Tell Us Dammit: Are You Still Playing Destiny?

Tell Us Dammit: Are You Still Playing Destiny?

I am still playing Destiny. I am just about to hit level 16 and I’m moving relatively slowly compared to my friends and also, hilariously, my family. Everyone in the good goddamn world seems to be higher level than me! But the question I want to ask today is this: are you still playing and do you see yourself playing for the foreseeable future?

Destiny’s success is almost certainly dependent on the game being popular for a sustained amount of time — almost certainly that’s the plan. Is that plan working? Do you see that plan working in the long term? Do you see yourself playing Destiny in a year or two years?

Personally, I think Destiny is a game that we’ll bitch about and complain about for a very long time. But we’ll be playing it. We might drift in and out, we might only jump in when new content is released, but we’ll probably keep playing. Perhaps not on the level of a WoW or a Diablo, but my guess is a large number of people will be playing Destiny for a long time.

My reasoning? Well it’s already happening. I’ve noticed that the people who are complaining the loudest about Destiny are somehow still playing. It’s also a game that, personally, I’m finding extremely compelling. A game I want to keep playing, I game I enjoy playing. Destiny is the game I will return to when I’m finished with whatever other flavour of the month title is released. That’s my reasoning.

How about you? How do you see the Destiny thing playing out?


    • We churned through it so quickly last night and then everything just fell apart at Atheon. Exited the time gate so many times to run straight in to those damn suicide harpies.

      • My first run similarly dissolved on Atheon, I was slow learning my role going after Oracles. Finally got it down…. Then the guys on the portals left us hanging over and over =P

  • Still playing this game and enjoying it. Hopefully the latest patch fixes all my random drop outs, not fun about to finish a nightfall and being dropped before the boss dies… Hopefully getting legendary engrams actually give you something to hahaha. Will be playing for awhile but I totally agree with playing other games and coming back. Of coarse me and the mates are all getting AC: Unity so our co-op time might be spent in Paris. Just wish Destiny had more Jousting!!

  • Yeah, I’m still playing. Did my first raid last night and have a exotic bounty to get through.

    Saying that though it’s quickly becoming laborious and boring as I repeat the same missions and strikes over and over just to get materials while knowing that there simply isn’t anywhere new or interesting to explore anymore.
    It’s very disappointing to think this is what some people consider worthy of 5 years and $500 million.

    Overpromising and under delivering isn’t even a joke anymore, it’s a constant.

    • I hate this misinformation. Destiny is not and never claimed to be a $500 million game. The ten year publishing contract is worth $500 million. We’ve basically seen the surface of that.

      • How is it missinformation? 5 years and $500 million that is what has gone in to the game by their own words. The fact that budget in it’s entirety has not been applied to Destiny itself is irrelevant. The fact is you have the time frame, the resources they had access to and the brick that came limping out at the other end.

        • >The fact that budget in it’s entirety has not been applied to Destiny itself is irrelevant.

          No, it isn’t. And that’s why it’s misinformation.

          • The answer is yes btw
            I would assume most people are smart enough to understand that a budget covers many things in a project and deciding to ignore this so you can scream bloody murder isn’t making these facts any less valid.

          • That $500 mil is for Destiny + it’s expansions, Destiny 2 and it’s expansions, Destiny 3 and it’s expansions. Plus the advertising budget.

          • > The answer is yes btw
            No, it isn’t, I’ve already explained why.

            > I would assume most people are smart enough to understand that a budget covers many things in a project and deciding to ignore this so you can scream bloody murder isn’t making these facts any less valid.
            It’s funny you should say that since you’re ignoring the fact that that $500 million is not allocated solely to Destiny at all. Maybe the future of Destiny, it’s sequels and various expansions and marketing over a ten year period but not the development of the game we’re currently playing, which is the assertion you made when you said “5 years and $500 million that is what has gone in to the game by their own words” which is a falsehood in it’s entirety.

  • Yep. Sitting on level 23. Haven’t done any crucible matches because I hate (and suck at) PvP.

    Enjoying strikes and starting to do those daily/weekly missions as well as bounties.

    And, admittedly, I farm every now and then. I find running between the building above the original loot cave and the two downed choppers is a good and quick(ish) way to get engrams.

