That Awesome Car Crashing Game Finally Gets A Real Name

That Awesome Car Crashing Game Finally Gets A Real Name

We’ve been writing about Bugbear Entertainment’s singleplayer vehicular carnage simulator, Next Car Game, since January. No longer. From now on we’ll be writing about Bugbear Entertainment’s multiplayer vehicular carnage simulator, Wreckfest.

Yeah, I buried the lead there a bit. What’s important about this news is that the $US30 Steam Early Access game that’s provided lonely drivers no end of violent crash catharsis now supports online multiplayer for up to 18 players. Now players can share this lovely brand of twisted metal with friends and strangers across four game modes — Racing, Derby, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.

As for the new name, I could take it or leave it. After months of enjoying Next Car Game, it will forever be Next Car Game in my heart and my article tags. All I ask is that Bugbear name one of its multiplayer maps “Tiffany’s”.

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