The Avengers: Age Of Ultron Trailer Leaks. You Might Want To Watch This.

Looks like the debut trailer for the new Avengers movie has leaked, and you can watch it here!

The quality isn't great, and you might want to consider waiting for the official version, but just in case you need to watch it right now, click below.
Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

I have to admit, it looks pretty cool.

Via ComicBookMovie


    Until Disney has it taken down.

      It is on official marvel youtube page, doubt it is gonna come down now.

    "Leaked", huh. "Leaked". Yep.

    Awww man, that looks kick-arse, can't wait.


    Yaay Elizabeth Olsen, I forgot she was in this

    Another link:

    Looks pretty rad, James Spader is just awesome.

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    My fave part is where it goes

    "Video Not found"

      I dunno mate. I think it may have dwelled on that scene a little to long, kind of lost its impact after a while. Maybe they will shorten that scene for the final cinema cut, otherwise its gonna be a looong movie.

    I am way behind on Marvel films. Should try and catch some of those before this lands.

      I will be watching all of the marvel movies again before this one comes out.
      Just to catch up on it all.

    Urgh filtering through lots of trailers on Youtube only to find 1 minute clips with idiots talking over a still shot of the trailer. If I could order a punch in the arm to these guys who make these crappy videos I would.

      Here you go, straight off the Marvel youtube channel :D

    Not a fan of Daily motion but here is a copy -

    I thought the first one sucked, can't say I'm excited for another. The only good parts were hulk and iron man.

    Pretty bored with the Tony Stark Show tbh.

    Okay, to show my massive anticiperection for this I need Kevin Smith saying 'fcuk you, take my money!', the gif of the kid throwing money out a window, and the fist pump kid meme.

    +1 to hulkbuster fcuk yeah, and Cap's broken shield is ominous like your wife finding sparkly lipstick remnants in your jocks.

    If you miss it, the trailer will be 'released' next week on Oct 28 (probably Oct 29 here in Australia).

      Ignore that. Looks like Marvel have gone out and released the trailer officially.

    @markserrels Marvel's released the official trailer now

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    Here the offical teaser trailer from the avengers youtube page

    To be honest, I don't think it was that great of a trailer. The final movie will probably be good though.


    Looks pretty good. Mostly looking forward to seeing Spader steal the show

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