Tell Us Dammit: Are You Still Playing Destiny?

I am still playing Destiny. I am just about to hit level 16 and I'm moving relatively slowly compared to my friends and also, hilariously, my family. Everyone in the good goddamn world seems to be higher level than me! But the question I want to ask today is this: are you still playing and do you see yourself playing for the foreseeable future?

Destiny's success is almost certainly dependent on the game being popular for a sustained amount of time — almost certainly that's the plan. Is that plan working? Do you see that plan working in the long term? Do you see yourself playing Destiny in a year or two years?

Personally, I think Destiny is a game that we'll bitch about and complain about for a very long time. But we'll be playing it. We might drift in and out, we might only jump in when new content is released, but we'll probably keep playing. Perhaps not on the level of a WoW or a Diablo, but my guess is a large number of people will be playing Destiny for a long time.

My reasoning? Well it's already happening. I've noticed that the people who are complaining the loudest about Destiny are somehow still playing. It's also a game that, personally, I'm finding extremely compelling. A game I want to keep playing, I game I enjoy playing. Destiny is the game I will return to when I'm finished with whatever other flavour of the month title is released. That's my reasoning.

How about you? How do you see the Destiny thing playing out?


    Lvl 29 Warlock and I've done everything but the Raid, and all I want to do is the Raid. Only one of my friends plays this game so there's fuck all chance I'm going to experience it.

    I guess it's time to start another character and pay attention to the storyline this time.

      If youre on ps4 BVTHYY got a couple mates who are ready to do it to just trying to fill numbers.

        i also looking for some friends for raid no luck on destinylfg, thinking to try fireteams over reddit...
        psn cumifly

          My PSN is the same so I'll send you both messages & friend requests. I can bring a friend who's lvl 28 Hunter or just myself.

      Same. I'm a lvl 27 hunter, looking for fireteam to join for the vault raid. Hit me up on PSN "WesTriple6".

    I haven't played destiny in about a week. I've been playing shadow of mordor and horizon 2 religiously for the last couple days and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

    Haven't looked at it since Shadow of Mordor was released, I'm not a huge fan of bulk grinding, also not a fan of revisiting the same things over and over and over. I will probably throw it on a few more times, but I'm almost done with it.

    Haven't played since a week after launch. I just don't get the "wow" factor from Destiny that others I know do. I mean it's a solid game, it's just not anything overly special from what I've seen.

    Kind of stuck on what I presume is the last story mission. Might have to try inviting some of the Kotakans who have kindly friended me to join me. I need backup dammit.

    level 20. still enjoying it. I'm REALLY enjoying doing strikes with L25+ randoms although I bet they're all "oh no L20 lamer". It's fun watching much better people play.

    Particularly amusing was the madperson I encountered in the Russia strike - we all jumped on Sparrows to hoon past the first few enemies, leapt off at a doorway to start running through the building. Well, two of us did. The other drove the sparrow right up the stairs and through the building. Hilarious.

    Really enjoying it still. It's... relaxing.

    I'm at Level 25 and still enjoying it to some extent. The weekly strikes and Queen's Wrath missions provide a good challenge. Although last night my brother and I spent an hour an a half doing the weekly Strike only to die fighting the Boss when he had a little under a quarter of his life left. We didn't have the patience to start fighting him all over again. That was painful.

    But I feel like I'm at the point of almost losing interest. It's a shame because I do like the game. The shooting mechanics and abilities are solid and fun, but there just isn't a lot left to keep me interested for much longer.

    I'll keep playing for a little bit longer to grind better gear and hopefully have a go at the Vault, but unless they bring out some new stuff soon, I'll be engrossed in the next interesting game that comes out.

    I've been sitting at Lvl. 27 for a week, just trying to get damn ascendant shards. Until I realised I could just buy legendary gear using my marks and dismantling them. I have put in about 100 hours into the game and still want to play more.

    It'll last me until No Mans Sky comes out, then it will have to fight for my attention

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