  • I haven’t played anything in about 2 weeks, but got Shadow of Mordor last night so prob won’t play Destiny for a while, the wife is out on sat so might jump in if friends are online.

  • I burnt myself out a bit on Saturday…pretty frustrated at the Exotic Weapon Bounty I have (25 strikes, 10,000 crucible score.) Been playing Fifa 15 since, but haven’t had much time for that either. I’m level 25 though and still keen to push past 26 and do the raid at some point.

  • I was, but I think I’m going to ease up on it now.
    Last night was the first time playing that I didn’t have fun.
    Exotic bounties.
    They’re not fun. Finally get up to actually finding out what the weapon is and it’s a shotgun. I don’t use shotguns. That, and I need to buy it for 12,500 Glimmer.
    I thought they were supposed to be rewards…

    • 12500 glimmer is easy enough to come by, you just need to remember to use ether seeds when you’re doing a cosmodrome patrol bounty or similar money making item and you’ll soon get the cash up to the cap and be annoyed that they put such a low cap on money.

      Is the bounty A Dubious Task for Ikora, the shotgun in question being Invective? If so, that’s actually worth the effort. I hate shotguns in the game but this one converted me away from fusion rifles. You know those yellow axis minotaurs that are around level 18-20? If you get to point blank range and empty the magazine into them (the shotty is fully automatic, that’s also a very nice feature), they die in one burst, those level 26 praetorians on venus, you shred them down to 1/2-1/3 health with the same tactic. That’s before I upgraded the damage. Once I’ve managed to find enough ascendant energy to upgrade all 3 of the final level damage upgrades, I think anything that gets within range will simply die from fear. I think it’s safe to say that I hate all shotguns in the game except this one.

      • It is that one, but I refuse to use shotguns, no matter how good it may be.
        They don’t fit my play style (playing as a Hunter, so sniper rifles only, even in PvP), and I generally don’t find them fun.

        The Glimmer isn’t so hard to get, I was just annoyed that you have to buy it when it is supposed to be a reward, especially after all that grinding.
        That was the first time I ever had to grind in Destiny, and that will be the last time I grind.

        • It’s really not a case of having to buy it technically, you need to have special weapon packs and the easiest way to get those is to buy them. If you happen to have 50 of them knocking about from chest pickups then you don’t have to spend a cent (or whatever the fractional denomination of glimmer is called). I ended up just going to the gunsmith and spamming X and accidently bought about 70 of them and since then have actually found them quite handy in those heroic missions where you don’t get ammunition drops for your equipped weapon, something of a handy accident. If you don’t have a solar weapon, it might be a handy backup for when you get a heroic mission where solar damage is enhanced.

          I’m definitely not one for shotguns in games at all, they’re easily the most overrated weapon in all of gaming but this one seems to live up to the hype (something about the game had to)

  • I watched a friend play it for 30 mins then asked a bunch of questions about the plot and other things you can do in the game.
    My thoughts after that were, “I think I just saw in 30 mins everything this game has to offer.”

    • You probably saw pretty much everything there was to see, but the game isn’t really processed on a level you can watch. For years I thought Halo was crap because there’s nothing to really see when you watch it, then I played Halo 3 for about thirty seconds and realised I was totally wrong. It’s almost like dancing to a really catchy song.

      • Hey, that’s some of the major points I’m using in my Halo reviews. Pointing out how different each level is.

        …except Halo 4.

        • Different as in plays different or different as in looks different? I don’t really remember anything standing out visually beyond stuff just looking really, really pretty and a few ‘massive thing towers above everything else’ ID4-style moments, but when I read there were going to be playlists in the Halo collection I was 100% on board. Playing Crucible in Destiny makes me want to play a bunch of those missions where you just hit the ground running and don’t stop back-to-back.

          • Both!

            Although I did point out how the problem in Halo is that 3 levels are repeated. But explain how being played differently can keep it different.

          • You mean… just like Halo 1? Where you play the same game twice? Once forwards, and then once backwards?

            In order of importance, Halo gave us:
            1) Red vs Blue
            2) Good FPS controller/console controls
            3) A great piece of theme music

            Everything else was just a whole lot of meh.

