Testing Out The New Nintendo 3DS’s Head Tracking

Testing Out The New Nintendo 3DS’s Head Tracking

One of the New Nintendo 3DS‘s most welcomed added functions is head tracking. Its purpose is to help make the 3D effect more stable, and you know what, so far, the function seems to work pretty well.

In the video you below, you can see me testing the head tracking software. Keep in mind that the video is, of course, in 2D.

I like how the New Nintendo 3DS tries to adjust to your positioning, making the 3D effect more comfortable than it’s ever been. Good stuff, Nintendo.

For more New Nintendo 3DS coverage, see how it stacks up to the original 3DS as well as this speed test and a look at how the handheld’s faceplates work.


  • Not a fan of the nipple, but I’m keen on a more stable 3d effect – I feel like I have to hold mine at a very slightly skewed angle to get it to work which is a bit annoying.

    They must have updated the slider when they went XL – my 3DS XL (not “new”) has a 3D slider that clicks into place.

  • This combines two types of 3d generation, with the new one being a refined version of what we saw in looksley’s line-up.


    Incidentally, the Wii u is also capable of that kind of 3d (c’mon guys, release that Wii u zappper for 3d fps!).

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