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    Welcome one and all to TAY300

    Can'd Meat write-up.
    Saturday 25 October

    I arranged to meet @blaghman at his house. I met his mother. We exchanged witticisms for approximately two and a half minutes. I left with more stuff than I came with, and left at the exact point where my ability to small talk dried up. In and out in two minutes - perfect meat.

    In other news, my Kickstarter launches on Friday. Seeing how @liondrive pep-talks are a thing, I'd like to commission one for Friday morning, please.

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      I, uh, asked Blaghsy a little bit before you two met up to tell you on my behalf that you are a handsome man. And then right after I told him to tell you to take it back because I've never met you in person and so I wouldn't know how you look.

      DId he relay all that? It's been on my mind.

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        Oh, I thought he was flirting with me. Now it all makes sense.

    Three nights of just four hours' sleep. This should be interesting.

      *grabs the popcorn*?

    #TAY300 IS HERE. I don't KNOW how TO act.


        ARRRGHHH fuck you got this song in my head again! I swear to god I was humming it for the better half of last week just from reading your comment =P

          Hey Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind - hey, Mickey!
          *clap-clap.. clap*

      I'm sure there's plenty of other career options.

      What is this TAY300 of which you speak?

        @shane took @strange's advice on board, now if you enter TAY300 at his checkout you have to pay three times as much.

        Check out the URL for TAY this week.

        The URL for this weeks TAY seems to be suggesting that this is the 300th edition of TAY.

        Sooo I guess in roughly 3 months, TAY will be having it's 6th year old birthday.*

        *Complimentary snacks, BYO drinks.

        Edit: **Venue TBA
        Edit 2: ***Birthday party TBA

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      Technically we'd be over 300 by now due to wrong URLs on a handful of weeks ;D /party pooped

      Including my personal favourite typo week "Talk Amongst Herself"

        Is it just my memory or didn't it have a random number early on. I didn't think they were always sequential

    Hey, those who are going to Pax meat, You have 5 days left to pay (I need to pay on the friday)
    I want to add, if people could post 3 songs that they would like to sing at the meat, that would be super helpful.

      I was just thinking last night that I still need to pay you for that. What's the info/where do I send it?

      Also is there a list of available songs or something?

      Everyone wants to sing ABBA's Dancing Queen. Over and over.


        I'm still convinced that song was about a stripper. No-one can convince me otherwise.

      Did you receive my payment? I think I remembered to put 'Benny' in the description. Karaoke songs I can sing:

      David Bowie or Wallflowers - Heroes
      Radiohead - No Surprises

      I wanna spit some dope fresh rhymes. Get summa dat rap yo. Childish Gambino: Sweatpants and 3005!

      I want to hear someone try Rap God

        Clearly some Sugarhill Gang (Rapper's Delight) is in order. I said a hip-hop, the hippie-to-the-hippie and the hip-hip-hop-a you don't stop the rockin'

      Isn't there usually just a list to choose from?

        The cost of hiring the karaoke machine was super expensive so I'm bringing my ps3 and xbox 360.

          In that case, whatever songs are on Rock band/sing star/just dance are fine

      How much does it cost? Have you posted bank details or something or do people just need to email you?

        Email, or facebook or direct message on twitter

      also how do i pay you????
      im bringing my fiend along for the madness so need to pay twice.

      I really want to come, but it will depend on what some of my other friends are doing that night.
      How last minute can i be scree?

        I believe that numbers need to be locked in the day before so Thursday night

          Friday night, actually.

            Cool thanks, can i pay on the night if i come?

              yes. I'll have to pay out of my pocket on Friday, but that is fine

                alright i'll give you a heads up friday if i can come

      How do I pay?

        Email, or facebook or direct message on twitter
        Either of those options for scree's bank details

      Take on Me, and Desperado.

      Everything else is secondary.

      I don't know how to bank good. Also don't know if I'm going yet. If I do decide to go, can I just pay you in cash on the Friday? It's $50, right?

      1) Desperado by the Eagles is a must. Necessary. Essential even.

      2) Either Tunnel of Love or Romeo & Juliet by Dire Straits.

      3) Either Let Her Cry by Hootie & The Blowfish, or Wherever You Will Go by The Calling.

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    Good morning everybody!

    Hard to believe PAX is almost here. Doesn't quite feel like I'm going to be getting on a plane in 4 days and flying off to Melbourne for a whirlwind weekend of fun. But that's this weekend coming, how was your weekend just past?