          • I was talking about Halo 1. You don’t play the whole game twice, just 3 levels. I also explained how only one of them is actually a chore to play through while the other 2 manages to mix up the design just enough to not feel like a complete repeat.

  • Haven’t played in a week or so, though I heard heroics are going to start offering up legendary rewards, and the cryptarch isn’t such a cunt (pardon my australian) anymore, so might swing back around for that. Kinda wish it had matchmaking though, my PSN friends are either already doing things or they’re not playing at the same time 😛

    • The new patch also made Vanguard Strike playlists give better rewards. I ran three before work this morning and scored two rare engrams each time. Not great but at least Legendary engrams are on the table (and now they always give their colour of higher I don’t need 50,000 just to get a single Legendary item). I’d still rather be able to que for everything but at least now there’s some PvE content I can que for that gives me a shot at Legendary gear that I can use for upgrade mats.

  • Yup, level 27. Was going to go through the raid last night but it ended up being with people I didn’t know so will hold off until the weekend.

    I’m not playing it all the time now though. I’m happy to let my girlfriend play and I’ll go off and play Skyrim

    • Remember, it’s a ten year game, you’ve got to pace yourself. At this rate you’ll be burned out by the first DLC pack.

  • Yeah, definitely slowed now at level 28 but as long as there are friends to play it with I’ll be jumping in to some extent.
    Bungie probably will want to try and balance pvp a bit better soon tho if they desire a long term pvp community. Skewing rewards in favour of the higher performing players instead of rewarding afk’rs will also definitely help keep competitive players interested.

  • Yep! Patch came out this morning so I’m gonna give strikes a whirl again. Also happy that the Cryptarch finally got rid of his color blindness




    and then I’ll say ‘fuck it’ until the DLC.

  • Finished the story last night at level 19 with a friend and then completely lost interest. Have been playin on PS4 but Forza Horizon out on XB1 today and that looks like real fun, not grinding fun.

  • Maxed out my first legendary weapon. I am just now ready to raid. Looking forward to iron banner too. Interested to see how pvp works without scaling.

  • off and on, after the let down of the final story mission i kinda lost interest, but the PVP is still kinda fun, so between shadows of mordor, BF4, D3 and fantasy life on the 3DS i’ll probably jump in for weekly/daily on the weekend.

  • Ive hit Level 21. I’m not sure if I have the motivation to push to get to Level 26 so I can do Vault of Glass. Without any friends to play with it is beginning to lose it’s polish for me.

  • still looking for peeps to play with on XB1, im a lv 25 titan on every night from around 6-10 perth time 🙂

  • Yep, still going for some reason. Level 27 right now and slowly earning upgrade materials. Really I just want to do the Vault of Glass, but have never found a group to do it with. Matchmaking would be convenient.

  • Hit 20 on the weekend. Still not sure I like the game. Keep thinking about it though so I guess I like it and want to play more?

  • I’m still playing it, though nowhere near as compulsively as I have been the past few weeks. Got to 28 had fun, absolutely loved the raid, and I want to see how their revised loot system turns out, so I’ll probably continue to play every other day or so. Might try to keep up with the daily heroics at least, seeing as they only seem to take 15-20 minutes, maybe the Vanguard playlist now that it grants potentially useful loot.
    I’m getting the same impression I got from ESO, where they seem to be trying to find a middle-ground between a focused single-player experience and a long-term MMO. ESO went pure MMO in that respect, but it looks like Bungie may be making a better compromise, and I’m very interested to see what choices they make, and how they’ll keep players interested.

    • The problem is I don’t think Bungie really know what they’re doing enough to make a proper compromise that works long term. I mean they released Queen’s Wrath without realising that it was giving people five Legendary items to dismantle into top tier upgrade materials per day. That’s not just a rookie mistake that’s not thinking about what you’re releasing at all.
      All accross the game it flips between hardcore and casual play requirements. It’s like they’ve got a bunch of legacy grinding from MMO features they’ve taken on board but they’ve also got a ton of frictionless features they’ve kept in from the FPS roots. On one hand there are like five faction grinds, daily quests, wall based raids, etc, but on the other there’s one tier of end-game gear, no split between PvP/PvE gear, access to BiS gear at fresh 20, etc.
      It feels very unintentional and I get the impression it there’s not enough treadmill to keep players playing until Christmas’ DLC but it also has just enough grind to burn players out enough that they won’t come back.

