content and i can play it on the train. I've already had a ton of streetpass hits and matches with others that have it in the carriage. Try and replicate that on a Wii U :) haha Smash is the perfect portable game imo.

    I dunno, I think if anything the Wii U version would have eaten into 3DS sales. Feels more likely that people would skip out on the 3DS version to get the "proper" one instead than vice versa. And those with a Wii U that did pick up the 3DS version would be more likely to get both.

      Yes, I am waiting for the 'proper' one. I even gave away all my 3DS demo codes. Not even interested.

      Nintendo can afford to lose a few 3DS sales if it brings the WiiU sales back up. There's plenty of 3DS install base, so there's plenty of time to sell more games to that market.

    I plan on getting both versions, but that's partially because I'm a Nintendo nerd. Also, it's because I think both versions will bring something different to the experience. I'm enjoying the hell out of the 3DS version at the moment, and I think the WiiU version will be really polished and enjoyable online.

    Exactly what I was thinking, brilliant move on Nintendo's part to release the 3DS version first. Most Smash fans, especially competitive players, would definitely buy the Wii U version over the 3DS copy, but by releasing the 3DS version first they buy both because they need to have new smash as it comes out.

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