The Awesome Pixel Art The Internet Deserves


Well hello there, Batman. You look a little more… blocky than usual. No, that’s not a comment about your weight. Stop being so sensitive!

Adam Lister is a watercolor painter based in Beacon, New York. His new solo show “Wet Geometry,” which recently opened in The Shooting Gallery in San Francisco, combines a few different geek favourites in one glorious package: riffing on the idea of “pixel art” to re-imagine iconic characters from games and TV shows. It’s a nifty combination of old and new.

Here’s Superman:

And the famous image of Walter White in his King-like pose from Breaking Bad:

Star Wars, of course:

The Godfather:

And, just for good measure, here’s an amazing Jaws one too:

Check out more of Lister’s work on his website.

Via The Creators Project


    • Exactly. I’ve seen this style before but can’t remember what it was. It’s almost a sort of Cubism.

    • Yup, the artist seems to refer to the style as “8-bit watercolour”. One could argue 8-bit influenced art is approximately equal to pixel inspired art. I agree more with GerminalConsequence that there’s a hefty does of cubism in there, but 8-bit/pixel is essentially rigidly adjacent cubism.

      Everyone wins, yay.

  • I came here just to + @joemit’s comment
    but I’ve gotta say the Luke/C3P0 and Han/Chewy ones are pretty nice looking. Having that on a big canvas would be pretty cool.

  • I don’t deny that there’s some talent required to produce these but for the most part they’re kind of rubbish. At first glance they’re interesting but the concept gets tiresome quickly. They’re not saying anything. They rely completely upon nostalgia connected with the iconic imagery to provoke a response otherwise you’d barely be able to tell what you’re looking at. tou could say the same about some attempts as cubism, but in cubism there was something worth finding amongst the noise. This is just distorted signal.

  • I’m not denying the talent the guy has, but I don’t get it. It feels like I went to see a famous comedian and he just stood on stage yelling “Pop Culture Reference!”

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