Tell Us Dammit: What Genres Do You Miss?

Gaming is cyclical. I remember when 2D platform games were completely dominant. I also remember when people practically stopped making 2D platformers altogether. I remember when 3D fighters were in vogue and now I can't remember the last time I played one.

So today I'd like to talk about the genres you want to come back.

Because it's funny, it seems like the genres I grew up loving — platform games, adventures, horror games — they've all either undergone a resurgence or are in the process of building steam. The retro-styled 2D platformer in particular has been overdone now to the point where it's almost played out. Adventure games are fashionable again, and I thought they were stone-cold dead in the water.

It's got me thinking: are there any genres you'd like to see revived? Personally I'd like to see extreme sports games get a second roll at the dice — Skate, Tony Hawk's, games like that. How about Flight Sims? Or the rhythm game genre.

I've also mentioned that inclusive party games have been gone for a while. Is it finally time for a next-gen Buzz!?

What genres would you like to see revived?


    I would pay stupidly large amounts of money for a PS4 version of Buzz

    I miss the old city building games like Pharaoh and Caesar.

      I LOVED those games! Civ and the like simply don't scratch that itch with their huge scale - I want focused city building.

        I think children of the nile was the last of them that I played and enjoyed.
        I guess there is the tropico series as well

          who made pha and cae .....sierra right? what happened to them.

      This times infinity. By Zeus' beard were those amazing.

        Speaking of which, did anyone ever play 'Zeus: Master of Olympus'?

        As much as I loved Caesar and Pharoah, Zeus was my all out favourite as the mythological element added a great dose of crazy fun.

        I'd love to see a remake. Good call on bringing this style of game up in this.

          I sure did, my comment was an attempt to allude to that hehe. The mythological element definitely made that game, gods prancing around your city and all. That and the temples themselves were a glorious sight.

          Zeus was my second favourite in the series, after Emperor.

          Too bad Caesar 4 sucked.

      OH YEAH now we are talking! Caesar and Pharaoh were the business. I spent so many hours on them. Absolute gaming heaven. Upvote for you!

      Also, remember Dune 2000 (I think)...kind of like early C&C....but with more worms.

    3D action platformers (the ones like Jak, Ratchet and Clank, etc).

    Sure, Ratchet and Clank is still alive (and still my favourite series of all time), but there just isn't enough of these games.

    And Jak needs to be revived or something. I understand Naughty Dog has tried working on a sequel (and given up, since it "just didn't work out").

    Why not reboot it like Ratchet and Clank did with the Future series?

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      Completely! I so want Naughty Dog to make another Jak.
      Just lose the guns and combat. Even if they simply remade The Precursor Legacy in flashy 1080p I'd be happy.

        Just happened to update my post with the exact same comment, while you were replying haha!

        You, sir (or ma'am), have won the internet. I would love to have a new Jak game, or a remake of the first. They do have an HD collection, but it would be awesome if they remade it completely using new design and graphics.

          We've seen Naughty Dog do realism, and do it supremely well. But I remember the variety and sheer creativity of the Crash and Jak games fondly, and I want to see what ND can do with a zany context and zero technical limitations.
          If they unleash the wacky in a new Jak game and use the Uncharted 4 engine to power it, I feel that the world would be a much better place.

      I felt the same, which led to my purchase of the original Jak and Daxter. Played through it and felt NONE of the magic the first time I played it.

      I used to love those games but I feel their design hasn't aged well. I'd love to be proven wrong with a great new 3D platformer though.

        Very true. I bought the HD collection for Jak, thinking I'd play through it all with the same level of excitement I had when I first played it as a kid.

        And like you said, the magic had literally vanished. Didn't have anywhere near the same enjoyment.

        With regards to what you said about the design of 3D platformers not aging well, I did think the same thing until I bought Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time. It's now my favourite in the series, alongside the 3rd game.

      Subset overdrive is apparently rachet and clankey. Not that I've played either.