      • I think the goal of the Queen’s wrath missions was to give people access to easy legendaries if they needed them so people could get into the raid easier, but I agree that making them dismantle just like every other legendary was one hell of a glaring oversight.

        I agree that Bungie haven’t been clear on what they want Destiny to be, and because of that, the playerbase is complaining twice as loudly, for conflicting reasons – the Halo/FPS fans are upset with how long it takes to get gear and level past 20 so they can try the raid, the MMO fans are upset that endgame starts only 20 hours in and is essentially over within a week or two. The people with limited time are complaining that endgame is too grindy while playing the game as Bungie intended or too boring to be worth the time if using loot caves, while the bingers and min-maxers are complaining that everything takes barely any time at all if they farm efficiently.

        No matter who Bungie tries to appease, one side will lose out – Bungie added the Queen’s Wrath missions, and the bingers decried them from the rooftops because they felt it invalidated their fortnight of grinding to max level. And it’s pretty much too late for Bungie to clarify exactly what they want Destiny to be without picking a side and alienating half their playerbase.

        It’s really sad – every step I’ve seen Bungie make, every design choice they implement, seems like it’s geared toward making the game a level playing field – people that play for ten hours a week can get the same level of gear that people who play 40+ hours a week can get – which is great for those of us without a lot of time, but even I’m concerned about its longevity. Will Bungie stick to their plan for at least the two expansions if people only play for a few weeks when the game gets updated? I’m hoping that the fact they don’t have a sub fee beyond the cost of DLC indicates that they might actually be okay with that.

        • I think the proper course of action would have been to make it so that six mission tokens were required to do one run. That way you can get more by putting more in, but it doesn’t take a week to get anything if you’re not grinding out bounties every day. It feels like you could run it five times simply because there were five Vanguard bounties and five Crucible bounties.

          I think you’re dead on about the conflict between the playerbase. I had to explain to a friend the other day that end-game is only a grind from a Halo players perspective. In most MMOs all of Destiny’s end-game is just pre-raid T0 gearing. Upgrades are a little tedious but you can get to level 26 pretty easily and from there you can run just about everything.
          MMO players are done already and FPS players are sick of being forced to play the game like it were a riddle rather than just linear weapon unlocks. I mean if you don’t know MMOs all the reputation, different game modes, drop rates, etc just come off like a puzzle. I’m sure there are plenty of people playing heaps and still wearing all rare items because they don’t know how to navigate the end-game progression maze.

          I also think the loot cave screwed over a lot of players too. It’s a terrible way to gear that results in an instant burnout upon completion. It takes no real effort, but neither does running Strike playlists and if you run Strike playlists you’ll get more gear faster while enjoying the game. So many people seem to think they chose the fast route by grinding the loot cave for 20 hours to get random Legendary items rather than the vendor gear that’s tailored to your primary/secondary weapon and subclass.

          I’m hoping that the fact they don’t have a sub fee beyond the cost of DLC indicates that they might actually be okay with that.

          Yeah. That’s it’s saving grace. With any luck enough people have it downloaded and installed that jumping in to play when they feel like it is quick and easy. I mean people are still playing Watch Dogs so there’s got to be hope for Destiny long term.

          Personally I’m hoping for the next game they restructure end-game PvE progression to be less like the bog standard MMORPGs. Make raids the big, relatively easy social part of the game with 1, 2 and 3 player content being where the competitive hardcore modes happen. 12-player raids that are something you can just que for with your friends and Zerg rush even if they suck. Something you can run even if you’re off in party chat.
          Then split the smaller content into ranked and unranked. In unranked a 3-player strike or solo works like normal, but in ranked it requires three people all doing their jobs all the time with good communication and a heavy emphasis on personal skill and group strategy. Maybe add more to the scorecard and give us some leaderboards based on things like pure speed, special modifiers such as ‘hand cannon only’, best equipped gear-to-speed ratios, etc. Stuff that puts performance ahead of progression.
          I also hope they make it so the clan feed shows up in-game even if I still have to login to Bungie to respond, and about a thousand other minor things. =P

          • I mean people are still playing Watch Dogs
            Well, I was thinking Guild Wars 2, but same principle I guess. 😛

            See, I’m hoping they don’t do what you’re proposing – I don’t care about my performance provided it’s good enough to come out on top and not let anyone down.

