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    Morning fronds, how were your weekends.

    Mine was pretty average (again). Mostly work, got a bit of time in with Skylanders: Trap Team on Friday, it's a pretty cool guy. Also, played some Forza Horizon 2 and read some more Game Of Thrones.

    Also, my son broke one of the Skylanders, he said it fell off the couch, (still works though) obviously they don't make 'em like they used to.

    Hype for Alien Isolation tomorrow! Who else is getting it?

    Gonna have to decide between picking up Shadow Of Mordor and DriveClub on Wednesday due to not enough money, and pick the other one up on Friday. I'm leaning towards DriveClub, because I figure I'll be too drawn in by Alien Isolation to start another campaign driven game, and it'll give me more time to finish it before I get stuck in to Shadow Of Mordor..

    A bunch of new games, and Bathurst at the end of the week to boot, so hype for this week.

    Edit: WHOOOO! TAYGET Thought surely someone would've posted by the time I'd typed up all that.

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      For once I'm fir...oh damnnit.

      Weekend was good. Did tonnes of housework. My Mother-in-Law had a real shitty birthday on Sunday (her partner didn't even get her a card or anything, even though he knew it was her birthday) so my wife and little one are heading over to Melbourne this weekend for 5 days (EDIT: To cheer her up).

      I hereby dub this upcoming weekend "Pantless Pizza Filled Gaming Time" which I haven't had for over a couple of years.

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      I'd suggest you pick up Shadow of Mordor first and then try the PS+ version of Drive Club first and then see how you like it.

        It's only 60 bucks, so I'm prepared to take a punt on it.

    Sorry to do this, but I'm gonna taint the 1st page with sad. Some of you may be aware from my tweets last night, that my mum has taken a turn for the worse. She's back in a coma again as she was in too much pain, and the doctors suspect she only has a matter of days left.
    So yeah.. if you're wondering why I'm a little quiet this week, that's probably why. To those that messaged last night, thanks for your support. It's great to have friends like you all out there in the world. I'd rather not tie up the front page with all my sad, so rather than fill the page with messages of hugs etc, just give it an upvote and let this disappear in to oblivion.

      Geez man, that sucks. Don't know what to say except where here for ya man.

      I'm giving you hugs dammit, just you try and stop me.


      Hey man, sorry i missed the tweets yesterday, I truly suck at keeping up on social media... Screw the risk of "tainting page 1 with sad", some things are just more important. I was in the same boat about 11 months ago man and i know its not easy.

      I hope you guys are ok, if you can, try get some time off work just to spend with together with your mum and the rest of your family. You are all going to need each other. We're all here for you if you need an outlet to vent off some steam/thoughts/whatever.

      Our thoughts are with you guys...


        I'm actually still unemployed atm, so time is not a major issue atm. My dad and uncle are going to see her today (even though she wont be awake to notice). I'd go with, but I have one of my customers coming to pick up their new computer today, and I don't have a contact number for them. Lucky for me, I saw mum just a day ago while she was still awake. In some ways, I'd rather preserve that memory as my final image, rather than see her comatose again. I'd love to spend time with her if she was actually able to acknowledge our presence, but I think it'd probably mess me up even more if I saw her that way atm.

          Just be sure. Dont put yourself in a position where you find yourself wishing you had spent that extra time with her. You never know, maybe she is able to acknowledge your presence. Its not unheard of. Best of luck man, hope you're all ok...

            I'm pretty satisfied with the last time I saw her. Told her I loved her and gave her lots of hugs and kisses. I would be ok with that being the last interaction with her. It made her smile, and considering the pain she's been in, that's the best I could hope for! I'm sure dad will call me and fill me in once they've been out there. If things change, and they decide to bring her out again, I'd be there in a snap though for sure.

              Thats good to hear man. Great memory to keep.

              What is the pain from? is it not something they could control with painkillers/epidural or something? to at least give her a chance to speak to you guys?

                Combo of a failing liver, and trying to recover from a hip replacement. Even with morphine she was still hurting apparently.

                  what about an epidural? they can localise it and it is tons more effective then morphine...

                  im not a doctor and im sure they would have thought of it :/

                  I got no idea. I can only go off what I've been told.

      No can do welbot dude! *HUUUUUUUUGGGGGGSSSSSSSS*

      That's terrible and I'm really sorry all this is happening. Just know we all here to lend you a shoulder *gives prosthetic shoulder* an ear *I don't know if they make prosthetic ears* and our support and love to help you get through it

      Bonus hugs *HUUUUUGGGGSSSSSS*

      Ignoring your last sentence! All our love <3

    So, someone made a comment that they were reset in Gears of War 3 and lost all their stats. Our of paranoia I decided to check on mine. Thankfully I haven't been reset, but I decided to play several games and I forgot how much fun it is. Especially when you're going for a no-shotgun victory.

    Also I'm thinking about dressing up as Bigby for PAX.

      Bigby is a fantastic character and I would LOVE to cosplay as him. I'd need to replace my forearms with legs of ham, though.

