Tell Us Dammit: Are You Still Playing Destiny?

I am still playing Destiny. I am just about to hit level 16 and I'm moving relatively slowly compared to my friends and also, hilariously, my family. Everyone in the good goddamn world seems to be higher level than me! But the question I want to ask today is this: are you still playing and do you see yourself playing for the foreseeable future?

Destiny's success is almost certainly dependent on the game being popular for a sustained amount of time — almost certainly that's the plan. Is that plan working? Do you see that plan working in the long term? Do you see yourself playing Destiny in a year or two years?

Personally, I think Destiny is a game that we'll bitch about and complain about for a very long time. But we'll be playing it. We might drift in and out, we might only jump in when new content is released, but we'll probably keep playing. Perhaps not on the level of a WoW or a Diablo, but my guess is a large number of people will be playing Destiny for a long time.

My reasoning? Well it's already happening. I've noticed that the people who are complaining the loudest about Destiny are somehow still playing. It's also a game that, personally, I'm finding extremely compelling. A game I want to keep playing, I game I enjoy playing. Destiny is the game I will return to when I'm finished with whatever other flavour of the month title is released. That's my reasoning.

How about you? How do you see the Destiny thing playing out?


    Still playing. Good excuse to hangout with mates online on a weeknight

    I'll keep going until our team beats atheon on normal then see if I'm still interested enough to go for hard mode

      We churned through it so quickly last night and then everything just fell apart at Atheon. Exited the time gate so many times to run straight in to those damn suicide harpies.

        My first run similarly dissolved on Atheon, I was slow learning my role going after Oracles. Finally got it down.... Then the guys on the portals left us hanging over and over =P

    Still playing this game and enjoying it. Hopefully the latest patch fixes all my random drop outs, not fun about to finish a nightfall and being dropped before the boss dies... Hopefully getting legendary engrams actually give you something to hahaha. Will be playing for awhile but I totally agree with playing other games and coming back. Of coarse me and the mates are all getting AC: Unity so our co-op time might be spent in Paris. Just wish Destiny had more Jousting!!

    Yeah, I'm still playing. Did my first raid last night and have a exotic bounty to get through.

    Saying that though it's quickly becoming laborious and boring as I repeat the same missions and strikes over and over just to get materials while knowing that there simply isn't anywhere new or interesting to explore anymore.
    It's very disappointing to think this is what some people consider worthy of 5 years and $500 million.

    Overpromising and under delivering isn't even a joke anymore, it's a constant.

      I hate this misinformation. Destiny is not and never claimed to be a $500 million game. The ten year publishing contract is worth $500 million. We've basically seen the surface of that.

        How is it missinformation? 5 years and $500 million that is what has gone in to the game by their own words. The fact that budget in it's entirety has not been applied to Destiny itself is irrelevant. The fact is you have the time frame, the resources they had access to and the brick that came limping out at the other end.

          >The fact that budget in it's entirety has not been applied to Destiny itself is irrelevant.

          No, it isn't. And that's why it's misinformation.

            Does Destiny have a budget of $500 mill, yes or no?


                The answer is yes btw
                I would assume most people are smart enough to understand that a budget covers many things in a project and deciding to ignore this so you can scream bloody murder isn't making these facts any less valid.

                  That $500 mil is for Destiny + it's expansions, Destiny 2 and it's expansions, Destiny 3 and it's expansions. Plus the advertising budget.

                  > The answer is yes btw
                  No, it isn't, I've already explained why.

                  > I would assume most people are smart enough to understand that a budget covers many things in a project and deciding to ignore this so you can scream bloody murder isn't making these facts any less valid.
                  It's funny you should say that since you're ignoring the fact that that $500 million is not allocated solely to Destiny at all. Maybe the future of Destiny, it's sequels and various expansions and marketing over a ten year period but not the development of the game we're currently playing, which is the assertion you made when you said "5 years and $500 million that is what has gone in to the game by their own words" which is a falsehood in it's entirety.

    Sorry, never started playing and I don't think I ever will.