            To take an example: I love the Vault of Glass, from the way it teaches you pretty much all the mechanics of the final fight by gradually introducing them throughout the mission, to the complexity of the mechanics and the degree of coordination it requires to overcome them. Having said that, I also love that each group’s run is completely independent of each other as far as the game’s concerned. Being told at the end of it that our run scored 864863 points which put it at 832nd on the leaderboard cheapens the whole thing for me, because it quantifies success – ending an otherwise good run by being told we did worse than last time, or that there are hundreds of people who did it better sours the entire experience. We got through it, we had fun, we got loot; that’s as far as my quantitative analysis need go.

            Having the challenge restricted to ranked modes… well, see above. I think they just need to bring some of the ideas form the raid back into strikes – have multi-stage boss fights with different mechanics, rather than the elementary bullet-sponge+adds that they’ve used thus far; switch out the “defend against 3 waves of progressively more difficult enemies” for something more varied. The most interesting strike could have been the Flayers, because there are three to deal with at the same time, but the size of the arena means you can almost always deal with just one at a time, resulting in it feeling the same as the rest.

            I would like to see some smaller-scale raids, where you can go in with a group of 4 and have that same tactical challenge – two teams working in concert against the mechanics of the area, or multi-boss arenas where you need to have one person distract one of them long enough for the others to take down the other one. I also wouldn’t mind seeing some zergable 12 man strikes, though I think they’d turn into a fireworks display considering it could allow each person to feed off everyone else’s supers ad infinitum. Would probably be worth it, tho, just for the spectacle 😛

            As for clan integration into the game, I’d put it up there with a better way to navigate the grimoire contents. I’d love to be able to read all the lore in there, but it’s so poorly organised and clumsy to navigate…

          • I can agree with the bulk of what you’re saying, very blunt/arbitrary metrics for success aren’t great motivators unless they’re well designed. Ranks and scoreboards are fun for some people but I was thinking more along the lines of private results in social mode. DC Universe Online does this awful thing where you can do a raid flawlessly but if someone is does twice the damage another player does or if it takes a minute more than the speed run best time suddenly the entire run was crap and everyone else in the group was a jerk. Between that and the average MMORPGs DPS meters I really don’t like publicly ranking players.
            Plus I’m sure all the scoreboards would be topped by people who raced past everything on their bike, jumped into a spot where the bosses attacks couldn’t hit, then used a bunch of ammo synths to unload a non-stop stream of machine gun fire on the boss.

            I was thinking Ranked wouldn’t have exclusivity on the top tier content. So you wouldn’t be forced to be named and numbered just to see any of the content. Ranked would just be ego mode like it is in most deathmatch FPS games. It’s shallow and not for everybody but I think it does a way better job of keeping players entertained than drip fed gear progression.
            My goal is to remove as many barriers as possible allowing the widest range of players to experience all content without removing any of the ‘elite’ tiers that keep more competitive players active and engaged.

            The reason I say make raids easy and (some) strikes hard is because in all my days hardcore raiding I never encountered anything I couldn’t teach a monkey to do (and I often did when we needed someone to fill a slot). The larger the group the more flexible/easy the content had to be. Getting a world first was just a matter of prep work and scheduling. I hate the idea that the top mode and competitive mode always cuts out 95% of the user base by requiring a bunch of stuff that doesn’t really have anything to do with the game.
            When you dial it back to small group content like 2 and 4 player groups and remove the pre-fight prep time requirements suddenly it’s much more accessible and you see much better performances. You also see better individual performances because you’re free to ask more of each player without it turning into a mess.
            I also just hate the attitude that you can’t see the end of the story, which is just walking up to the guy and killing him for 10 minutes since this mode isn’t about story, because you don’t want to treat the game like a job and maintain a weekly raid group.

            Think of it like World of Warcraft PvP. You’ve got Battlegrounds that are the bush leagues. You can communicate and take them seriously with a group but they’re really just for fun. You get rewarded a little but they’re not the proving ground. Then you’ve got Arena where you can have very small (for Warcraft) 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 matches that are really about how good your team is.