        I got my hair styled after his.

          I would need to wear a wig to manage that. The only character whose hair is similar to mine is Max Payne from 3. :P

    Hey guys. Busy weekend helping out friends and family so didn't get a chance to play games or anything. Good news that my Nanna got out of hospital last week and is a little better considering they think she has had 2 or 3 strokes. Sadly she has early signs of dementia. Things have showed signs of improvement though since getting home.
    Last night picked my 16 and 14 year old cousins up to show them my new pc. They loved it and one of them is saving up to build one after getting his first job a couple of weeks ago. Have yet to enjoy it myself but hopefully will this week.

    How is everyone else?

      Glad to hear your Nanna's doing better. Hope you get to enjoy your new PC soon. What are you gonna play first?

        I am thinking Shadow of Mordor. I got it for $37 on GMG as I was going to pick it up for Xbox but really couldn't pass up that price.

    12 hour shift. Got home, took shower. Realized I hadn't fully stripped and was in my Underpants and T-shirt. Took shower anyway.

      That was not a mistake.
      That was multi-tasking washing clothes and yourself at the same time.

      At least, tell everybody else that was what you were doing.

    So in Shadow of Mordor, I killed a Captain Orc by lopping it's head off.
    It turned back up after a little while, having clawed it's way back to the lower rung of Captains.

    He has a sack/bag thing over his head. His motivation is now "Hoping other orcs don't see his weaknesses".

    Dude, you have a bag over your head and a scar right round your neck. Pretty certain even Orcs can put two and two together.

    5/5 would easily inflict psychological terror on the Mordor populous anytime.

      I just felt sort of bad for one of my captains. I killed him like 4 times in the end, and he just looked so pathetic. I wanted him to give up, for his own sake.

        "Dude, I killed you four times."
        "I'M GOING TO GUT YOU"
        "Dude, do you remember that time I jumped off a freakin' tower and landed on you from 60 feet up in the air? Or the time I poisoned you at your own feast?"
        "I'M...I'M...please. Please let me win one. The other orcs look at me funny. Just once. Just...just let me gut you once."
        "*Sigh* Alright, I suppose I owe you one then."

        I had to keep killing one orc, at one point I think he actually suffered brain damage when I defeated him because he only said like 4 words. I felt kinda bad for him.

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    Good morning all,
    On Saturday, Scree and I got a good look at the room we are getting moved to for PAX Karaoke. Gotta say, much better than what we originally had. I put an album together to give you all a better idea. So all in all, thanks RoosterTeeth for taking our original appointment! :P
    Right here
    Much larger than last year's venue, which is a huge boon for us, we were like sardines in that one :P

    Also to all of those that are attending, the bar will be filled but we need to choose what they should stock up with, and I don't know which beers we should have, I don't even know the names of them to save my life as I don't drink ever. Even if you don't have special requests, help us get a general idea what to add to the list so that we can cater for as many as we can. Already can see a few from last week's TAY. I'll be including fruit juices (Mainly for my benefit :P)
    cc @negativezero @scree @freezespreston @powalen @novacascade @coldcamv @cookingmama @bdkiaf @thecracks and @anyothersI'vemissed

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      I'm happy to stick with beers - being from NSW I can never rememebr what "nice" beers are available in melbourne, but for a basic cheap beer, I'm happy to drink Carlton Black. Is tap beer an option or is it just bottles?

        We are not sure. I didn't see any taps, but I wasn't really looking

          Hey Scree, can you drop an email to them to see if we can get a full drinks menu so we know what they do have?

            Just remember @scree and @tech_knight, you're stocking a bar for 3 hours, not a bottle shop. Less is definitely more.

              Yep I'm aware of that, hence why I wanted to go down the "general" route initially. All good we got it covered :)

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        Seemed to be mainly just fridges there, I didn't see taps at all

          It's a bit hard to come up with suggestions without seeing what they have available, but if you stick to a simple range it'll be cheaper for everyone and if anyone wants something exotic they can go find it after the event. The list below is based on what Carlton Utd supply, so they should be no problem.

          Carlton Draught or Carlton Cold
          Carlton Dry
          Maltilda Bay Fat Yak
          Matilda Bay Beez Neez
          Matilda Bay Dirty Granny
          Cascade Light

          If I was going to choose wines, I'd probably go with a sparkling white, a semillon sauvignon blanc, and a cabernet merlot. All easy drinking wines. Then soft drink, juice and water.

          I reckon that would cover everyone.

          Only other thing I'd add would be some premix drinks like vodka cruisers/Bundaberg+cola/Jimbeam+cola

          But I don't drink those :)

      Beers off the top of my head that i can remember

      Hanh premium
      Thats all i can think of right now so ling as i can order a bourban and coke I'll be right

        Vic Bitter
        Stella Artois
        Pabst Blue Ribbon

        Think that covers the common ones here in Ausland

          Pabst is common?! We were selling it for $57 a slab at Dan Murphy's, never saw anyone buy it apart from the occasional can to see what the fuss was about. Once had a US tourist tell me back in the states the stuff was about $12 a slab, and usually $0.50 a can in the southern states.