    I really miss split-screen, couch-based FPS matches. A couple of games spring to mind as examples (no, guess!) but on the whole I just miss that genre sliver of gaming. Outside of a couple of niche games looking to scratch that itch, it doesn't look like there's much around these days which actively attempts to get people together to play fast, competitive, skill-based twitch multiplayer.
    It's why I'm so looking forward to Splatoon.

      Have you had a look at screencheat? I'm keen to check that out at PAX this weekend

        Yeah, and it totally sounds intersting. I was going to mention it in my comment but the reality is I probably won't end up playing it - I think it's only on Steam and 99% of my gaming happens on consoles. Splatoon is way more likely to find its way into my library.

      Timesplitters on the gamecube was great for that action, shame that series seems to be abandoned, it's all online fps now, very little split screen

      Probs because couch-based and competitive/skill-based twitch MP do not actually go hand in hand... Controllers and all...

        The touch pad on the PS4 has some potential there I think... though hardly anyone seems to use it as anything but a big button.

    I feel that currently there are not enough rogue-lite 2d platformers with retro art.

    I miss FMV. I know it's terrible. I know it's cheesy. I know it's b-grade. I want it back in my life.

      I dunno, C&C 3 wasn't that long ago was it? It had some great cheese extract coated all over it :)

      Oh my god, such a great era in gaming. From the cut-scenes interspersed in games like C&C, to the full focus of adventure games, like Tex, Return to Zork, Angel Devoid, Hell... And fuckit, I'm including Wing Commander because seriously, the real game was about hitting on the mechanic, not flying those silly spacecraft.

    Extreme sports games yes...definitely.

    Some really well done modern snowboarding, skating, blading, BMXing, free running would go down well with me.

    Also, would love a Mario Partyesque game that could be played online for my Xbone.

      It's been forever since there was a really good snowboarding game.

        Was just playing SSX 2012 tonight and was like...... Yeah, this isn't the same...

    Proper point and click/text input adventures. Like Hugo's House of Horrors.

      I miss the text parser.

      "Take off clothes."


      "Climb down laundry chute."

      AND THEN LAURA BOW DID IT AND DIED. Ah, The Colonel's Bequest!

        That reminds me I bought a Sierra games bundle on GOG awhile back. I have all of Space Quest, Police Quest, King's Quest and Quest for Glory just sitting there waiting for one exceptionally rainy weekend.

          I am very curious about what they'll do with the King's Quest remake.

          Ruin it, probably.

            I think Sierra made a valiant attempt to do that with King's Quest 7 and that musical opening! :P

              Effing musicals - I have no place in my life for them! (With the exceptions of Bob's Burgers, and that one episode of Buffy.)

                Me too! *shifty eyes as I hide my Lion King tickets from last night* :P

                  Oh no, The Lion King doesn't count! When I say 'musical' I guess I mean junk like Les Mis and Miss Saigon and Pirates of Penzance and such. Songs within animated movies are totally fine.

                  I was actually saying the other night that I thought Whiplash could be nominated in the best musical/comedy category for movie awards, since it was primarily about music and performance. Just no rubbish singing.

        Man, I really need to hunt down some of the classic text-parser games. There was one from the mid-90s that is totally on my bucket list because it was just so... huge and beyond my understanding as a kid.

        It featured a couple memorable scenes, like one where an engineer explains that the best way to get out of VR sims is to break their programming by doing something counter to their purpose. Like how he broke a city-block exercise sim by walking into a virtual convenience store inside it and buying a candy bar.

      I love those games! I think Hugo 3 in the jungle was my favorite.

    Light gun games - I miss Point Blank

      Yassssss. God, I loved the hell outta that game!

      They were the best. I played Blue Estate's on the PS4 and while the control pad's motion control does a fair job of emulating the light-gun, it really just doesn't compare.

    This is not a genre, but I miss how pretty much every game for a period had "Big Head Mode"...