          • One thing I’d really like them to do is steal something from SWTOR (it might well be in every other MMO as well but I’ve not played enough to see any other examples), have a few stupidly tough enemies somewhere on the map that only a group can hope to beat. On Coruscant there was a heroic level boss wardroid in the dock area that was somewhere in the region of level 10-12, you’d think that when you were level 50 you could go back and stomp his stupid robot face into dust by yourself but even then you needed 2-3 mates to take him down. There was something like that on every planet except the starting one and it was always a blast getting a team together and going on a good old boss stomp.

            If Destiny added an out of the way place on each planet where a stupidly hard boss enemy could spawn but one that was balanced so it could be taken down by a coordinated group of level 4-8s on earth for example, it could be a hell of a cool social experience, especially if everyone on that run was pretty well guaranteed of getting a blue engram out of it. There’s already plenty of tough enemies on earth but even if every level 8 on earth got together and shot at that ogre down in the hive tunnels, it wouldn’t lose a single hitpoint for the simple fact that it’s level 20 and their weapons just won’t damage it, it’d be like trying to destroy a main battle tank by pissing on it. A totally new area with the respawn disabled, running as a mini-strike with basically just the one giant fight though, that would make for a hell of a lot of fun I think.

            I’m tempted to sign in to the bungie forum and suggest it, wonder if they actually read their own forum…

  • 28, completed the raid and still playing, though I am slowing down a bit as the only upgrades I can get are from raid drops once a week.

    They need to come out with new content and expand on the abysmal story quick if they want people to continue playing.

  • Every night, my wife and I are playing together. I barely have time to get my daily bounties done, so it’s keeping it’s hooks in me. The gameplay is satisfying enough that I don’t tire of it and the bounties keep me working towards a goal so I don’t feel like my time is being wasted.

    Hoping to run the Vault of Glass for the first time this weekend now that I’m level 27 and have mostly legendary/exotic gear.

  • Still playing. We got Vault of Glass down to a little over 2 hours this week – and about 45 minutes of that was dealing with connection issues at the start. I thought we were making a “good pace”, but it seems that this is actually significantly further ahead of a lot of the player base.
    Now that we’ve got Atheon on farm status, I’m happier just to jump on and do the dailies or muck around in Crucible. I would love to hit Rank 3 with the Queen’s faction, but I feel that I’m going to pull up short this time.
    Nightfall Strike is still a pretty decent challenge, and I think we may even start to look at planning for Hard Mode Vault or even take a crack at the No Deaths Trophy.

    I’ve made this offer already this week, so I may end up with a few requests, but if anyone’s in need of a 6th for their Fireteam to enter/progress through VoG, I’m more than happy to jump in and help. (PS4, Mawticus)

  • Level 25 and I think I’m done for a week or two. I kept jumping on my X1 and going “Oh I should play Destiny for a little bit” and 3 hours would go past and I swear I didn’t do anything in the game. Kind of over doing the same thing over and over and over again.

  • Amazing game, but played for the first time last night after a week off. Had to take a break, after just burning out. It’s reminding me of all the reasons I quit playing stuff like WoW so much. The grind is addictive, but inherently shallow. Constantly feel like I should be playing something else or doing something more rewarding/fulfilling every time I play it.

    Will probably pick it up once in a while to check for new content, or book play times with friends, but that’s about it.

  • It’s only been almost 2 weeks since I surprised my partner with 2 Xbones and 2 copies of Destiny setup in our living room. She’s level 11 and I’m level 13 and we’re enjoying playing through the story missions and levelling up! We’ll definitely be playing for a while at least, especially since we have quite a few friends to play with as well.

    I’m feeling like it’s good that the new patch, that is supposed to fix the problem with decoding high level engrams, should be out before we hit level 20. Sounds like it means that once we’re trying to level past 20 it should be a bit less annoying than it has been for others to get better loot to upgrade with.

  • I finally have a reason to get off my PC and turn on my Xbone. While the game is certainly not perfect. I have to say it is still the most fun I’ve had in ages online. At any given time I have anywhere between 10 and 30 friends playing Destiny, and it makes all the difference, as playing with others is so much more fun.