    Mine was pretty stock standard. Played a lot of Civ:BE on Friday, really enjoying it. The Tech Web makes me wish that it existed in vanillaCiv. Completely changes my approach to the game. Great stuff. Saturday coffee and shopping, lots of prep for Thailand (which is in 10 days, too!) and a bit of cleaning around the house. Sunday got engaged, more coffee, dinner with friends. The usual, right?

    And now, back to work where I've already mentally checked out in anticipation of 4 weeks leave. Woo.

      Love it how you just casually drop that YOU GOT ENGAGED!

      Congrats man. I wish you all the best.

        Testing to see who actually bothers reading multi-paragraph weekend summaries.

        I read it! Congratulations @beeawwb!

          Yeah, I basically read PAX, Civ, Coffee, Shopping, Thailand, Engaged, More cofffee...... hang on ENGAGED!!!

        I have no idea what you're talking about. :P

        Thanks, very excited. :)

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      Hooray! You sacked up! Or got told....

      Congratulations either way.

      I'm guessing that was your partner that expressed horror at the thought of having that plate I made for you?

        Yeah, although she only saw it because I sent her an email saying "look at this awesome thing that just happened" - and she's joking. She thinks it's hilarious and disturbing.


      Not sold on the tech Web yet, seems a bit unfocused

        That's exactly what I love about it. In my first game I was running around with Xeno Titans but no idea what these "Floatstone Quarry" things are that everybody keeps banging on about.

      Congrats on the engagement man! :) Exciting times!

        Thanks! It's very exciting, but also daunting now thinking "Soooo how does one actually plan a weeding?" :P

          Step 1: Find a location with a shitload of booze.

          Step 2: Find a way to get people there.

          How hard can it be?

            That's pretty much been the discussion so far.

            Where is the discussion about which style of serviette rings to have?
            Should the flower girl bouquets have as many flowers as the bridesmaids or less
            Tie, bow-tie or cravat
            And that's without thinking of the critical things like should the chair covers in the foyer be satin, silk or cotton.
            And where does one find 100 pure white doves at short notice

              Burger rings.
              Less flowers. Much less. Like, the fewer the better.
              All 3. At once.
              Cotton. But like, fancy cotton. Unspun.
              @redartifice can probably organise a zoo fiasco for doves.

                I can bring de birds, but cousin Roman, I have questions...

          Step One. Put on gloves.
          Step Two. Go to your garden.
          Step Three. Start pulling weeds.

            It's true, too. Webster's Dictionary describes a wedding as, "The process of removing weeds from one's garden."

              A marriage is a lot like an orange.

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          well it was easy for me. Invite family and a few friends to attend "ceremony" at registry office, then went for dinner at Jade Buddah. DONE!

            Yeah, we've pretty much said it'll be just a party for close friends (and minimal family) that happens to have some vows exchanged at it. I think we're more concerned with the band. :P

          One doesn't plan a wedding,one elopes. In awesome outfits. Otherwise thievery occurs every time you mention the word "wedding".
          Unless you really meant 'weeding', in which case @shane has you covered.

            "Party" ;)

              That won't always fly, but it's a good rule of thumb to not mention the word 'wedding' unless you have no other choice.

              Also, if you rent nice cars from Apex and get family to chauffeur, instead of hiring wedding cars + drivers, you can save literally thousands of dollars and still get a nice ride.

                You severely overestimate how many people we'll want in attendance. :P

                  Even if it's just a car to take the bride to the ceremony, here's a price breakdown:

                  Wedding car + driver: $400 per car per hour, minimum 3 hours ($1200)
                  Hire car from airport: $75 for a whole day + $2 for a roll of white ribbon (if you want) ($77)

                  @shane Hire property for a few days, self drive. Already at place, walk to backyard.

                  Or summin' like that. Lower than low key is the theme of the day.

                  Well TAY alone will be enough to have per head increases hurting

          Hardest bit is booking the reception venue and/or church. Just a tip - If you get married in winter (ie May->August), you can often get a good discount.

            We actually agreed "we shouldn't get married during the footy (AFL) season" - however cliche or stupid or silly that might be. Otherwise would totally agree with you.

              As long as you don't book during the finals you're probably ok, and it wouldn't be the first wedding to have a TV with the game on at the reception.

                Yeah, no finals, and don't want to potentially miss the 1 QLD game we get to attend before the fixture is released. Mid-Oct 2016 is looking like a goer.



          The caps make up for my inability to favourite posts this week. :P

    Howdy Buckaroos! How were your weekends?

    Mine wasn't too bad, picked up Bayonetta on Saturday, played for about an hour, the the wife and son came home so I had to stop. Went out to a family do on Saturday night and got fairly drunk. Sunday pretty much spent the day playing Forza Horizon 2, while checking the 360 marketplace all day long for GTA: San Andreas HD. Watched Last Vegas last night, not a bad movie.

