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    The mystical empty TAY. I had heard of such things but never witnessed it myself
    Weekend was nice, had friends invite themselves around for a Sunday roast. Which would have been slightly rude except for the fact they brought the roast dinner around.
    The grand final was pretty horrible but at least the world championships were good. So close and yet so far.
    Hope everybody had a nice weekend

      You have good friends. Do you have the big loungeroom and/or big TV?

        As DC said they were coming over to meet the new bub. So rather than impose they brought dinner with them. Was great roast pork as well. They backed this kickstarter thing that basically got them a free range pig and they get it sent to them in chunks. Really good meat

          That sounds awesome. ^-^ New baby is way cooler/cuter that watching sports on a big TV.

      Free roast! That's awesome!!! I wouldn't have said no to that either!!! :)

        I feel sorry for the next person to come visit, The standard is set pretty darn high

          I always bring dinner when I'm visiting friends with a new baby, even if I'm there at lunchtime. Rule 1 of visiting new babies - bring food!

            Yep it is so helpful
            We haven't had too much because of Mrs Tigs allergies it is really hard for even close family to know what she is able to eat. But the mother in law kept us well stocked in those early days which was a godsend

              How old is your bub?

                9 and a half weeks
                So tiny and so big at the same time. I was talking to her the other night and was saying "When you were a little little baby......."
                But she is adorable

    Hello all,
    My weekend was very full and awesome. Was celebrating my wife's birthday practically all weekend. Dinner with friends at The Habitat on Friday night, brunch with family on Saturday morning, Her job interview after lunch, surprised her with Rayman Legends (Wii U) in the afternoon for something for us to do together, took her to see Missy Higgins on Sat night.
    Went to Moose and Gibson for breakfast yesterday and then took her shopping and bought heaps of stuff and spoiled her. Managed to put a good few hours into The Last of Us yesterday afternoon. MAN THIS GAME IS AWESOME. I can really tell they have pushed the PS3 to the limit, the frame-rate isn't as solid as the latter Uncharted games. I don't blame them for that, because it looks amazing and i'm having a blast. Just wish i could play the PS4 version.

    My weekend. A dot point summary.

    Falling asleep on the couch watching TV and then waking up at 7am.
    Star Citizen.
    AFL Grand Final.
    Get bored with Grand Final, play Star Citizen.
    Go out for breakfast.
    Star Citizen.
    Go out for dinner.
    True Detective.
    TAY \o/

      Sounds nice. Buy anything cool?

        Food shopping, should have clarified. Sunday "Tradition?" "Ritual?" "Habit?" to go for coffee and then head to the shops to buy food for the week.

      - Wake up early on Saturday (unheard of)
      - Destiny
      - Lunch
      - Destiny
      - Go out for dinner (Korean BBQ with friends)
      - Destiny
      - Sleep
      - Wake up early on Sunday (doubly unheard of)
      - Destiny
      - Wife wakes up; we Destiny together
      - Wife has network connectivity issues, we assume that this is due to unstable servers combined with doubling up on one internet connection
      - Take a break from Destiny to play Diablo III
      - Wife continues to have networking issues, figures I might as well rejoin her
      - Destiny
      - Dinner
      - Destiny
      - Sleep
      - Wake up early on Monday (business as usual, unfortunately)
      - Work :/
      - New TAY \o/

    Morning kitties.

    I am SO FLIPPING EXCITED today. My new sofa is finnnnnnnallllllllly arriving! It's being custom-built and has taken 13 weeks, but today's the day! I am gonna sit so hard tonight.

      What sofa did you get?

        A variation on this - (hence the extra long wait).

          Is that headrests that can be up or down?! Awesome idea.

            Yes! So, so good! I bought these lovely little acacia wood platters to put on the headrests when they're down, for drinks or candles.

          Ooooh, nice.
          I want a couch like that for our new house but I think we'll be lucky if the budget can cover inflatable furniture.

            Yeah, it was not cheap. Like, way more than I expected to pay, but I got a good tax return and figured it was worth it, given the amount of time I'll spend in front of the tv in the next few months (Alien: Isolation! Little Big Planet 3! FAR CRY 4!!!). But when I went back into the store the other day, it had gone up by another $1200, so I got a bargain.

      Initially misread 'sit'.

      Props on new couch, though. In honour of this auspicious occasion:

      Should've got it at the Sofa King.

      Their prices are Sofa King low XD

      I'M BACK BABY!!!

        hah dood you're only like 30 mins late with that joke ;)

          Yeah, noticed that after I posted it. Don't know why I bothered.

    Getting to the tail end of this illness, hopefully I'm back to 100% by tomorrow.

      You can do it \o/

        There's nothing to it!
        If you want something, don't ask for nothing
        If you want nothing... DON'T ASK FOR SOMETHING!

      Just don't try to push too hard today. Worst mistake you can make is doing to much because you are "better"

    Morning errbody hows every little thing?

    My weekend was eh, on saturday Cathryn and I went to pick up our fridge which the ebay seller lied about! they said it was in good condition and insisted on that and its not like we checked because they had the whole thing wrapped up and were basically tryna get us to leave straight away so when we did look at the fridge there was a massive dint on the top, scratches and dints all over it, texta marks inside the fridge, and somehow lifted the plastic seal on the stainless steel and its got rust or food under it. Upon calling them out on it they said they had no idea what we were talking about and that the damage must have been done by us and so thats gone to shit.