  • I’m at about level 22+ and I’m kinda bored to be honest. I really like the game, but I’m worn out on the MMO type grinding to progress. I agree with numerous posts about the game needing more content. I’m more of a solo gamer, and there isn’t much substance after you finish the ‘story’.

    I keep wanting to play some pvp, but then I think the time I could spend grinding, I could be playing another game and enjoying a new experience. Then of course the flip side is, the game kinda forces you to grind to get better gear, which may or may not be needed for future content.

    Like you said though, I think a lot of people will float in and out of the game.

  • Yep still playing. Only level 8 so have a ways to go.
    Liking it so far. its a shooter. I see alien scumbag = I shoot it!

  • 27 Warlock
    26 Titan
    25 Hunter

    I feel like unless they add more missions, strikes and/or raids bi-weekly or at least monthly, im going to be too bored by the content that’s out to bother with the dlc. I doubt that many of my friends will buy the dlc. I don’t touch pvp unless that’s what my friends want to do, but I’m kind of bored already. I haven’t even done the raid yet as I only have one other friend that has the gear to do it.

  • Almost regrettably. While I do have fun, i am patiently* waiting for more variety. Doing strike playlists and double playing missions one after the other is becoming increasingly tedious, more so with the growing disappointment that I am still arguing with myself about it’s incredulous flaws as a satisfying experience.

    * – patience defined by someone who has been through the Australia-to-America Spousal Visa application. Thank you long distance relationship.

  • ive been mostly enjoying my time.
    i hit a rut at level 21, it seemed like i was never going to move up. i was too overpowered for the story stuff but not leveled up enough for the new content. then i somehow made the jump to 22 and then 23 in a couple hours.

    what i dont like is how the level of challenge is so random, things that were hard are not now that ive leveled up and some other things are so stupidly over the top. i never feel like know if i am the right level for a challenge.

    when you consider how ballanced halo games were this is offputting.

    i loved playing through on legendary and needing to test myself. im never sure in destiny if its hard simply because im not as high level as the devs expect me to be.

    that said i am still having a great time.

    i just wish the environments were more intersting.

    old Russia is a brilliant space but i think it is miles ahead of the other 3

  • I tried my hardest to have an open mind and enjoy this game. Got to level 14, still on Venus, tried Crucible – I just can’t get into it.
    Just started Forza Horizon 2 and will get NBA2K15 next week, which will both tie me over until DAI in November.
    So, NO, I am not still playing Destiny and I doubt I will go back to it.

  • Stopped playing it yesterday. Haven’t logged in since Shadow of Mordor and I’ve gotta say that breaking the cycle of obligation to dailies/bounties/maximum efficiency grinding for endgame materials is kind of liberating.

    I’ll probably log back on to do the raid or help mates out with something hard, but otherwise I think I’m done. I saw everything there was to see by the second week. I’d seen the only things I was very interested in seeing by the second day.

    I’m a story junkie, love my narratives in games, so I was probably more let down than most. The gameplay mechanics are excellent – the movement, the gunplay, a joy. But there’s no reason to be doing it, I might as well be shooting paper targets.

    Given the information that’s come to light about just how badly the story was re-worked to fit their ‘change of vision’ in the last year, I strongly doubt the game that I was excited for and bought a PS4 for will ever see the light of day.

    The DLC is unlikely to fix it. Outside of the fact that they decided it was a good idea for players to be hurled straight into the worst parts of any MMO (daily quests and raid gear treadmill grinding) in the first couple days, there’s two problems with Destiny: the lack of story, and the quality of what little it has. I think that the quantity might be fixed SOMEWHAT by the DLC, but I strongly doubt the quality will be improved.

    So yeah, I’m probably done. Last legs and all that, just for the social aspects, not for playing, in itself. Frankly ANYTHING is more fun with friends. Drinking alone? Not that great. Drinking with friends? A blast. Same is true of Destiny. As a gamer who prioritizes narrative, there is a lot more coming out for me soon than Destiny can match.

    • The weird thing is that I have a suspicion that the DLC will actually have a better story (though I could probably leave off the word ‘better’). Being developed after the core game and it’s associated troubles could give it the chance to actually tell a story in the way that the gutting process didn’t let the core game do.