    Just checked the Marketplace again and GTA: SA HD is still not there, apparently it's up in the US UK and various other countries, obviously we're not that important. I know I could just chuck my original disc copy in my 360 and play it, but I want achievements dammit! Starting to look like I might have to make a US account.

      Yeah, I checked this morning and no sign of it. Very disappointing. Wonder what's going on there?

    MY WEEKEND IN REVIEW: BAYO 2! FRIENDS! BONDI! There was another thing, but just so we're clear, Tusk by Kevin Smith was shit. I hated it. Don't see it.

      Aw, that's a shame. I was thinking about checking that out.

      s'cool. I'll just keep hanging out for Clerks III.

    Heeey peeps... Been a bit absent lately for various reasons, so can someone fill me in what tay300 is? :P...
    Secondly weekend was decent:
    Spoilered because potential length and personal issues:
    Had a nice long chat with my mother on Saturday (helps she's a psychologist :P) about my various issues and its kinda nice to get some insight into what's going on in my brains :P... She doesn't suspect I have clinical depression caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain but rather due to all the stress and frustration causing the depression... Doesn't really help with my situation but it's good to get some insight... I've been absent from TAY the last week due to bring in a particularly foul mood and I didn't want to keep posting negative drivel on here... One thing I've noticed I'd that my mood is quite unstable, I can be in a perfectly normal happy mood, then the smallest thing or comment happens which sends me into this dark self destructive cycle... It's really freaking annoying :P... I'm trying to be mindful of it, but once that plunge into despair starts It's really hard to stop
    ... Sorry, it's nice getting it off my chest and you guys are so awesome and supportive!

    ... Kingdoms of Ramalamadingdong is pretty rad

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      URL for TAY this week suggests that it's the 300th one.

      Insight is good. I recently bought a book about depression that I intend to read. Knowledge is power.

        But with great power comes great responsibility...

        (sorry couldn't resist!)

      I really enjoyed Ramalamadingdong. Not enough yet to try for 100% but we did complete it.
      i recommend playing it on hard difficulty. How far into the game are you?

        Only just
        home to Dellach because something something theater of fate :P... Playing as a sneaky character and its heaps of fun due to the simple combat system... Also digging the art style

      The TAY 300 is a race using the scenic Melbourne as a backdrop. This weekend, over three nights competing TAYbies must race around Melbourne consuming as many beers as possible.

    My mic on my standard Xbone headset has somehow broke, so I went in to EB Games on Friday, traded in some old 360 games and put a pre-oder down on this, which I thought looked pretty good and well priced.

    I know there's not many Xboners people whom play the Xbox One around here, but wanted to share in case any one is eyeing up a new headset!

      I'll be giving by Xbone some love over the next few weeks. Sunset Overdrive and Halo are gonna pull me in.

        I'll be picking up halo straight away, but let us know your thoughts on sunset!

    I almost have 100 photos on my flickr stream. I'm absolutely loving photography. I'd love to hear what you guys think of my stuff!

      Oh! Wooden and Guardian are great!

      Some interesting shots in there. I like the little bags packed dude, where was that taken.
      Also the everywhere shot is very well done

        That was at the Nan Tien Temple down at Port Kembla. Really nice place!

      I like the ones with me in them.

      (Nah, the others are good to. I really like that Dogman one from yesterday)

      Dude those are awesome! All I take photos of are beach sunsets

      Some impressive shots there, Shigster.
      Looks like you have a rather nice camera, and a decent eye for framing your shots.
      More. Now.

    Had a pretty great weekend. Went out for coffee (and cheesecake) on Saturday morning, and on my way home, I bumped into friends sitting at the cafe near my place and they invited me to have a coffee with them. Long story short, I had lunch as well, and they shouted me. Then I had my NaNo writers group meeting, which was good as I got some more details into my plot for my novel. Also I watched Rush on Saturday night, which is an absolutely brilliant movie.

    Sunday I had church, and found out one of my best mates is going to PAX. (Soooooooo jelly). Also watched Doctor Who and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I enjoyed both. All in all a pretty great weekend.

      why were they shouting at you?

        Well he bumped into them, so I'm assuming he made them spill their coffee

    Hey petals. I had a mixed bag of a weekend - lovely time at the markets with my dog, on his sixth birthday (he got lots of pets and smiles and made me very proud), saw Whiplash, which was really good, and very intense, annnnnnd I was diagnosed as being allergic/intolerant of the Nightshade family, ahahaha. What a loser.

      Ouch, that allergy/intolerance sucks. No more potato or tomato? I couldn't live with that.