    Saturday night was better we had Salsa's for dinner and i hit level 20 in Destiny.

    Sunday was spent working on my resume and kicking the soccer ball around. Also we packed boxes oh so many god damn boxes.

    A Monday question because it brightens the morning - If we opened the first virtual reality pods like in fallout 3 which were capable of playing games what game would you like to play in complete virtual reality

      Aw man, good question. Red Dead Redemption.

        Just ride a horse for hours on hours..granted after watching a million ways to die in the west id probably freak out

      Warframe would actually be really amazing in Virtual Reality, wall running, ninja slicing, zapping armies down with lightning, possibilities are endless

      Mass Effect 2

        Would you keep the decision wheel or just be able to say whatever you want to say?

          No way, i would want to be able rage at Jack whenever she is being a bitch. (All the time).

      The Halo series. Who doesn't want to be an unstoppable cyborg death god for a day?

        The makers of Flower is my guess, what if it was open world halo multi?

      Starlancer, Rogue squadron, something along those lines.

        Because SPACE! I reckon theirs so many games that would work perfectly with the whole full body vr experience

      I've said it once, I'll say it again: X-Wing Alliance flying through the Death Star II ERRYDAY!!

    It's Monday and the warm is here. Fantastic!

    So, weekend. Spoilered because length: On Friday night I went down to Wollongong for a college friend's 21st. Only managed to get in some dinner and a game of CAH before everyone called it, had a rather early one. Next day was the traditional late morning getup followed by long, drawn-out cooking of crepes/pancakes. Then we... watched A Knight's Tale for some reason I think? Before getting into a game of Lords of Waterdeep, this time played in teams of two because we had so many people. Wingman and I spent most of the early game seeming to be trailing while piling up the corruption. But just like last time I played, even with a massive pile of the stuff we managed to (three hours later) charge on through and absolutely obliterate everyone else. Aww yeah.
    That night more of his friends came over, they played Mario Kart for a while til we eventually got pizzas. Then they decided to go on a youtube-watching spree so the rest of us retreated to the back room to avoid that, and started playing music :P Eventually one of them came to see what was going on, then another, then the rest came and they all said bye and left. It wasn't even 9:30, and they were all going home?? People are weird.
    Played a little more music before emerging back to the main room, wasn't much to the rest of the night other than watching the host start writing up characters for us for the game of Dungeons and Dragons he was planning, while the others played more games, mostly Hyrule Warriors now. Pillowmaker had to go home that afternoon, so I actually got a full night's sleep that night! Because there were fewer people. So I got a mattress to myself. And wouldn't have my sleep disrupted by anyone. In that... dammit how do I make any of this sound non-dirty? Bah. Shut up :P
    Next day: french toast and leftover pizza and leftover cake and Dungeons and Dragons! I kinda wanted to leave early so I could get home and do stuff, but I've never played before so wanted to stick around for it. It went ok for a group of noobs who mostly didn't know what they were doing (although there was one person slowing things down by constantly talking over everyone about things of very little relevance). I was a chaotic neutral rock gnome wizard with the ability to "tinker" and create small devices, I could also take a short nap to recharge my magics. It's like a perfect summation of me :P Early on we lost our half-orc rogue who had to leave when his mum showed up unexpectedly early, so he was written out of the game. Towards the end while we were facing off against the big demon bossguy two of the guys from up the coast had to leave too, but his character was kept in the game because he was nearly dead. I died soon after, and then so did he. We both got brought back though, and I managed to *just* avoid another death before scampering back into a tunnel (mostly) out of harm's way. Other guy wasn't so lucky though, he got taken down again a little later on. But other than that, we won and managed to come out of it ok! It was pretty fun, wouldn't mind having another go of it some other time now that we have a better idea of what's going on. Only so long as that person I mentioned isn't there >_>
    The trip back sucked. The guys who'd just left had to take a train-replacement bus, and called back to let us know that traffic was at a standstill thanks to an accident. We thought it was on the other road, but once I got on my way I either found the one they were talking about or the other road was stuffed too. Trip took about twice as long, all that extra time was spent crawling along at about 20 or so. Bleh. Even more worrying was just after I'd called back to the others to let them know I'd found traffic too, my fuel light came on :P Got back alright, still had about three more litres than I did after getting back from Canberra.

    Dad had a free trip that still had lying around that needed to be used up, so he and Mum have nicked off to central Australia for the week. So assuming that my sister's going to be spending most of her time down here at her boyfriend's place, I'm likely going to be here alone for the week. Having checked the fridge, it looks like there'll only be enough leftovers to last me about half that time. I am screwed.

    Also, I invited my best friend's girlfriend to stay over at some point this week. WHATAMIDOING/10.
    Really though, she goes to uni a very short distance away from where I live while her place is all the way over towards the city, so it'd be really convenient for her to be able to skip all that commuting. Figured that with the spare space here I may as well offer it up. Doesn't stop me from stepping back from the situation and admiring just how retarded it seems though :P

    Last edited 29/09/14 8:59 am

      Oh friend, do be careful with the lady. But the D&D sounds good!