          XXXX Gold & Tooheys New are also popular dependant on where you live.

            I don't think I've even heard of Pabst. Most bars in Sydney are Lion Nathon - so you get Tooheys and Squires.

            That's why my list above is all CUB stuff - we're going to be in Melb (even though Matilda Bay is a Perth Brewery, they're owned by CUB so available everywhere)

              It's a redneck US beer, only started to be sold here recently I think.

              Tooheys New & XXXX Gold are the popular ones here, shame since I can't stand either of those :P

            seems to be quite common nowadays... pricing seems to hover around $39 - $49 for a slab nowadays. It is a god-awful tasting beer imo, its referred to as redneck beer over in the states as it is so cheap and appealing to low income households. What happens when you ship it overseas though? you sell it at a premium, and label it as an imported beer and people buy the shit out of it...

            you're right XXXX gold is very popular over in QLD, its sold here, but i dont think it is very common... kind of like a state beer like Vic Bitter.

            Tooheys is pretty common here in melb though definitely.

              Oh wow it's come down, still not worth it when I can pick up a carton of Coopers pale ale or sparkling for a very similar price :P

              VB is pretty popular up here. Saying that it's apparently it's the most common beer in Australia & you can get it with ease over seas apparently as well heh.

      Throw in Little Creatures, Flying Brick, and James Squire.

      Gin and some half decent scotch.

      Four Pillars and Glenfiddich would be nice but Tanqueray is more likely than Four Pillars.

        That would depend on us having bar staff who will be mixing drinks, rather than just opening bottles. The event ends at 10, we can always find somewhere else that does the proper drinks for afterwards (and if you're buying, I'll have a Hendricks) ;)

        You & gin :P

          Gin is the best. Grown ups drink gin.

            If you get a good gin, yep. But i'm more of a whisky person.

            Speaking of gin I wanted to try this when I was in Tassie but the distillery was shut because it was a public holiday when we were in Hobart =( he also does a sloe gin which is apparently awesome...

              Wow - that looks amazing!

                His whisky is amazing, I must say. The Irish bar we tried it at didn't have the gin sadly. But I tried some lovely Whisky's that morning.

                Also found a winery on the way back to Launceston that sold his products, but I wasn't gonna pay $165 for 3x 200ml bottles or $295 for a 500ml bottle of whisky. They marked stuff up so much made me wonder if they sold any of it.

      Wow, it looks great!

      As far as alcohol goes, I don't really know much about beer. Some cider would be good though if possible!

        Have you tried the James Squire Orchard Crush? It's pretty ace.

          I had that on tap it was pretty awesome. Then again I was expecting nothing less given I like James Squire in general.

          It't not bad, and I think it's better than the Dirty Granny from Matilda Bay. My favourites are probably Magners Pear, or Monteith's Crushed Apple, or Kopaberg Elderflower and Lime (if I want something really sweet)

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        What brands after you after though?!

        Three Oaks
        James Squire
        Matilda Bay

          Monteiths is usually the one I go for if I'm buying for home but I'm really not fussy. Usually just get whatever they have when I'm out.

            I am patiently waiting on the release of Monteith's Summer Ale.

          Would probably rank those at Rekorderlig (though only for the non-apple/pear ones) > Montheith's > James Squire > Strongbow >Toohey's (that's Five Seeds, right?) > Three Oaks (not entirely sure if I remember this one) > Bulmers > Magners. As a rough guess.

          Don't think I've tried Castaway, Matilda Bay, Mercury, Somersby or Savanna.

          Kopparberg's is pretty good for one of the cheaper ones, I quite like the elderflower and lime one. Old Moot is good too, especially being a stronger one for the same price :P

            Castaway is pretty good, it's also cheap. But downside is, it's only available at BWS, Woolworths Liquor & Dan Murphy's since it's part of the Sail & Anchor brand which Woolworths own or partnered with one of the two.

            Mercury is rather good too, Tassie made cider. Best draught cider i've had!

            Edit: Savanna Dry is alright, South African cider, again only available from BWS, Dans or Woolies Liquor given they have the rights to it or some crap.

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          Try Kirin they make cider now too rather nice apple and ginger, apple and ùme (plum).......enjoyed both immensely

        Another +1 for some cider. Not much of a standard beer person.

      I don't drink alcoholic beverages, either.
      Water sounds good to me :P

        there is also Soft drinks and ginger beer

      Holy shit that place looks nice...

      Ooh it looks great. Really can't wait. As for drinkies, I'm completely not fussed. I like the majority of the suggestions up here already.

      Also, thankyou both for going to so much effort to organise this. I'm sure you'll be hearing that a lot! :P

    Morning guys! Hunting for a couple of PAX 3 Day passes if there is anyone around who cant make it! let me know! :D

    @gutsoup - are you still getting rid of your pass?