      Forever DK Mode :P

        This world would be such a different place if Monkey Kong had never been mistranslated as Donkey Kong.

    Light gun games.

    We got a bit of a taste of it last gen thanks to Sega with HotD Overkill and 2&3 Return (and possibly Ghost Squad?), but as far as I'm aware they were the only ones to offer it properly. By which I mean the ability to play it as a light gun game - if you can't disable the cursor and enable 1:1 tracking, then it doesn't count in my eyes. All the fun comes from the hand/eye coordination of lining up your gun-shaped controller with the targets on-screen, if you have a honking great cursor over the top of everything you may as well just be at a computer with a mouse, clicking on the things you want to hit.

      I despised those games because of the lag with the Wiimote. The G-con45 kicked its arse in terms of responsiveness ten years earlier.
      Long live Time Crisis, Point Blank, and all things late-nineties Namco.

        Yeah, there is some latency with the IR pointer that you don't get with the old CRT guns. Also if you were playing the Wii on a digital TV, then you have the analogue-to-digital latency too. Horrible.

        But if you played on an analogue TV (and turned off cursor smoothing, I think?), it was extremely playable!

    The retro-styled 2D platformer in particular has been overdone now to the point where it’s almost played out

    No almost about it.

    Turn based JRPGs and plenty of local co-op games

      Yep turned based jrpg's for me too. All the rage these days are for action-rpg it seems...
      The thing is, if I want to play a fighting game (down, left, up, around, X and O for special move 4), i'll play a fighting game.

    I miss turn based RPG's. Suikoden 2 till this day is still the best RPG I have ever played.

    Ohh and Timesplitters. That game was amazing.

    Last edited 30/10/14 11:32 am

      +1 to Timesplitters.

      Twin P90s going full auto and running around shooting weirdo bots. Magical.

        agree, so fast and fluid and frantic (and many other F words I am sure lol)

      The lack of Suikoden 2 on PSN to this day is extremely annoying :\

        Argh tell me about it. America at least saw the release of the first Suikoden on PSN. Then Suikoden 2 was re rated through the ESRB so no doubt they will get that too.

        Last edited 31/10/14 7:03 am

    Space combat, though with Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen due out, plus that console one I think that genre will be fine.

    Would love to see a new Flight sim enter the market

      Yeah I was going to post something like this. I don’t see much space combat style games anymore. Rogue Squadron (I guess that counts) was awesome but the genres golden age seemed to have died after.
      Tbh I was hoping for a Mass Effect spinoff space combat game but it doesn’t look like they’re going to get that experimental.

      Innit. Just like buses, we've waited ages and now 3 come along at once...

      I backed both SC and E:D.

      No Man's Sky I'm very excited for also.

    Fast, arcadey racing games. Lately the simulator with arcadey feel is the "thing" at the moment but what I really want to play is a Burnout 4. Suppose I am lucky that Wreckfest is coming and that other game that is meant to be like F Zero and the other one that is like Wipeout.

      Was just about to post this. Can't believe Criterion aren't working on a next gen Burnout before this xtreme sports game they're doing, it's saddening. :( Oh, and I was absolutely crushed when Studio Liverpool was shuttered as WipEout is still one of my favorite series, period. Only have Beat Zico to go on HD Fury! Formula Fusion should be fairly cool though, if still not quite the same...

    Classic Survival Horror (RE 1-3)
    Big budget turn based JRPGs
    whatever Diddy Kong Racing was, a kart game with an adventure mode.
    Actual Metroidvanias, instead of claiming to be & missing the point

    Side scrolling Arcade beat-em-ups like Double Dragon, Final Fight, Ninja Turtles, Golden Axe etc

    We get the occasional remake but the genre feels largely forgotten.


      Also, you forgot Streets of Rage.

    Oh, I also miss Guitar Hero.