        It's ok, there's not much care needed. I'm absurdly good at becoming really good friends with girls that are already in relationships, and having absolutely nothing go on with them whatsoever :P

      Whereabouts are you based Gooky? I'm from just down the coast near Nowra, and heading up to Wollongong tomorrow for UOW Early Entry interview :P Also, never played D&D before, probably because it has that ultimate nerd stigma haha

        I'm all the way up in Sydney. Our group's spread all over the place, from Wyong down to Wollongong and Bowral, and everywhere inbetween.

        I'm similar with the D&D, it's always stood out as the ultimate nerd activity. I was always intrigued by it after that one episode of The IT Crowd though, just never really had an opportunity to give it a try til now. Will still continue to loudly yell NEEEEEEERD whenever people talk about having played it thought :P

          My friend group will be much the same I think, spread all over after school. Haha yeah, nothing like a hearty Homer Jay style "Neeeeerrddd" bellow! Similarly, it piqued my interest in the Community episode where they play it. Well, the first Community episode where they play it.

      *hand erupts from pile of popcorn*

      Guys *pant* Oh my god guys! *takes a moment to catch breath* I've been stuck under this pile of popcorn all weekend. You guys don't know how happy I am to-oh god

      *another giant pile of popcorn covers me*

      I heard Marsellus Wallace threw Tony Rockyhorror from a second floor balcony for messing with his girlfriend while he was away.

      Just saying, be careful.

    What up my fellow TAYers?
    Been seriously out of the loop, but has there been much talk about Fantasy Life on the 3DS? Read a couple of previews and it doesn't look to shabby, but just wondering if TAY had any info on it.

    Still obsessed with Dragon's Dogma, just can't put the damn thing down. I think it has to be Bitterblack Island, done everything on the mainland, including finishing the damn game, but I just keep going back to BBI. I must find all the rare items, 90% of which I will never use.
    I think to break this vicious cycle I just need to beat that last damn boss, but that ugly bastard keeps kicking my arse.
    Oh well, maybe if I keep playing and collecting for weeks on end, full blown insanity may set in.
    Ahhh, I can almost hear the voices in the head already :)

      So far the people that are playing it are @greenius @beavwa @jimu and me! it's a heap of fun!

        Not playing. Watching it being played since I'm cheap and only outlaid $19 for one copy.
        The fact I've had zero opportunity to play is a good indication on the game.

        How could you forget me, Nob! I thought we had something special.

          You know what you did!

        me too, but been distracted by a lot of other games.

        Fantasy Life is so good!

      I need to get back into Dragon's Dogma! I was really enjoying it. Can't even remember why I stopped. I am a doofus.

        That was such a good recommendation. I need to do the same and finish it.

        I think I got bogged down in the paralysis of realizing that I'd been missing/failing quests out of inaction or completing in the incorrect order and was second-guessing everything I did to get an 'optimal' run.

          Ah the beauty of NG+ your second chance to do it all again.
          I missed and stuffed up a few quests, so it will be good to do better this time around.

        The exact same thing happened with me. Played quite a bit, then just stopped suddenly, not sure why.
        Problem is now that I have started again, I CAN"T STOP!

      Fantasy Life is fun! Very fun! I have a puppy!

      Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen was $7.50 on the CA PSN store a week ago and I was too lazy to get it and now all the regrets.
      Still, what a great game DD was.

    I'm in bed.
    To make up for waking me up and making me grumpy yesterday, my kids brought me breakfast in bed today. So I'm just lying here reading a book about embroidery and generally relaxing. This is not how Mondays are supposed to go! :P

      Such a lucky mum!!! :) Good little kiddies!!

        Mostly they're monsters just like their Mum. But days like today make it worth it! :P

      Did you run a forensic analysis on the breakfast in bed? The monster gene is wiley!

      Don't worry, I'm sure Monday is saving up for something big.

    Urgh, reply fail

    Last edited 29/09/14 9:18 am

    Greetings all, hope everyone's weekend was enjoyable. My Saturday consisted of the Royal Melbourne show, got to pet many adorable animals and got myself a few things, like the cutest Eevee plushie and a Decepticon stick-on badge which I think I'll place on my tablet cover. Meanwhile Sunday included checking out apartments as the last one turned into an official bust, so we're not wasting time searching again, which I guess in a way has me better off. The apartment plan I had initially was a reminder of the home I was trying to put together for my now ex-girlfriend so... yeah now that's impossible given that she's given up ever being able to come here :(

    And everything inbetween all this was watching the World Championship group stages (Well more catching up by watching the VODs) of League of Legends. Some games were just ridiculous, as in one auto attack away from winning the game and the other team managed to kill them before they got it, managed to pull a comeback in that match too, crazy stuff.

      So where abouts you been looking for apartments now?

        Still in Dandenong currently, we found some pretty good spots. There's several whole new blocks in the middle of construction on one side and recently complete ones in the other with people already living in them. They're fairly more expensive but they're actually pretty darn good in terms of location and double glazed windows to blur out most of the outside noise being close to a large busy road, still about a 5-10 minute walk from the station in the other direction.
        There were cheaper apartments up the road from the original site I first signed up for but a big issue I spotted, the door to the car park was wide open, and the door to the complex within the car park is not locked at all, which means it wasn't secure possibly due to neighbour negligence. We were able to walk right in and go wherever we wanted. Red flag for me there.