      This only lists the Saturday ones as being sold out, still shows 3-day passes as being available. Have you tried ordering one?

        must have just been added!

          They've been there for a couple of weeks now, since they put back all the Enforcer tickets I think. I was wondering if it was just a glitch, but they've stayed there. I guess either demand isn't that high, or people just haven't noticed :P

      I have a 3 day pass that I'm not planning on getting rid of.


      sorry dude, I never had a pass to get rid of? (I'm not going) Good luck hunting though

    Morning errbody hows every little thing?

    My weekend was stressful oh god so stressful. The entire Friday night was spent packing boxes and moving them from my house to Cathryn's house. Saturday was then spent moving the boxes from Cathryn's house to our NEW house and then unboxing all the boxes oh god so many boxes. Sunday also included more unboxing and general stressing out that the new house has enough storage if we only moved one of our stuff in but because we both moved in there is no room for all of it. So its been stressful with yelling and fights because there's just not enough room for anything, we don't even have a linen closet.

    A Monday morning question, if you had to open something "gaming-themed" what would it be?

      A complete, factory sealed boxed copy of Air Raid for the Atari 2600

      If im going to be realistic, maybe an Origin gaming PC thats ships packed into one of these wooden crates, using a crowbar that has been personally hand delivered to me by Gabe Newell, whilst having a poached eggs/sausage/bacon/grilled tomato/toast breakfast.

      Yes that is being way more realistic than the first option...

      I may have to settle with option two without Gabe Newell.

        Gabe will never do that if your house is or is equivalent to the number 3

          oh shit it has three steps.... and i have three pcs... and three tvs... HL3 confirmed?

      I make a mobile arcade that runs out of a van like a chippie, that you can hire for a function/fair/fete/party.

      Pay a flat fee, I provide the equipment. Pay a higher fee, and all machines get free play enabled.

        Id hire you..maybe make it a trailer like the ones used to move race cars around that folds open..that would be sweet

      Last week Cam's thoughts were "Moving in together, I'm going to get so much smexy times next week"
      Now Cam's thoughts are "Moving in together, I'm hoping I survive next week"

      Been there and done it, you will work it out. Just compromise and realise that just because you think something is a waste of space and not important doesn't me she feels the same way. Mrs Tigs loves wrapping presents and things so we have bags and boxes of wrapping paper and ribbons and what not. I would get rid of it all but that idea really upsets her. It's just god damn wrapping paper that you can buy for a couple of bucks when needed is my opinion. But that's not the point.

      I would love to open a gaming themed pub. Although it would be more a gaming friendly pub. I wouldn't want the drinks and food and the decor all gaming themed. If there was something cool then certainly have it in the pub but don't try to shoe-horn everything in. A collection of different boardgames to play, some arcade and pinball machines.
      A couple of those really coll gaming tables for Warhammer or the like to sit alongside the pool tables.

        "Two mana potions please!"

          I don't have a problem with 'gaming themed' bars but it seems very self contained. Just a ncie old style pub where gaming is welcome. People can still come in and play some pool and grab a beer and a group might be playing WH40K next to them.
          The guys watching the footy on the big screen might be doing so next to people playing 7 wonders. So basically just the kinda place I would want to go

        This! Oh god all of this haha.
        That would be sweet you could have a cocktail section of gaming themed drinks and charge premium just like EA muahahaha

      I'm still saddened at the lack of a good board games cafe in Melbourne. So that, I guess.

        Im saddened that theres no where to buy board games on the mornington peninsula

          you could always make the trip into the royal arcade on bourke street. find your board games there, then go into the russian doll place that im shit scared of going in cause its all expensive and creepy and i dont wanna break anything......*feints*

            Not gonna risk it ill just order creepy russian dolls online

      I also would like to do the whole gaming bar thing. But like someone mentioned back when Insert Coin(s) was a thing, it needs to be somewhere where you can play games that happens to also sell alcohol, rather than a place that sells alcohol that happens to have games. Because there's already plenty of places for people to go just to get smashed, they don't need another. People need a place they can go to hang out and have fun with their friends.

    Yesterday I decided to cosplay for PAX, so I started buying a ton of stuff off the innernets. They all have to be shipped from overseas so I am cutting it a bit close, hopefully everything arrives in time.

    I am going as the guy (MC?) from the Persona 5 trailer so it's pretty straight forward.

    To the people cosplaying going to PAX with 3 day passes: are you guys going to be in cosplay for all 3 days? I'm not sure if I should or just do it on the Saturday.

      Im uncertain if I should do it just on the Friday or the Saturday or both it depends on how I feel I guess

      I will be! But mine isn't really a 'cosplay'. More like "I'll be wearing the same clothes for all three days" :P

        Sounds like a good idea to me!

          That reminds me: I better buy some undershirts or something or nobody will want to stand next to me by day three :P

      All three days for me!

      Yes, although only one costume will be elaborate, and that is Saturday's. The other days are more like fancy outfits than costumes.