        I know! Potatoes are the best but they just hate me. Goodbye, my love.

        ...potatoes and tomatoes are related? Huh.

        Also I could not imagine a life without tomatoes /o\

          Yeah, I had no idea right? The doctor said, "You're allergic to nightshade" and I thought he was kidding, because I only knew of nightshade as the poisonous flower, haha.

            I thought it was a comic book character :P

        It wasn't until you said it that I realised potato was part of it too. I mean, tomato I could deal with, I suppose, but potato? Fiddle-di dee, that SUCKS. :O

          My boyfriend could not stop laughing when I told him, because just that morning I had been singing the potato song from LoTR. That night I was singing it real quietly to myself and it set him off again. "Boil 'em... Mash 'em... Stick 'em in a wahhhhhhh"

          Tomato is in everything though. It's really hard to avoid. Like trying to avoid onion.

            Yeah, that's why I put the "I suppose" bit. I started thinking about it and realising how much it gets used, just in sauces / additives etc.

      Well I guess Mr and Mrs Nightshade can't bring the kids over any more
      Pretty much everything I eat has a component from that family. Not tomato or potato makes it hard, is that your only allergy that you know of or is this just another limitation of what you already knew.
      Does it look severe enough to affect which medications you can have?

      Puppy \o/

        My reaction is so weird. Like, I already knew I was allergic to pepper (nothing life-threatening, just very uncomfortable with standard spicy stuff, but it's not like I've ever tried a Trinidad scorpion chili, you know?). I don't eat tomato anyway (I just don't like them), but it's the potato that's so hard! That's what made me get tested in the first place. Medication (not that I take any except birth control) shouldn't be an issue. I'm heartbroken. No more chips!

          Unfortunately that nightshade family includes capsicum and eggplant too. But you can still eat sweet potato, and parsnips make the most delicious deep fried chips too.

            Yeah, I already knew I couldn't have peppers. I don't care for eggplant (too spongy). Sweet potato is good if it's realllly skinny. I'm going to write a letter to Pringles, hahah.

            Oh god no tomato OR capsicum??

            That is even worse than being stuck with lactose intolerance.

            Kumara / Yam chips are even better than parsnip. Add a bit of bacon & sour cream.

      How was your dinner party?

        Memory like an elephant, you! It went well. Thankfully they were late, so I actually managed to get almost everything ready before they even arrived, including making a pudding! I made mustard-honey pork leg steaks on baby spinach, milk-roasted potatoes, garlic-butter green beans, and caramelized mushroom and onion tarts (a go-to these days).

        I didn't eat, but brought the gin they brought as a gift, and well, things got blurry after that ;P

      I have noticed a handful of food types which seem to make me very refluxy, but I refuse to go test for any kinds of intolerances in case they tell me what I already suspect and give me actual confirmation of problems. As it is, I can cheerfully claim ignorance of any intolerances and eat whatever I want without guilt! But I do, er... usually avoid some things.

      It is an uneasy truce of self-denial, self-gratification, and self-preservation.

    Hi folks. Weekend summary cause why not :P
    Had a pretty decent weekend, played nothing but Hyrule Warriors, almost cleared the adventure mode map with all As, only 3 weapons left of the 61 before I can unlock the Master Sword's ability. On Saturday night I had to rescue a possum our dogs somehow got hold of, I was expecting to have to rush it to a vet but luckily our dogs seem to be lacking a killer instinct and instead were playing with it, they just pinned it and licked it a lot, so I shoed them away and the possum scampered off no worse for wear. Yesterday caught up with friends I hadn't seen in a couple of years, his 2 babies seem to have turned into small humans who instantly fell in love with our dogs and proceeded to exercise them for a good few hours, almost had a heart attack because while the kids were leading my dogs around (40 kilo German Shepherds Kratos & Moon) they decided to go introduce them to a toddler that was about half their height, thankfully our dogs have beautiful natures and one crawled on its belly over to the kid and gave it some kisses and the other lowered its posture and really gently did the same, it's great that they seem to instinctively know that babies are fragile. Hope you all had decent ones.

      You suck, O'Doyle Rules!!!

      I love big dogs so much.

        Me too, nice and tough and I don't have to worry about them getting under foot and standing on them.

          We had a little run-in at the dog park yesterday - there's two fenced off areas for off-leash play. One for big dogs (and little dogs who live with/can handle big dogs) and a second part for little dogs. We took our two boys (Lab and Wolfhound) into the big dog area, and these people were standing there holding these little dogs, and then started yelling at us for letting our dogs in. I got so mad, I yelled at them that this is the park for real dogs, not their toys. They left after that.

            that sucks, people at dog parks are either really nice or total jerks from my experience, hopefully next time you'll get to let them run around. I went to one once where the other peoples dogs pretty much attacked ours and they tried to yell at me about it, I got a bit shouty and left.