          Yeah thats not what you want granted i got hired by body corporate who maintained several apartment buildings and all they asked me to do was see how easy it is to Enter the parking complex as residents were complaining about damage to their cars overnight. Not only did I get into the parking garage easily i got inside their building with access to all floors as someone duct taped the fire escape door so it could never lock

            Yeah see this is what I'm worried about, especially being so close to the shopping center. I'm going to be living alone when I move out, and with the train station being close by, my car will be there the whole day and partial night while I'm out at work/going to or from work, so if some idiot decided to "forget" to shut the garage door behind them, anything would've happened like what you mentioned.

              Alot of the newer ones going in have auto detect timers so if you press the open button you have 30 seconds or something before it auto shuts

    Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was pretty good. Spent a lot of time in Destiny, scored three legendary weapons and bought an exotic engram that turned out to be a ridiculous-looking helm, and with the help of a bunch of people (we did it, guys!), completed the Vault of Glass. Considering some of the drops people got, I'm wondering how long it'll be before we start seeing shirts with "I went to the Vault of Glass and all I got was this lousy shirt" on the front...

    Also, spent a good three hours playing The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - man, that game is gorgeous. I felt the need to keep stopping to take screenshots for future wallpapers every time I entered a new area. Still not finished it, although I did spend nearly an hour trying to find the entrance to a place that refused to appear until I reloaded the game - I think I'd triggered some dialogue too early by approaching the church from the wrong path. The puzzles I've seen are really well done, and the investigations always lead you in one direction then show you a set of events completely different from what you thought happened. It's great. I want to try to finish it tonight or tomorrow, as the silly season starts this week - Shadow of Mordor and Sherlock Homes hit in the next few days, and Alien next week.

      Gah, so jelly of you guys.
      Tis now a race between team Piat and team Puppet for second place. Piat's mob is more levelled and experienced but Puppet's is learning faster. It'll be close.
      I should probably pick a side.

      Im yet to find a single legendary and me mate who only started last week is now ahead of me and has 3 legendary items all drops

        The only legendary engrams I got from drops were either Blues or for the wrong class (my hunter, when she gets to level 20, will be set for life). Got my legendary helm from the Queen's Wrath missions, the gloves, boots and chest from the Vanguard Vendor. As for the legendary weapons, two came from ranking up my Cryptarch to levels 9 and 10 respectively, and one from the raid.

        Don't worry about drops - there are other ways to get legendaries. You can get to level 24 or 25 with all blue gear, and then play the vanguard strike playlists, patrol if you need the rep, do the crucible (if that's your thing), do the Queen's missions, and save them motes of light for Xur's exotic engrams. Make your own luck where you can.

    A mate of mine gifted me Supreme Commander yesterday. Anyone played it before? I recall playing it for an hour or so aaaaaaaaages ago when it first came out, but can't remember why I stopped. Anyone like the game? Anyone wanna have a game with me and or my friend?

      Oh man I haven't played that game in so long (CYBRANS FOREVER!), I would love to get back into that game. Only downside with it is it can be really badly optimised at later game stages due to the crazy large scale of it. Did you get Forged alliance with that as well?

        yeah I think it was the forged alliance version.
        /edit Just checked, and my library says I have both versions!

        Last edited 29/09/14 10:09 am

          Awesome! Both are great but Forged Alliance made it legendary TBH. I'll be certainly up for reinstalling this game and playing with you guys sometime.

    So I was driving home across Sydney on Saturday night and, I'm going to go out on a limb here because I haven't bothered to check, I assume that the Bulldogs won the NRL Grand Final.

    I assume this because at around 10:15pm on Centennary Drive I was suddenly surrounded by a bunch of cars veering from lane to lane while constantly hammering their horns, waving flags out windows, hanging out windows, standing out of sunroofs, etc. There was even a pair of jersey-clad motorcyclists weaving in and out of traffic. I assume at least half the people driving on that road were drunk out of their skulls.

    Fuuuuuuuuuck yooooooooou.

      Living in Canterbury whenever the Bulldogs play (let alone win) isn't the best :P Best to steer clear of the main roads on those days!

      Though it is kind of amusing to see the lengths some people go. Saw a small two-door car with enormous blue sails on each side driving around and honking, yesterday. Lucky it wasn't windy or it would've blown away.

      Nope grand final is next weekend they were just generally drunk driving because the bulldogs are in the grand final

        Oh jeez, that display wasn't even because they won? Thanks for the heads up, I'm going to stay the fuck inside all weekend.

    Hey All!

    I had an extremely uneventful weekend. I played a lot of Hyperule Warriors and Fantasy Life! Fantasy Life is pretty rad, kinda like an animal crossing meets adventure games with a heap of puns thrown in for quest names. I do have a couple of suggestions for people thinking about picking it up.