        Ah yeah, wearing my older cosplays on other days is another option I could consider.

      Last year I wore Manny Calavera on the Friday, Movie/Mansion Luigi on the Saturday, and recovered on the Sunday. It was good being able to just move about freely on the Sunday and do whatever, but then the day before I was lugging a vacuum cleaner while stomping around in ski boots, so i was quite sore by the time the day was over :P

      Haven't decided what I'm doing this year. Whether to do two costumes again (feel like Manny would be apt for Halloween...), or just wear the one costume on the first two days or even all three. Though I worry about it being stinky after the first day.

        Wearing that for the whole weekend would be a bit too much haha
        I should be fine since it's just a school uniform.

          Oh, Manny all weekend would be the easy option :P Save for the constant opening and closing of the helmet for photos and such. But yeah, he's my old one. Working on a new one for this year, I imagine it's going to be quite toasty. Just did a test last night on the fabric, it becomes obviously different in colour when it gets wet. So either gonna have to douse myself in anti-perspirant, or look into getting some of that spray that protects shoes from sauce and line the inside with it (ah, NeverWet [/google]) :P

    Are any TAYbies who will be at PAX on the Sunday?

      *raises hand* I'll most likely be at the League of Legends area most of the day :)

      Yep, although by that point Mr 3 and I might be getting bored and might go to the zoo instead.

      Mrs Tigs and I have 3 day passes so probably but we are in the same boat as @cookingmama and the decision isn't really up to us

      I will be! All my non-internet friends are only going on the Saturday so I'll be all alone ;_;

      I should be, might only be there for 1/2 a day because I need to actually fly out of Melbourne Sunday night.

      I think last year we pretty much spent the last day just playing board games and didn't bother with other areas.

    Whoa, it's new TAY. But... I'm at home.

    This is weird.

      There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.

    Finished season one of Transparent yesterday. Was pretty damn great. A little confronting. Sweet. Funny. Likable. Just an excellently produced show that will make you rethink your prejudices, if you happen to have any. Compelling insight into a different world. Probably not quite as good as Orange is the New Black but definitely Amazon's first real contender. Jeffrey Tambor was amazing. By the end of the season it wasn't even the trans stuff that carried the show. Just interesting character stories. If you're a TV fan? This has a D.C. fanboy endoresment!

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    I finally managed to get a full look at the Warhammer 40K conquest card game last weekend, how it works, etc (I also saw it's been updated to include Necrons and Tyranids, neither have allies to call upon! \o/) and I really want to get my hands on this now as it looks like a ton of fun!

      I'm interested but have noone to play with.

        There are a few here I know will get it but it will need a long drive from me to get to play with those guys, I hope an online version gets off the ground too at some stage.

      I'll have to actually take a proper look at it, then.

        There's a full video on the fantasy flight website that takes you through how a round works from start to finish.
        Edit: The guy's voice sounds like the narrator from the Stanley Parable too xD

        Last edited 06/10/14 12:05 pm

      Ill have to check it out..granted anyone who wanted to play it here would have to come by a long drive or by boat (looking at you geelong taybies)

      Milsims still has it listed as pre-order. I'll definitely be picking up a copy and I know that it's going to hit shelves soon.

      Eldar still look really good to me. Love me some control decks.

        I'll be mainly playing Necrons first chance I get, cuz undead machines :D
        Is there a site that has the race comparisons for this game?

    Had a bit of a movie watching weekend this weekend. Friday night was Metallica: Through the Never. Amazing concert film, for me the highlight was Orion being played through the end credits. Saturday I watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Two Guns and The Naked Gun 33 and a third. Sunday I didn't watch any movies, but I watched Doctor Who, the NRL Grand Final, Chelsea v Arsenal and the Australia v Pakistan T20.

    Apart from that, I had a weigh in on Saturday morning, and I lost 800 grams. I should be under 150 kilos in the next couple of weeks. I'm happy that my progress is slow and steady, and it's really nice to have people noticing my weight loss. :)

      Through The Never is pretty awesome, very well done. Did you have a legit copy, if so did you watch the making of it? Pretty interesting stuff.

        Watched it on Foxtel, so it was a legit copy. Definitely considering buying the Blu Ray at some stage.

          Ah fair call.

          Yeah man, the special features on the blu-ray are pretty cool. The way the band was even rigged to be recorded was really interesting :P

            Watching Lars up close was pretty spectacular. Dude is a hectic drummer.

              Don't let the rest of the internet hear that :P

              Albeit him becoming a bit lazy over the years (the dude is 50 or whatever I don't blame him) he's still a pretty decent drummer. Even though he's no Dave Lombardo lol.

    Man, these Barn finds in Forza: Horizon 2 are hard to find. Just spent about 20 minutes looking for the second one, finally found it and it's a freakin' Kombi van, yay.

