The 2014 Saxxy Award Winners Were Announced Today


    Wow... all of the shorts were REALLY good this year!

    I watched & voted on all 51 of the entries, and the quality really suffered compared to the last two years. Nothing comparable to Bad Medicine, Story of a Sentry or Little Buddy Pyro. The finalists were really the only decent entries (plus a few which were disqualified for being uploaded too late).

    Most of the better community animators have been busy with End of the Line, so hopefully that will be socks-blowing-off awesome.

      It will be socks-blowing-off when the re-nerf the stickys. :/

      Mean Green Menace from Space was really good, I think that deserves at least some respect. :P

        Yeah, that was also decent.

    Animation vs Animator is such a 'done' concept, and was so simple compared to everything else... It didn't deserve to win.

      I have to agree. Even if it's never really been done in the context of a game, it didn't do anything that hasn't been seen a thousand times since the days of Looney Tunes either. I was expecting at least a nod to the irony that they were both themselves someone else's animation.

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