    - You can have multiple "lives" (jobs) in the game with no penalty.
    - There are 4 combat lives: Paladin (Sword and shield), Mercenary (2H Sword), Hunter (Bow) & Magician (Magic).
    - You only really need to chose one combat life in game as you can only use one weapon at a time.
    - There are 5 crafting lives: Cooking, Blacksmith, Tailor, Carpenter & Alchemist.
    - These lives a fairly self explanatory, you can make things!
    - The final 3 jobs are collection lives: Mining, Lumberjack & Fisherman.
    - Get the 3 collection lives ASAP! The sooner you get unlock them the sooner you can start to hoard all the crafting materials and start making things!

    Most importantly though, just have fun! The game is all about exploring and talking to people and doing quests so just explore the game and have fun!

    Last edited 29/09/14 9:33 am

      You keep your stat boosts gained from all the Lives, right? So if I switched to something else I'd still be able to smith weapons and things the same as I could as a Blacksmith? If so, I'll switch to Paladin to level up a little to use all the stuff I've crafted, then switch to Miner!

      ...Or just switch to Tailor like I was originally planning and play Fashion Life instead :P

        You keep all you stat boosts from Levels but I am not sure about the "life bonus".

      Man, this sounds exactly like my wife's dream game.
      Seriously - she wants a game where she can run around and be a worker in fantasy land, rather than HAVING to kill things.
      ...*looks at ps4 fund, looks up prices of 3ds and fantasy life*
      *plans trip to EB*

        There is a bit of combat in the game, but I think most of it can be avoided.

          And that's what she wants - to be able to level up and progress, without HAVING to do combat. if she feel like smacking something over the head with a sword, all well and good - but she doesn't HAVE to.

          I'm not kidding when I say this sounds like, quite literally, her dream game. Hence why I might drain the bank account for her.

        Well you do still have to kill monsters and things when not in a safe area, but it's not exactly difficult (essentially just mash one button and run around) and you can just run away from almost everything.

        Could always get a 2DS to cut costs!

        Last edited 29/09/14 9:58 am

          Hmmm, that is true. But the 3DS looks so much better.
          I may go look at second hand options at EB during lunch.

      Hyperule warriors?

        Hyrule Warrios also known as Zelda Dynasty Warriors.

          hehe i figured that's what you meant. Just checking :)


    So, here's a dumb thing I feel the need to "confess".

    Years and years and years ago I had a horrible boyfriend who knew I didn't like horror/torture movies but would still make me go see them. One time he called me and said we were seeing one that weekend - I think maybe it was Hostel? I really didn't want to sit through all the horrible jump scares and gore, so I looked up the movie online and found a very detailed synopsis, and read it through. Then, when we went to see the movie, I knew what was going to happen and had a better idea as to when to shut my eyes or know to expect something to jump out.

    But now, even years later, I don't want to watch those movies, but I still really enjoy reading their synopsis? Like, when it's quiet at work I go to and look up all those stupid movies and read it and enjoy it. I don't know what's wrong with me.

    Okay, phew! I feel better now, haha.

      My girlfriend was shocked when i said i didnt like horror movies. She loves them and because i didnt want to be the scaredy cat i watched one. I believe it was scream. Now scream isn't even that scary. Its actually nearly a comedy but im a big baby. SO before we watched it during the day i googled the plot. I was like oh thats not too bad and i got through the movie later that night. I told her after we watched it and she promised never to make me watch a horror if i didnt make her watch frozen for the 15th time. So now i watch frozen in secret.

        Haha, I've never seen Frozen, but I actually really, really do not want to.

        Incidentally, Scream was my favourite movie in high school.

          you broked my brain.

          I actually didn't want to watch it when it was released, it looked so generic and childish, than i remembered i am both generic and childish so i watched it.

      I am identical, ever since I went on a date many years ago to watch a midnight screening of "The Ring" (western version).

      I get where you're coming from on that but I mainly like reading movie recaps of bad movies like those over at jabootu or agony booth. Movies I can't be bothered watching myself but have a reputation for being terrible.

      I also don't really like horror movies, but that's because most of them are just kind of crappy and bore me.

      I like horror movies but detest gore movies but do enjoy reading what they are about, the thought of even watching the human centipede makes me ill but I've read the entire plot

    My crowning achievement of the weekend was finally smashing onto the solo wiz (non-season) ladder in D3 at 447. I love grifts packed with slow moving zombie trash...


    I played sooooooo much pokemon on the weekend, i also went on a gran date. Some of you might remember that my gran also known as "rocket gran" is the coolest lady ever. I went to visit her and watch the AFL grand final with her. She made like a picnic for us both and we just shot the shit and watched the game. It was a lovely day.

      I've hatched 400 charmander eggs so far and have gotten pretty efficient at doing batches of 100.

        Just breeding for a shiny??

          Mostly. Getting the occasional 6IV which is nice too. They make for good trades.
          Think I've gotten 6 or 7 out of those 400. No females yet, which would help things since the breeding female at the moment is only a 5.

          Is it sad that I want a separate German game play through to be able to masuda method things a lot easier?

            Yes yes it is. But my best friend considered doing this.