    This weekend in summary:
    - Played a fair bit more Destiny. Decided I am completely done with that shit. Once you hit 20 there's no way to gear up solo other than grinding boring repetitive quests over and over. I still enjoy the actual act of playing it, but everything else around that is all kinds of un-fun. The breaking point was when I tried to do the daily heroic story thing so maybe I could possibly get some gear, but after failing repeatedly on both day's story missions I realized I'm simply too shit at the game to progress any further. So fuck it. I'm done.

    - Started Shadows of Mordor. Plays okay, looks really nice and I was enjoying it quite a bit. Then I progressed the story a little and they introduced spearchuckers and dickheads with shields and all of a sudden the combat is fucking horrible and I die every time I get into a fight. I assume now that if I advance it any further I'm going to get the dagger fuckers where you have to pull back the opposite direction to dodge their attacks, since the game is basically Batman's combat down to the same types of guys.

    I also really, really hate this whole nemesis thing. Every time I've felt like I'm making some progress, kill a captain or two, suddenly there's new guys rolling in. Half the time I can't beat them anyway (or I get one and then another one rolls in during that fight and finishes me off) and they just get stronger when you fuck up and die. How is this fun? It feels absolutely Sisyphean; every time I roll the boulder up the hill and get it to the top it rolls back down to the bottom. And the biggest thing that gets to me - and it is something that irritates the shit out of me in the Arkham games too - is the fact the enemies taunt you when you die. Fuck. You. Not sure I'll continue playing it either. I thought it was going to scratch that Assassin's Creed itch, but at least in AC you feel like you actually make tangible progress as you play and don't have everything fucking reset and undo your work all the time.

    - Watched a bunch of anime. New season started but I was still behind on finishing some of last season's stuff so I focused on getting the older stuff out of the way. Almost clear of that now so I can spend some time checking out the new shows. Last season I wrote a bunch of initial impressions on TAY as I finished stuff, was that of any value to anyone?

      Hahahahahaha yeah, the patented Destiny grind. I'd be happy to jump on and help you, if you want- I notice you're on a few times but I don't know if it's alright for me to jump in. Honestly though, there's nothing new past 20 except the raid, and, well, getting there is a marathon in itself...

      I always enjoy your anime posts. Was thinking of doing a initial impressions post for the current season since there's a lot of good stuff, but I'm just too damned lazy.

        Thanks, but I'm pretty sure I'm done with Destiny now. The moment-to-moment fun is still there, it plays amazingly well, but I feel like I've consumed what little meat there is on it, and unless they vastly improve the grouping stuff (why can I not put a marker on or something that tells my friends I want to group up and do strikes or something, for example) I don't think I'll be back until the expansion content drops. And if that requires more than level 20 to do the story bits then I'll probably not even be back for that.

        Still don't understand how they could have spent so many years working on the game and only have this to show for it.

      Since moving and having no internet the itch to play Destiny has subsided.

      Where do you get your animes from? I enjoyed your impressions just never got to watch any of the shows as i couldnt find them

        I obtain them while sailing the seven seas, matey.

        A lot of it is streamed on Crunchyroll. I may or may not obtain CR rips for a lot of it (though I do have a CR subscription!) because of regional locking bullshit on some of them and also because I use Plex and like to have everything in one place.

        There's also usually a few shows every season which aren't streamed anywhere or where the streams are censored or the subs are straight up crappy.

          I see, any animes off the top of your head that are a must watch?

            Depends on:
            - Whether you mean recently (current/previous seasons) or all time
            - What you actually like watching

            EDIT: Also if you'd like I have a 48-hour all access guest pass for Crunchyroll I can give you. I probably have several.

            Last edited 07/10/14 11:19 am

              Give us the list for both. All time and current/previous seasons

              Id accept but I have no internet so as long as it doesn't automatically start the 48 hours upon giving it to me then yeah ill take one

                I think it starts when you redeem the coupon, but the coupon only lasts a few months but I'm always getting new ones (one free per month) so just ask me when you're available.

                In terms of all time, it's really tricky. I could give you a list of my personal favourites but they're not necessarily the best shows because I have been described by some people I used to hang out with as having pretty weird and/or shit taste in anime. :P I'll happily watch stuff that's undeniably garbage if it entertains me, or if it has really nice art.

                It's also tricky to give recommendations because anime is a medium rather than a genre, it's like "recommend me a US live-action TV series". Depends what you like.

                IMO the best show last season was Aldnoah Zero, however that comes with the significant caveat that it is a 'split-cour' show. TV in Japan in general uses an approach which divides the year up into cours, which is a French term that basically boils down to meaning 13 weeks. So a single-cour show is run in a 13-week timeslot. They don't do 'seasons' per se - a show runs for a specific amount of episodes and then it finishes, and if they want to do more then a bit later they'll do another series as a sequel or whatnot. Two-cour shows used to be the norm, but recently (last 4-5 years) single-cour is more common, which means that getting a contiguous 26-week timeslot is hard. The net result is a rise in what's referred to as 'split-cour' shows, which is where a show that would normally have run 26 weeks is split into two 13-week runs with a gap between. Aldnoah.Zero is a split show, and it left on an insane cliffhanger and we won't get to see the rest until January. :(

                I'll get back to you on a list of my ten personal favourites. Spoiler: Evangelion is on there. :)

                  I have much to learn sensei..also I await your list

      If you're looking for a time-killer, I recommend giving Sunrider a go on Steam. It's free for some bizarre reason. Probably a fan-made labour of love like Katawa Shoujo? It's a visual novel blended with a light turn-based tactics game. I'm quite enjoying it. I'd have paid money for it.