      Of course I’m definitely on a wait and see level, especially given the price they’re asking for the DLC. If they’re not giving me an actual story then they need to be giving me a fuck of a lot more content and I don’t mean different guns to shoot the same people in the face in essentially the same missions with different randomised modifiers. The game mechanics are solid as a rock but they’re only fun for so long on their own.

  • I’ve got 2 more missions on Mars…

    Unless there’s anything after those; I’m going to finish them up and drop this game like a bad habbit.

  • LvL27 Hunter.. (smidge away from 28).

    TBH I got bored of it a long time ago, but there were easy (but time consuming) cheevos to be got so I kept playing it. I probably could have enjoyed it a lot more, but none of my friends play it and no-one on my followers list plays it anymore, so other than waiting at the Tower in silence unable to put a ‘LFG’ tag or enter a pool of waiting players to do the weeklies/dailies/raids I wont ever get the components to upgrade my full set of purple & gold armour & weapons to get to level 30.

    I’d trade it in if I didn’t hope that they might actually do something good with this game (or its DLC). Bungie do tend to sometimes listen to their customers – hence why purples now seem to drop way too often… (from one extreme to the other).

  • Im still playing most nights. At level 28 Titan. All I do is the bounties and maybe some dailies/weeklies if friends are on. I started a Hunter and a Warlock the other day and just playing the story missions again.

    Its a fun game, it has its flaws and I can myself leaving it as soon as something else comes out.

  • Yes. The game is like crack to me. Lvl 29 hunter and just rolled a titan yesterday because I have gear in my vault. Added + all my friends are playing so I love the social aspect of it.

  • Not sure which will be the biggest flop of the year, Destiny or Watch Dogs. Both hyped more than anything else in history, both not even in the top 50 games of the year. If a shooter isn’t better than the free TF2, don’t buy it and play TF2 instead.

    And if powers that be decided to spend a huge amount on advertising instead of improving the game, that’s not something you want to defend Activision and Bungie on.

    My review: Big Claim, Lame Game.

  • Lvl 29 Warlock and I’ve done everything but the Raid, and all I want to do is the Raid. Only one of my friends plays this game so there’s fuck all chance I’m going to experience it.

    I guess it’s time to start another character and pay attention to the storyline this time.

  • I haven’t played destiny in about a week. I’ve been playing shadow of mordor and horizon 2 religiously for the last couple days and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

  • Haven’t looked at it since Shadow of Mordor was released, I’m not a huge fan of bulk grinding, also not a fan of revisiting the same things over and over and over. I will probably throw it on a few more times, but I’m almost done with it.

  • Haven’t played since a week after launch. I just don’t get the “wow” factor from Destiny that others I know do. I mean it’s a solid game, it’s just not anything overly special from what I’ve seen.

  • Kind of stuck on what I presume is the last story mission. Might have to try inviting some of the Kotakans who have kindly friended me to join me. I need backup dammit.

    level 20. still enjoying it. I’m REALLY enjoying doing strikes with L25+ randoms although I bet they’re all “oh no L20 lamer”. It’s fun watching much better people play.

    Particularly amusing was the madperson I encountered in the Russia strike – we all jumped on Sparrows to hoon past the first few enemies, leapt off at a doorway to start running through the building. Well, two of us did. The other drove the sparrow right up the stairs and through the building. Hilarious.

    Really enjoying it still. It’s… relaxing.

  • I’m at Level 25 and still enjoying it to some extent. The weekly strikes and Queen’s Wrath missions provide a good challenge. Although last night my brother and I spent an hour an a half doing the weekly Strike only to die fighting the Boss when he had a little under a quarter of his life left. We didn’t have the patience to start fighting him all over again. That was painful.

    But I feel like I’m at the point of almost losing interest. It’s a shame because I do like the game. The shooting mechanics and abilities are solid and fun, but there just isn’t a lot left to keep me interested for much longer.

    I’ll keep playing for a little bit longer to grind better gear and hopefully have a go at the Vault, but unless they bring out some new stuff soon, I’ll be engrossed in the next interesting game that comes out.

  • I’ve been sitting at Lvl. 27 for a week, just trying to get damn ascendant shards. Until I realised I could just buy legendary gear using my marks and dismantling them. I have put in about 100 hours into the game and still want to play more.

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