Tablet Is The Best Way To Play Skylanders: Trap Team

Tablet Is The Best Way To Play Skylanders: Trap Team

Normally when a big-name video game releases a version on tablet devices, it’s either a pared down version of the console experience or a completely different game altogether. Not only is Skylanders: Trap Team‘s tablet offering the exact same game as on consoles, its portability and convenience makes it the superior version.

The console version of Skylanders: Trap Team, includes a portal for beaming physical toys into the game, a pair of figures, two of the game’s special crystal traps and a copy of the game on disc. The tablet version loses the disc (the game is downloadable on iPads, Android and Amazon tablets), but adds a custom-built controller and a special base that also acts as a tablet stand.

Tablet Is The Best Way To Play Skylanders: Trap Team

The controller, which stows under the base when not in use, features all of the bits console players are familiar with — a directional pad, four shoulder buttons, two analogue sticks and X-Y-A-B face buttons. It’s on the small side, but so is the game’s core audience. I’ve played for hours comfortably and I have massive monster paws.

Slide a tablet featuring the game into the stand, connect the portal via Bluetooth (the pad and portal are linked, so if the portal is connected, so is the pad), and you’ve got the full console experience in compact form.

On the iPad Mini Retina I’ve been playing on, the experience is comparable to that of the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 versions of the game. The PlayStation 4 version crams in some enhanced visual effects, but hopping from tablet to PS4 wasn’t jarring. Less powerful tablets might run the game at lower settings (in my demo earlier this year, reps compared the performance on low-end tablets to the Wii version). Another caveat — the game will be huge when fully-installed. I haven’t completely scanned in my collection yet and the app is hovering a 6.8GB.

It’s the perfect version of Skylanders: Trap Team for parents fearing the impending television takeover. For kids, they have basically got an instant Trap Team workstation, where they can get down to the business of trapping some enemies. And should they crave the big screen expeience, that’s what HDMI adapters and Air Play are for.

As an added bonus, Trap Team tablet doesn’t even require that controller or the portal. Without the controller, the game can be controlled via virtual touchscreen controls. Without the portal, players are given a pair of virtual Skylanders to play with. And since the internet is only required to download content and newly-added characters, once the game is loaded it can be played just about anywhere.

Tablet Is The Best Way To Play Skylanders: Trap Team

The Skylanders: Trap Team Tablet Starter pack goes on sale tonight at midnight (at participating stores) for $US74.99 — the same price as the console version. If your tablet is this tall, it can play it:

Tablet Is The Best Way To Play Skylanders: Trap Team


  • As much as this franchise doesn’t appeal to me, and as much as I shudder every time a child touches a tablet/smartphone, that’s a very impressive game!

    • Exactly what I was thinking; I really hate the addiction that children have to tablets and all but to see an actual full game on a tablet is really impressive, and it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to have some more whole games coming to tablets.

      Though, I hope they don’t put Nintendo out of business…

      • If Nintendo are smart, this is exactly where they will branch themselves into. They would suit the tablet business to a tee.

          • No they have a console that utilises tablet tech into a controller for a single capacitive touchscreen. What Im saying is Ninty should get into the iPad/android market and start releasing their ip there. hell release their nes/snes back catalogue and theyd freakin murder.

          • Clearly I was taking the piss. At any rate, Nintendo already has a popular game available for tablets, that pokemon card game.

  • by tablet version you clearly mean Wii U version, right? You know, with the gamepad for offscreen but can also use that big TV if you want? Especially considering how you can buy a Wii U for cheaper than most of those tablets, and there is likely to be another Skylanders Wii U bundle with an exclusive figure selling for $100 on ebay (like they did with the last Skylanders), buying the table version doesn’t seem as rosy does it?
    Best part of Wii U version? No horrible “virtual controls” which are all virtually unplayable, but instead real controls plus the touch screen.

  • Excellently done. The only, ONLY downside I see to any of this, is the portal uses 3x AAA batteries and the controller uses 2xAAA batteries. That’s 5xAAA batteries each change. After owning the wireless one for Spyros adventure for the ps3, this became a HUGE pain in the ass after a while as the portal really does chew through the batteries due to its constant signal it sends out.

  • I talked about this (tablet games improving to be roughly on par with console games) about a year ago here and was shouted down… But it is happening due to diminishing returns of consoles, mobile install base& therefore economics. The same way PC games are held back by console releases could be replicated by tablets holding back console releases as we get another 5 years into this gen. PC for hard core & tablet with Bluetooth controllers and video out replacing consoles, leaving pcs to get truly hardcore again!

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