      Always interested to see another write-up of upcoming anime. It's good to chop that stuff up with you.

      Re: Mordor. The rapid replacement of dead captains with new ones was a huge disappointment to me because I really missed those rivalries and personalities. See too much of anything and it starts to blur - I miss when the captains were distinctive and unique, so I changed tack. I don't kill them so much anymore, but carefully manipulate the hierarchy instead. I actually kind of WANT to die to them now, to give them some more personality and a connection.

      I found that after I advanced the story to the point of being able to brand orcs and control them, things got very interesting. It's pretty great having an overpowered badass captain and his followers on your side and setting him to go betray his warchief, then watching from afar to make sure it goes well. After a point it becomes less about combat and more about carefully curating your collection of kept captains, pruning troublemakers and the weak like trimming a bonsai.

      If you do all the side-missions first and upgrade your abilities and runes, a lot of the 'special' enemies (like the dual-axe beserkers who deflect normal attacks and need to be stunned first, or the shield-users who can't be countered but need to be dodged instead) become pretty trivial with rapid focus-build-up, rapid counter-build-up, and getting double the number of finishers or combat-branding on combos, all sort of stacking into this mix of overpoweredness. Especially since if something's giving you trouble you can roll out of the way and rapidly use bow and focus time-slow to headshot the troublemakers.

      Also, if bosses give you trouble, the wraith stun works on pretty much everyone and should let you get some decent hits in - just making sure to avoid doing stun-flurry combos if the captain is resistant or immune to combat finishers. (It'll heal him if you do too many hits.)

        I definitely am not short of things to play, I've got three big JRPGs waiting for me to have some spare time. Sunrider is on my list at some point. As I understand it it was a kickstarted game and I think it's episodic with the first episode available free and subsequent ones planned to be paid (which is a good approach IMO).

        So my problem with Mordor is just that I need to progress a bit and do some side content before trying to seriously challenge anyone? Hmmm.

          If you're finding it frustratingly difficult, then yeah, I'd recommend it. Eagle vision and scanning for 'X' targets helps make sure you don't run into any unexpected surprises while doing that. Especially since the orcs seem to have no peripheral vision whatsoever, making sneaking pretty easy.

          Branding orcs is a game-changer, giving you combat-worthy minions. Extra focus, extra arrows, lower threshold on combos (down from 8 to 5) to start finishers, two finishers per combo streak... they all make a pretty huge difference. Stacking some healing/focus runes in all your gear makes a difference, too. I've pretty much filled out the ability table and it feels ridiculously overpowered.

          I'm surprised that Sunrider is episodic... I've sunk maybe 8hrs into it so far and feel like things are really coming to a head, it feels like a full game, there's been tonnes of stuff happening. The writing isn't the BEST, but it's also not the worst and I'm finding myself caught up in the story despite myself. Think I've gotten locked into a love route, though, which is mildly disappointing, but y'know. No guides for the first run is my general rule.

            Sunrider is planned as a trilogy, I think they made the first part, then kickstarted for 2 and 3. What's on Steam (for free) is the first two episodes I think. I didn't kickstart it - it was up at a bad time for me, simultaneous with some expensive board games IIRC, plus the game was funded so I thought I'd just buy it when it released - but it looked pretty cool.

        Ooh, I should give Sunrider a go, then. But I think I'll need to finsh the last two routes in Katawa Shoujo before I go onto another visual novel.

        EDIT: I accidentally a word.

        Last edited 07/10/14 1:35 pm

    Hi everyone,

    Hope you're all having a swell Monday lunchtime. After working as a coach for a full week at Olympic Standard venues I am now sitting at the underground gym reception writing operational documents and now having a massive come down lol.

    I had my first TAY Meat up, hanging out with @jackunit13 at a bar having a few beers in inner city Sydney. I can attest that I am about half his height and is pretty good company,

    So my Monday Musing for you all today would be, what was your first Meat up like and who was it with? !

        (There's also some really great posts on that website from TAY Classic if you're interested)

        Last edited 06/10/14 1:01 pm

        That's awesome, I loved it! I'd be pretty scared meeting 16 people all at once, well done lol

        Woo, I'm in a TAY write up \o/

        That was a fun day.

      I went to another town, to a location that google maps showed as a vacant lot and wasn't murdered. So all in all a positive result.

      I met all the Brisbane TAYbies at once at Movie World. Here's my write-up.