    I need a hashtag to use for the project I thought up when I was in bed reading earlier.
    Every day I'll post on Instagram and my blog two things: one photo of something I've seen on my daily walk up to the school and back, and one photo of a free motion quilting design inspired by that photo.
    I just need a badass hashtag and name for it that isn't already taken. So far I've only thought of lame ones like #dailywalkdesign and #freemotionwalking :P

    Edit: Maybe I should run a competition on Instagram for them to think up a name for me....
    Edit2: Maybe I shouldn't ask you guys seeing as nobody told me about "Strange Stitches" looking like "Strangest Itches" in a url. :P

    Last edited 29/09/14 10:14 am

      I don't know enough quilting terms to come up with a good pun...


      I kinda forgot what I was naming :3

      #IRLQ (in real life quilting)

        It took me all day, but I see what you did in your third suggestion. :P

    7D cinema :D it looks tame when you view someone else doing it, but it's something to do if you ever get the chance to.

    Graphics card from a mate who upgraded his card is going awesome. No crashes yet which I was worried about as he was getting them. Haven't really pushed it hard yet though.

    Watched How To Train Your Dragon 2. It's ok. Didn't get the level of excitement that the first one gave me. Felt it was just pandering to 'cuteness' of Toothless for the first half of the movie and then the plot was generic, it just happens to have dragons in it.

    Also watched The Lego Movie. It has funny moments but that's about it. Both ok movies with little bits that promise they could be awesome but don't deliver up to that I felt

      I felt the same about Dragon 2 as well. It was okay, but yeah, not great. Lego Movie was fun; I liked Charlie Day the most.

    Destiny! It's pretty great.

    Vault of Glass is the best raiding experience I've had in a long time. We kind of ran out of time in the first week and didn't end up going back, so it was really interesting to head back in this week and power through the fights that we had spent so long learning last week. I think we reset twice on the Conflux fight in Templar's Well, and knocked over Templar in the first attempt.

    We'd also had a bit of time to consider the Gatekeeper fight, so we were able to try a few different strategies and nailed it after only a few attempts.
    The Atheon fight really tested us, mostly because it was late, but we returned the next day refreshed and managed to get him down.

    I'm really quite excited at the prospect of new Raids in the near future (looks like 1 in the Dark Below expansion in December and 1 in the House of Wolves expansion early next year). I think Bungie nailed the difficulty perfectly; it's a great balance of required gear/level, communication and the right strategy. And the "non-combat" encounter of the Gorgon's Labyrinth is great. I can't wait for the reset so we can try and knock this over in a single sitting (and get @dkzeitgeist some better gear!)

      Yeah, so I saw your PS4share picture and GIVE ME YOUR GUN

        Perfect for shredding praetorian shields. :D

      Sounds awesome. I'm hoping to get a group together on Xbone for this weekend. Depending on people's various availabilities I guess. I have enough friends for a group but I don't know how many will be down for it. I know at least two are extremely resistant to the raid, overintimidated by it's reputation and want to try and level to 30 before attempting it.

        Honestly, minimum requirements of Level 25 plus some weapons that deal Void Damage will at least get you in (and that nets you at least 1 set of rewards in a chest between the door and the first fight). If you've got at least 1 legendary weapon as well, that will help greatly.

        In the first week we spent about 7 hours, split over 2 days. A lot of that time was spent not knowing the fights, learning the patterns and what worked and what didn't. I won't deny that it was also challenging even when we did work it out, since we were riding that bare minimum requirement.

        Still, with a good bit of communication, you should be able to get through those first 2 encounters, in which case you could end up with 5 sets of rewards (1 chest at the start, 1 from each encounter in Templar's Well, and 2 chests in the Gorgon's Labyrinth before you get to the 3rd Raid encounter) which will really help you gear up for return visits.

          Funny the bare minimum gear requirement. It looks like from the time we started the first time to knocking it over the other night, we'd all jumped 1-2 levels in armour and god knows how much in firepower.

        I think 30 is probably overkill. They just need to be able to work in pairs or trios with a degree of comfort and backing each other up, and the rest sorts itself out. A legendary gun helps.

        Currently only level 21, but will hopefully level up by the weekend, feel free to add me GT = FoxRiver
        Looking for people to play with.

      Yea, I was amazed at how fast we got back to where were were - so much of the time we spent on the first attempt was just learning the encounters.

    Good morning all. I hope your Monday mornings are going swell.

    I didn't get around to playing Star Wars RPG on the weekend because the rest of the group actually wanted to watched Riverfire (such dorks :P). It did give me time to blitz through the rest of RE: Revelations though. @mrtaco was definitely right and Revelations is definitely one of if not the best Resident Evil since RE4.

    I did manage to play 40K Only War RPG though so here's a brief summary. WARNING: this is very, very long so open at your own peril.

    It all came down to a Khornate warband of marauders and barbarians that were assaulting a ruined hive city on a post-Exterminatus forge world. We had done our best to prepare but we were still facing down a looted Baneblade and a number of other heavy vehicles that could spell our doom. The warband charged right at the city when we caught them off guard when the Techpriest did a massive bit of firebombing on their ammunition stores and caused extreme havoc.

    As they charged closer, our Techpriest tried to knock out the Baneblade with Hunter-Killer missiles but wasn't even able to scratch the thing. Our Psyker was able to intercept a telepathic message between a few of the enemy psykers and he managed to pinpoint the location of one of them. Our psyker basically broadcasted the destination of the psyker to our Sharpshooter who took an almost blind shot through the massive dust cloud being kicked up by the warband. Our Sharpshooter managed to hit the psyker who was located in one of the compartments of the Baneblade. That's right, the Sharpshooter managed to shoot and penetrate the frontal armour of the Baneblade.