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            Big dogs are the best dogs.
            We have an Old English Sheepdog.

    I finished The Evil Within, if you loved Resident Evil 4 or can handle a clunkier The Last of Us without the heartbreak, check it out!

      I have always considered RE2 to be the BEST RE, but after playing it fairly recently and getting my nostalgia-goggles all scratched up on its low-polycount, I have had to revert to RE4 as my favourite. So this is a good point! The Kotaku review left me very wary.

        I replay 2 almost yearly.

        What did you play on? I find PSX games eye bleedingly painful on modern TVs.
        If you own a PSP or a Vita, that's the place to appreciate PSX.

          Nah, always played it on the PC, from the very early days when it had a time-limited demo (that you could hack the timer off, giving you significantly more play).

            Get a really small monitor?

        If you've never had a chance to play either Code Veronica or the REmake (1 redone for the Gamecube), I highly recommend both of them.

          Nah, I stopped being a Nintendo person after the Console Wars. Are there reliable emulators, or would I need to go hunting for an antique console?

            Code Veronica was redone for PS2 and they're making a HD re-release of the REmake (so remade the original twice now technically) that should be coming out early next year for the new consoles and PC.

            Don't know about emulators but I imagine there's a Dolphin emulator working for the REmake and Code Veronica if you can track it down.

            Dolphin seems to have a pretty good rap as the go-to GCN/Wii emulator.

        This game appears very divisive. It apparently has a lot of design that some people will like, and others will hate. For example it has a combination of checkpoints every 30 minutes and unexpected trap deaths. Some people like that. (I assume)

        My first opinions of the game were influenced by 20 minutes of Jesse Cox's ranting on the Co-optional Podcast, so my view is very much tainted.

          Pah. There is no 'division'. It is simply a difference between love and appreciation, or ignorance. That is all!

    @gutsoup: Boardwalk Empire finale today! *flails arms in air* I'm caught up just in time, too.

      holy shit finale? I didn't know it was the finale. *cries*

        Season five spoilers:

        They've certainly done their fair share of killing off character this year, huh? :D

          more Season 5 spoilers
          I need to try find that last spoiler I put up, it was pretty much me having a cry about all the death. I'm going to be sad when it's over, need another show from that era

            Not quite that era, but Manhattan is supposed to be great. Set in the '40s and is about the scientists who developed the a-bomb.

              My Boardwalk post :)

                Good post!

                I suspect tonight's ep will be all about Gillian and Nucky. If there's a happy ending, this might be it. Though when Gililan tried to escape and that shadow appeared on her, hope the doctor doesn't get to her before Nucky can. D: Also I like how Nucky sees Jimmy in all the young guys in his life. Trying to protect them instead of recruit them this time.

                Last edited 27/10/14 10:18 am

                  More Boardwalk Spoilers
                  I was expecting the last episode to go very differently after the previous one ended with Mickey doing a Paul Revere and gathering a posse, really thought Nucky was going to strike back, hopefully lots of people get their come uppins tonight

              could be pretty interesting, will have to check it out.

    I have a new favourite YouTube video.

      Somewhere @Liondrive is rolling in his grave!

        Imagine if they were all wearing mustard pants. That would be perfect.

    People of PAX! We are going to play a massive game of 2 Rooms and a Boom.

    The game is simple: everyone is given a role card that will put them in the red or blue team. There are five rounds where the group of players are split into two rooms, in those rooms is a leader and at the end of the round the leader nominates people in that room to be a part of a hostage exchange. At the end of the fifth round, there's an explosion.

    You see, one member of the red team is the bomber and their goal is to be in the same room as the president (a member of the blue team). The two teams are trying to work against each other to get the right people in the right room to get the outcome they want.

    To do this, you can show your card to people to win their trust or just flat out lie. It's a lot like the Resistance except there's a whole lot more going on.

    Also, some role cards have special rules: the shy guy can't show their card to anyone, the fool must show their card whenever asked.

    And finally, there's the mysterious grey team that doesn't care about the others but will have individual goals to achieve.

    Best of all, it's on a timer so it only takes 20 minutes, including faffing about.

    My plan is to do a game on the Friday afternoon and then again as often as people want. Which, with any luck, would be pretty damned often.

      I was just listening to an Idle Thumbs podcast this morning where they talked about this game!

        There's a big buzz around this game and it still isn't out yet. We're going to have to use a print and play version of the game (which involved me doing some arts and crafts stuff with scissors, random Magic cards and sleeves).