The Big Question: SNES vs PlayStation 2

It has always been my opinion that — pound-for-pound — the two best consoles in history were the SNES and the PS2. I'm talking in terms of quality, classic video games here. You can argue that point in the comments, but today I'm going to ask you to vote. PS2 or SNES. SNES or PS2.

It's a tricky one isn't it?

On the one hand you have the greatest line-up of games in Nintendo history. You have the moments that main franchises were solidified with arguably the definitive entry into every major Nintendo franchise ever.

With the PlayStation 2 you have all the third parties operating at the absolute peak of their collective powers. At a point where they could focus all of their attention on one console and do their absolute worst. You have variety, you have classics, you have mainstream appeal.

Man, this is a tricky one.

I'll leave it for you all to decide.


    SEGA SATURN - Anyone?! anyone?!

    Original Xbox was a better PS2 than the PS2, Just look at Burnout 2/3/4 the SNES is clearly the winner.

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    Never owned a SNES, though I appreciate it's place in gaming history.

    Gotta go PS2, though. The amount of hours I spent on the GTA series alone is enough to cement it as my favourite console. Once you add God of War, FFX and the Ratchet and Clank series, it's just game over. No questions asked.

    SNES. It had The Lion King, Unirally and Bubsy the Bobcat. Oh yeah, and mario kart, link to the past, super ghouls n ghosts, super metroid..... Life was good. Still is if you own a SNES.

    Pretty hard... devil may cry, ffxii and mgs3 pushed me over though

    PS2 for me.

    The sheer ubiquity of the thing meant it allowed publishers to spend money on some niche kind of titles that, in the days before digital distribution, they wouldn't have made on a system with a smaller install base (e.g. Katamari Damacy, Okami).

    Also stuff like Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, God of War 1 & 2, MGS3, and Guitar Hero (it was actually amazing when it first came out, let's not let that memory be tarnished by what happened to it once Activision get their hands on it).

    Xmas 1992 - SNES w/ Street Fighter II. Best Xmas ever.

    I'd say the SNES. Although i love the PS2 dearly with so many great games across many genres, it was the snes that has the most memories and just ground breakingly good games from yesteryear. It's no mistake that so many of it's games were later ported to GBA, Wiiware and DS/3DS.

    SNES without a doubt for me and its still my favourite video game console of all time.

    Thing is, SNES marked my video game passion as a kid. My brother and I had Mario Kart, Bomberman and Street Fighter 2 (all versions!!) tournaments for entire weekends. I played Link to the Past over and over again, same with F-Zero, Star Fox, Lost Vikings, the list goes on. I'd read Gamepro and EGM awaiting the next games to come out.

    Id like to say its rose coloured glasses and to an extent it is, but Ive bought a lot of these games again on the Virtual Console (not to mention I had a resurgence a few years back where I hunted down all the hardware and games all over again from eBay) and still enjoy them just as much.

    By the time the PS2 came out, I was in my 20's and not interested in video games at all. The times I did play, at mates houses or where ever, the games just seemed too convoluted and involved (plus I thought a lot of the "3D" graphics at the time looked a bit crap).

    For me it has to be the SNES. I feel it was much more revolutionary in terms of home gaming. I feel that the games were of better quality when they were originally released and have stood the test of time better than the PS2.

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