    Our Psyker was able to take advantage of the enemy psyker's lack of concentration to basically possess him Ravenor-style and proceeded to psychically detonate the Baneblade's engines. While he was mostly successful, the Baneblade had built up enough speed that simple inertia said that it would crash into the main gate of the city. Fortunately the Psyker managed to learn that the Baneblade was barely functioning even prior to his shenanigans and the main cannons weren't even working. What we didn't realise is that the Baneblade main cannon had been replaced with a massive melta-tipped lance that easily blasted a hole through the gate and opened up our defenses. We pulled our troops back to the main cathedral under the guise of our Emperor statue with plasma cannon eyes while the warband started pouring through the breach. The Baneblade had been totalled by its charge so the warband couldn't bring the rest of its heavy vehicles to bare.

    Our main force regrouped at the cathedral while our Scout hung out with a bunch of Ork Freebooter Kommandoes in the back alleys of the city and harried the marauders. Our Psyker and Sharpshooter sent a message to the Scout that something had entered into side streets and was beginning to brutally dismember scattered groups of Orks. The Psyker was able to pinpoint what it was and the Scout rushed to engage the assailant. She managed to catch him on top of a small habitation block and it was only then that she discovered that this one man was actually a corrupted Eversor Assassin (yeah, we all collectively thought she was royally screwed). Fortunately the Sharpshooter was able to provide supporting fire while our Psyker provided additional help by giving the Scout small precognition bonuses to avoid attacks and he actually took over her body at one point and started hurling Warp lightning through her. Their combined efforts were enough to kill the Assassin but the Scout lost her right leg below the knee and she was effectively paralysed from the waist down when a power sword severed her spine. On top of that the explosion from the Eversor Assassin's blood exploding basically killed her but she burnt a fate point to stay alive, although she would need a fair helping of cybernetics to continue functioning. The Techpriest came in his modified Tau Orca to pick her up and get her to our medic but she was basically out of the rest of the fight.

    Meanwhile the siege continued as the warband prepared to assault the cathedral and the main fortress of the local Trade Lord who is the son of the Rogue Trader that crashed on this planet. The Trade Lord had brought out all of his special gear and stuff, includign a Macharias Vulcan pattern heavy tank. The cathedral was pretty heavily fortified as well by the Emperor statue, our personal Leman Russ and Chimera, and a motley collection of Ork vehicles including their Deathrolla. The Orks kept saying that they would take the Baneblade "when the time was right".

    The warband gathered up enough force and split into two groups, one heading for the cathedral and one heading for the Trade Lord's fortress. Our Sharpshooter had picked out two of the warband leaders. One was a heavily mutated and hulking brute of a man that looked more like a minotaur as he had blood-matted fur and horns sticking out of his skull. The other one was wearing what looked to be some sort of power armour and seemed far more menacing. Our Psyker tried to get inside the head of the power armour leader but it seemed as though he couldn't even psychically sense him. The minotaur mutant charged half of his warband forward at the cathedral while the other half under the power armour leader marched towards the Trade Lord's fortress. The Techpriest and the Psyker headed to the fortress to reinforce the Trade Lord while I (as a Stormtrooper Sargeant) and our Sharpshooter held the cathedral.

    The Techpriest and the Psyker arrived at the fortress and readied themselves to face the assault. Most of the lesser marauders were thrown back by the hail of fire from the Vulcan tank however the leader charged forward and leapt onto the tank, as he braved the gunfire thanks to his shield generator. Our Techpriest proceeded to also leap onto the tank and tried to maul him with his Power Axe and Servo Claw however he shield generator and his actual shield parrying were keeping him safe. Our Psyker tried to wield his Force Axe against him but he felt its power weakened as he saw the leader was wearing a Collar of Khorne, a very potent anti-psychic device that nullified mind control and severely weakened ordinary psychic attacks. The Trade Lord tried to intervene however he was terrified of the daemonic weaponry and armour that the warband leader possessed and he cowered inside his tank. The Techpriest and the Psyker cared not for such fear as the Techpriest did not have the capacity to feel fear due to his servo-brain and the Psyker was well prepared against such horrors.

    The warband leader struck back against the Psyker and carved bloody gashes through his power armour as his daemonic sword cackled gleefully. The Techpriest was able to strike through his shield generator with his servo arm however he wasn't able to completely disrupt it. Our Psyker decided that now was a perfect time to deploy a melta bomb and he threw it at the warband leader, completely sticking his leg to the top of the tank. He then dived off to shield himself from the blast. The warband leader roared in fury and dealt a huge amount of damage to the Techpriest however the Techpriest wisely decided to jump off the tank as the melta bomb exploded, carving a huge chunk out of the top of the tank and completely melting one of the warband leader's legs.

    The Techpriest leaped back onto the tank and unleashed his fury, overloading the warband leader's shield generator and ripping the Collar of Khorne from his neck. The warband leader stumbled and fell off the tank as our Psyker climbed back on. In full view of the rest of the marauders, he pumped a huge amount of Warp lightning into the warband leader until he was nothing but a charred corpse. The marauders began to flee as the Trade Lord recovered his senses and started hailing more and more Vulcan fire into their teeming masses.

