Take A Look At The First New Star Wars Arcade Game In Years

Take a Look at the First New Star Wars Arcade Game in Years

The best part of the Star Wars arcade games of yore was how they transported you into the movies, letting you be the one destroying the Death Star and defeating the Empire. A new bunch of Star Wars machines are going to do the same thing for today's audiences, starting next January.

Star Wars Battle Pod is an arcade game that happens in a set-up with a dome-shaped screen. The game incorporates scenes from past movies and players will pilot the X-Wing, Snow Speeder and the Millenium Falcon vehicles across locations like Yavin, Hoth, Endor and the second Death Star. The game will also feature a Vader's Revenge special stage, where the Sith Lord tries to detonate a Death Star laser core before the Rebels can acquire any sensitive info from the destroyed space station.

A limited time preview of the Battle Pod machines will start today at the Dave & Buster's in Manhattan, running until November 2. We'll have footage of the game in action later today.


    Who is making the new game?

      Looks like there's a Namco Bandai logo in the upper-right corner of the Hoth image on the marquee?

      Edit: Or there's that tag on the story, yeah :P

      Last edited 09/10/14 9:22 am

        Well spotted though, that logo is super blurry.

        Looking forward to seeing the game footage of this, there hasn't been a good Star Wars arcade game in forever.

    Is it later today yet!?!?!?!?

    There is a clip here:

    Sooooooo ... When should we expect this in ... you know, Australia?

    Looks awesome, but one possibly stupid question: on-rails shooter, right? Though that isn't a deal-breaker.

    This is probably beating the dead horse, but just gimme another X-wing/Rogue Squadron game and crack it over the back of the head with an ultra-slick graphics engine.

    The worst thing is this makes me mourn a proper Star Wars PC Flight sim style game.

    But man I'd love to play that.

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