    But proper Guitar Hero. Where it was all about guitar and nobody needs to sing or get stuck playing boring snorefest bass and drums were cool I guess but not overly necessary and co-op was awesome and they totally should've done a game built around twin-lead guitar bands so we could have more of that.

      That's half the reason I've been burying my time in Rocksmith for the past 11 months - Killers pack dropped yesterday, and stayed up 'til after midnight just rocking out. :3 But it's still more a tool for learning guitar than just something you can pick up and enjoy. Would love to see the return of the more arcadey GH-style games - one game on current gen consoles (or PC) that they pump with song DLC for the rest of the console's lifecycle...

      Hell, last time I checked, Rock Band 3 was still played every Friday by our Uni's gamer guild.

        Really wish they'd do more genre's. I know rocks popular, and they did the classical remakes pack recently but I want more funk/soul/blues. Tired of having to map Jamiroquai songs myself to get any new content I actually want to play.

    I wouldn't mind seeing skating and music games come back because I never really jumped on the bandwagon when they were big and now that I'm sort of interested in them no one cares about them anymore.

    Decent Snowboarding game. Haven't touched anything as awesome as Supreme snowboarding which came out in the late 90's I think.

    I remember when 3D fighters were in vogue and now I can’t remember the last time I played one.


    There's new Tekkens, Virtua Fighters, Soul Caliburs and Dead or Alives every couple of years.

    Anyway, I want Action JRPG's in the same kind of style as the Seiken Densetsu series (the series games like Secret of Mana and Legend of Mana belong to). Most JRPG's are still either turn based, or use some kind of hybrid system. I want real Action JRPG's (Western RPG's don't appeal to me at all) and we haven't really seen any since the 16-bit era.

      So much this, the amount of times me and my brothers haev played through Seiken Desnestu 3!

    Top down racers, specifically like Mashed - the ultimate couch party game. A semi sequel was released a couple years ago but it just wasn't the same.

    That ice track...

      Wrecked was pretty good once you got used to it. It didn't have as many features as Mashed, but the gameplay was intact. You're right, though, there needs to be more.

    A small list of my wants...

    A new PROPER Tony Hawk game...

    Wacky Wheels (old dos game by apogee. theres a HD remake coming soon apparently)

    more 4-8 player coop games. im talking campaign coop. (Damn you destiny, why 3 people???)

    LAN Play modes in games... I run lans quite often and hate the fact that most games no longer do LAN Play.

      You can get Wacky Wheels as part of the 3dRealms anthology they announced earlier this week.

      Last edited 30/10/14 11:46 am

        I think it's on GOG as well.

      I miss LANS everyone these days is a "casual console gamer" i have no hardcore PC friends anymore and it makes me sad :(

        Agreed 100% my LAN circle is practically non existent, and the 3-4 people that still come feel like it's a chore. Plus they spend 95% of the time watching TV shows on their pc's.

        Used to do lans every month up until 3-4 months ago. Now every 5/6 if I'm lucky

          Haven't done a lan for atleast 6 years :'( and it makes me sad. i miss the days of staying up playing
          - soldat
          - endless random small games
          and even sometimes rise of nations etc

          :( so much fun being able to talk shit over the computer screen.

    Turn based games where you go to a castle or ruin and hopefully don't die and earn some new followers. I played them to death. Then everyone else moves
    In fact if anyone knows of a game similar to that around now let me know!!!!

      Wasn't that made by an Aussie studio?

        Yep it was made by SSG. Damn I miss that game!

          Ha i remember playing many a multiplayer game of that in uni, in between inter-college games of Quake, great funs :)

          Man, for a minute I thought you were talking about SSI, and I was gonna go on about how legendary they were. Like... War Wind was fucking boss. They took RTS to crazy levels that haven't been rivalled, with the customizability and levelling of your troops.

          ...But I guess SSG is cool too, or something.

      Age of Wonders is an interesting series, there is a simultaneous turn system as well which is pretty interesting. I played the first one and loved it!

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