    While that fight was going on, the marauders assaulted the cathedral and steadily pushed the defenders back. The Orks broke from their ranks and charged straight down the main thoroughfare as they decided it was better to loot the Baneblade now and have a scrap later. The defenders retreated into the interior of the cathedral as the marauders managed to seize and dismantle the holy flamers that had been placed around the base of the Emperor statue. Our Sharpshooter was busy piloting the Leman Russ and conducted a fighting retreat into the cathedral while the marauders charged in after. I continually tried to rally the troops however morale started to crumple when the minotaur mutant joined the fray and brutally dismembered one of our heavily modified Scitarii guards. I decided to charge in as I leapt out of cover and latched onto the back of the mutant as I tossed a Krak grenade down behind his breastplate. The mutant didn't like that and proceeded to fling me across the room where I collided with a wall and crumpled. The Krak grenade exploded and tore all of his breastplate and most of the mutant's back to pieces, exposing his spine and many of his internal organs. The Sharpshooter climbed out of the Leman Russ as it had basically exhausted its ammunition and began burst firing her bolt pistol straight into its back.

    The mutant began to rampage right towards me so I pulled out my plasma pistol and set it to maximal setting, firing off two shots into its torso and setting it on fire. It didn't care one bit about the fire and it smashed me with its power axe as I wasn't able to bring my suppression shield up in time. The Sharpshooter fired another volley that completely obliterated its internal organs and splattered the mutant. The marauders began to flee at that as their champions of Khorne had been defeated and our forces surged out to destroy them.

    In the aftermath, we had successfully reclaimed this hive city for the Imperium and the wider Imperial forces were seriously considering launching a crusade to recapture the fallen Forge World. Due to our efforts, we were taken off planet and sent out to be trained and improved to better serve the Imperium. It is unknown exactly what that entails but many years will pass before we see each other again.

    And that's that. Our group are going to take a break and play something else for a while and come back later where we'll probably be bigger badasses than before.

      The Xbox Live community really started to become intolerable around 2010, to the point where my wife was being systematically harassed by people she met in Halo Reach - as in they would follow her from game to game, send her threatening messages, etc. She'd block communications and mute them but for some reason these all automatically reversed themselves after a couple of weeks at which point the harassment would start up again. They even went to her file share on bungie/net and graffittied all her treasured accomplishments (game clips and screenshots saved from the game's theatre mode) with tags like "back to the kitchen" and "make me a sandwich" - the oversight being that if someone else tags your shit you can't remove it. I was able to contact bungie to have the tags removed, but the fact that these people put so much effort into hassling one person because she beat them a couple of times is just revolting. I pretty much gave up on talking to people and generally avoid multiplayer.

      The few people I've befriended through Destiny, however, have generally been alright.

        Damn it, epic reply fail. This was meant to be a reply to @neo_kaiser two posts down. Can't edit at work either, due to outdated IE8. :(

        for some reason these all automatically reversed themselves after a couple of weeks at which point the harassment would start up again

        I never got that. I have no idea why your restrictions would lift and other times they would stay on. My only guess could be that they're lifted when the profile name is changed, probably even if you change it to the same name (says a lot when people pay to continue harrassment).

        and as sexist as it sounds to say but it seems more like your wife was attacked for being a chick and not for being on Xbox LIVE. Probably would get the same reaction anywhere else.

        I really dislike that about Halo: Reach. Seems like the few good players remaining on Halo: Reach are only there to destroy the opposition. I mean, completely prevent them from enjoying the game at all (I know they were trying to dueing the TU voting process). Getting overly aggressive and hostile to anyone that's not on their friends list helping them. Invasion was basically destroyed by Krusty Pigeon and his friends.

        Now that Halo: Reach went free a lot of new players are trying the game. The problem is that all these toxic players are insulted that the game they hate is getting some of its population back so they're now working overtime to remove them all.

    Apparently @shane has been moonlighting as a translator for Hatoful Boyfriend:|0

    Last night something weird happened. I was being my normal self and was nice to someone over Xbox LIVE. Which resulted in him getting offended for the way I was acting. Apparently online communities have become so toxic that being nice is considered sarcasm and nobody believes it anymore. Is this the level we've reached with online gaming? Where being nice is now an offense? and people wonder why gamergate was created...

    People like to think that a toxic community is part of the game but the truth is that's how a game quickly dies out. I've even experienced it first hand. I've almost reached the point of quitting Warmachine multiple times due to my community around the game, and I know I'm not the only person. My EO had to coax his girlfriend into playing again because the game was almost ruined for her.

    So when are we getting an Oculus version of P.T?

      Add The Vanishing of Ethan Carter to that as well. That would play amazingly well.

      Since it's a PS4 exclusive I'm surprised Sony haven't seized the opportunity to push Morpheus.

        Maybe they didn't want people associating Morpheus with pooing themselves everytime they see it?

          Well what's even the point of virtual reality then.

          Sony's getting an awesome line up that they'll be crazy not to use soon.

          The Witness. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. PT. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

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