          That deecee guy huh? Friendliest friend one minute, forgetting you exist the next.. what's a guy to do? ;)

        Liar! I wasn't at movie world with you was i? I honestly don't remember! haha I think I've only been to dreamworld with taybies though..?

        Damn, I'm feeling inadequate now about mine :P Next time I do one I'll give it the love it deserves, as you can see blog writing is not my forte even though I want it to be!!

          I just like to fill every silence with rambling. Even on the internet. XD

      My first meat was with Strange and Mr Strange. They had extra tickets to see (I think that time was Alestorm?). Not too long after I had a meat at my place! First major gathering of brisbane taybies! #oldmanwelbot

      This was my first. Drove down to Canberra to hang with a whole bunch of people I'd never met before :P

        Lol that's a good read! The knocking on the door trick when it's quiet is an old favourite of mine as well lol

      Are you aware of the after pax meat? I don't think I tagged you or jack unit

        I'm pretty flattered to be invited, I was aware of it but not sure when or where lol

          Kingpin Crown at 7pm on Saturday 1st. =D

            That sounds really cool, I'd like to throw a few bowling balls around. I'll tag @jackunit13 to see if he fancies a trip down to Melbourne!

              it's $48 for a round of bowling, food and a drink

              Thanks for tagging me and thanks @scree for letting us know the details. I won't be able to get down to Melbourne unfortunately, but I'm sure you guys will have a blast!

              Edit: Spelling mistake.

              Last edited 07/10/14 5:44 pm

      Was Soundwave 2012 with @freezespreston that was a good day. Which was also the last time I saw Slipknot as well, it has been too long Q_Q

      Haven't yet met anyone from here IRL, but I'm in Sydney for work and on my tod tonight so if anyone's in striking distance of the CBD I'd be happy to have a beer somewhere around the CBD or the Rocks and talk bollocks.

      Also includes "pictures!"

    I like Prince of Persia Warrior Within but I find it so frsutrating.
    Odd checkpoint syestem etc makes me so angry that I have to re-do and entire long bit then fight a bunch of cheap cocks at the end.

    Im playing on easy too.
    The enemies just sponge up damage and stand there blocking. BAH!

    Heh. I just watched my dog attempt to round up one of my cats like she was a sheep.

    Makes me wish I had sheep some days to keep her occupied :P

      How about ducks?

        Nah, she likes to just chase the birds thinks it's a giant game xD Bush turkey's especially haha. Similar with ducks but they don't come in our yard as much :P

        Saying that we're probably going to get chickens at some point which could be interesting heh.

    Unlocked the Classical radio station in Forza Horizon 2, and one of my favourite pieces comes on. The reason I like it so much is probably because it's used in one of my favourite Bugs Bunny cartoons.

    Also, Doom 3 BFG, slowly I make progress but eventually I get tired. Shooters is my kryptonite

      l like my SP shooters but doom 3 was pretty bad. From the lack of light to the dodgy, suddenly a monster behind you even though you cleared that room. Maybe I'll try it again one day but don't have fond memories of it

        I dont mind any of that, the monster appearing behind happens so often I expect it, so it doesn't seem cheap anymore. I just keep my good ear open for noise.

        The light hasnt been an issue, this is the BFG edition, so you can use the torch at the same time as the gun, I believe it was one or the other originally?

        All shooters do this to me. I'm just not a shooter guy. The odd shooter does interest me though. Half Life 2 was great (if if I didnt *quite* finish it). And this new Wolfenstein seems pretty good.

        You know, I can melee for hours and hours and feel fine but having to carefulling aim does my head in. That' swhy I love VATS so much!


          That small change with the torch might make a difference. Was bloody annoying to need a torch to work out what to do and then suddenly have enemies appear while you are practically unarmed.
          Have you tried the metro shooter, they are very, very good. Are you playing on console, that is probably a huge thing as well, shooter are more annoying with a gamepad.

            You say that, but you havent seen how my left hand wanders while *trying* to mouse & 'board

    Went to test costume's pants, didn't realise that heel would need a whole lot of space to make it through the ankle. Mildly painful with the pins :P Also this material isn't as stretchy as I thought.

    Turned on the PS4 only to be hot with sudden realisation that I forgot all about the final day of the Bloodborne Alpha this morning.

    Excuse me while I go drown myself.

    For some reason I'm watching a Smash Bros tournament on Twitch right now. One of the players is covered in nerdy tattoos (including Fox and Falco). Made me wonder if there was anything gaming related I would ever tattoo on my body if I ever changed my mind about getting a tattoo (unlikely).

    Then I remembered Journey and knew that it would have to be one of these.

    I'm bored.

      I'd probably get something Commander Keen related, that series was really where my love of games came from

      Ugh one of those would look terrible as a tattoo, I'm sorry.

        Sadly enough they wouldn't be that bad, I mean I've seen worse tattoos, these would be seen as obscure indie tattoos that intrigue and confuse people especially if you tell them "its an indie thing you wouldn't get it"

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