      If it ever comes out on PC, I'll give it a look. The consoles haven't appealed to me enough to buy one yet.

        It's available on previous gen consoles.

          So I hear, but I can't imagine it being much of a good experience on 8 year old hardware.

            I guess. I played the beta on ps4, x1 and 360 and as far as I could tell the only dif was the graphics. Runs at a solid 30 on every platform though.

    Yep. Sitting on level 23. Haven't done any crucible matches because I hate (and suck at) PvP.

    Enjoying strikes and starting to do those daily/weekly missions as well as bounties.

    And, admittedly, I farm every now and then. I find running between the building above the original loot cave and the two downed choppers is a good and quick(ish) way to get engrams.

    I haven't played anything in about 2 weeks, but got Shadow of Mordor last night so prob won't play Destiny for a while, the wife is out on sat so might jump in if friends are online.

      How the......god damn it Warner Brothers

        I got it from US digital store on xbone, looks like most shops have it dated for the 9th or 10th here in NZ though.

          Or on PC - started playing last name. Damn it's pretty. It's not light on the old GPU though

    I've not played it, but Gemini Jr is still thumping it. He was totally bummed over the cave nerf though.

    I burnt myself out a bit on Saturday...pretty frustrated at the Exotic Weapon Bounty I have (25 strikes, 10,000 crucible score.) Been playing Fifa 15 since, but haven't had much time for that either. I'm level 25 though and still keen to push past 26 and do the raid at some point.

    I was, but I think I'm going to ease up on it now.
    Last night was the first time playing that I didn't have fun.
    Exotic bounties.
    They're not fun. Finally get up to actually finding out what the weapon is and it's a shotgun. I don't use shotguns. That, and I need to buy it for 12,500 Glimmer.
    I thought they were supposed to be rewards...

      12500 glimmer is easy enough to come by, you just need to remember to use ether seeds when you're doing a cosmodrome patrol bounty or similar money making item and you'll soon get the cash up to the cap and be annoyed that they put such a low cap on money.

      Is the bounty A Dubious Task for Ikora, the shotgun in question being Invective? If so, that's actually worth the effort. I hate shotguns in the game but this one converted me away from fusion rifles. You know those yellow axis minotaurs that are around level 18-20? If you get to point blank range and empty the magazine into them (the shotty is fully automatic, that's also a very nice feature), they die in one burst, those level 26 praetorians on venus, you shred them down to 1/2-1/3 health with the same tactic. That's before I upgraded the damage. Once I've managed to find enough ascendant energy to upgrade all 3 of the final level damage upgrades, I think anything that gets within range will simply die from fear. I think it's safe to say that I hate all shotguns in the game except this one.

        It is that one, but I refuse to use shotguns, no matter how good it may be.
        They don't fit my play style (playing as a Hunter, so sniper rifles only, even in PvP), and I generally don't find them fun.

        The Glimmer isn't so hard to get, I was just annoyed that you have to buy it when it is supposed to be a reward, especially after all that grinding.
        That was the first time I ever had to grind in Destiny, and that will be the last time I grind.

          It's really not a case of having to buy it technically, you need to have special weapon packs and the easiest way to get those is to buy them. If you happen to have 50 of them knocking about from chest pickups then you don't have to spend a cent (or whatever the fractional denomination of glimmer is called). I ended up just going to the gunsmith and spamming X and accidently bought about 70 of them and since then have actually found them quite handy in those heroic missions where you don't get ammunition drops for your equipped weapon, something of a handy accident. If you don't have a solar weapon, it might be a handy backup for when you get a heroic mission where solar damage is enhanced.

          I'm definitely not one for shotguns in games at all, they're easily the most overrated weapon in all of gaming but this one seems to live up to the hype (something about the game had to)

    Yep, just hit level 20. Still enjoying it, but I don't think my expectations were as high as most.

    I watched a friend play it for 30 mins then asked a bunch of questions about the plot and other things you can do in the game.
    My thoughts after that were, "I think I just saw in 30 mins everything this game has to offer."

      You probably saw pretty much everything there was to see, but the game isn't really processed on a level you can watch. For years I thought Halo was crap because there's nothing to really see when you watch it, then I played Halo 3 for about thirty seconds and realised I was totally wrong. It's almost like dancing to a really catchy song.

        Hey, that's some of the major points I'm using in my Halo reviews. Pointing out how different each level is.

        ...except Halo 4.

          Different as in plays different or different as in looks different? I don't really remember anything standing out visually beyond stuff just looking really, really pretty and a few 'massive thing towers above everything else' ID4-style moments, but when I read there were going to be playlists in the Halo collection I was 100% on board. Playing Crucible in Destiny makes me want to play a bunch of those missions where you just hit the ground running and don't stop back-to-back.


            Although I did point out how the problem in Halo is that 3 levels are repeated. But explain how being played differently can keep it different.

              You mean... just like Halo 1? Where you play the same game twice? Once forwards, and then once backwards?

              In order of importance, Halo gave us:
              1) Red vs Blue
              2) Good FPS controller/console controls
              3) A great piece of theme music

              Everything else was just a whole lot of meh.

                I was talking about Halo 1. You don't play the whole game twice, just 3 levels. I also explained how only one of them is actually a chore to play through while the other 2 manages to mix up the design just enough to not feel like a complete repeat.

    Haven't played in a week or so, though I heard heroics are going to start offering up legendary rewards, and the cryptarch isn't such a cunt (pardon my australian) anymore, so might swing back around for that. Kinda wish it had matchmaking though, my PSN friends are either already doing things or they're not playing at the same time :P

      The new patch also made Vanguard Strike playlists give better rewards. I ran three before work this morning and scored two rare engrams each time. Not great but at least Legendary engrams are on the table (and now they always give their colour of higher I don't need 50,000 just to get a single Legendary item). I'd still rather be able to que for everything but at least now there's some PvE content I can que for that gives me a shot at Legendary gear that I can use for upgrade mats.

    Yup, level 27. Was going to go through the raid last night but it ended up being with people I didn't know so will hold off until the weekend.

    I'm not playing it all the time now though. I'm happy to let my girlfriend play and I'll go off and play Skyrim

    Still playing as intensely as I did when it came out, which is not at all..

      Remember, it's a ten year game, you've got to pace yourself. At this rate you'll be burned out by the first DLC pack.

    Yeah, definitely slowed now at level 28 but as long as there are friends to play it with I'll be jumping in to some extent.
    Bungie probably will want to try and balance pvp a bit better soon tho if they desire a long term pvp community. Skewing rewards in favour of the higher performing players instead of rewarding afk'rs will also definitely help keep competitive players interested.

    Yep! Patch came out this morning so I'm gonna give strikes a whirl again. Also happy that the Cryptarch finally got rid of his color blindness




    and then I'll say 'fuck it' until the DLC.

    Finished the story last night at level 19 with a friend and then completely lost interest. Have been playin on PS4 but Forza Horizon out on XB1 today and that looks like real fun, not grinding fun.

    Maxed out my first legendary weapon. I am just now ready to raid. Looking forward to iron banner too. Interested to see how pvp works without scaling.

    off and on, after the let down of the final story mission i kinda lost interest, but the PVP is still kinda fun, so between shadows of mordor, BF4, D3 and fantasy life on the 3DS i'll probably jump in for weekly/daily on the weekend.

    Ive hit Level 21. I'm not sure if I have the motivation to push to get to Level 26 so I can do Vault of Glass. Without any friends to play with it is beginning to lose it's polish for me.

    still looking for peeps to play with on XB1, im a lv 25 titan on every night from around 6-10 perth time :)

    Yep, still going for some reason. Level 27 right now and slowly earning upgrade materials. Really I just want to do the Vault of Glass, but have never found a group to do it with. Matchmaking would be convenient.

    Hit 20 on the weekend. Still not sure I like the game. Keep thinking about it though so I guess I like it and want to play more?

      I'm in the same boat, I keep playing it but I don't even know if I like it or not its weird.

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