The Big Question: Xbox vs GameCube

In terms of sales, it was the generation that was a complete rout. The PlayStation 2 was just a ridiculous, runaway success. Nothing could compete. But the race for second? That was far more competitive. Which console did you prefer? The GameCube or the original Xbox?

I could legitimately make a case for either.

The GameCube had arguably the best line-up of exclusives of any console ever made. Metroid Prime, Wind Waker, Pikmin, Mario Sunshine, Resident Evil 4 (for a while). The Xbox had the Halo series, Fable, Ninja Gaiden, Splinter Cell.

The Xbox was a powerful machine that ran multiplatform games beautifully and the GameCube had some seriously innovative technology glued to its innards.

As much as I loved the Halo series, my call would have to be the GameCube. The exclusive line-up was too powerfully awesome. There's the ones I mentioned above, then there were the outliers: Mario Kart: Double Dash, Super Smash Bros. Melee, F-Zero GX. Yep, the GameCube had some serious exclusives.


    Don't think I ever played a gamecube and I only bought xbox after I bought a 360 and rarely used it.

    I nearly voted for Xbox purely because of XBMC but had to go with GCN because it was a large part of my childhood.

    Don't forget Eternal Darkness.

    And I swear I played a splinter cell game on my GCN.

    Imagine the amazing shit we would have gotten if Rare stuck around.

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      Yeah, Chaos Theory. With GBA connectivity!

      Pretty sure the entire Splinter Cell series was eventually available for GCN, I know I played the heck out of it

    Gamecube was a rare breed of console that did party and AAA games just as well. I loved my 360, but it was pretty hopeless when you want to go beyond FPS party games.

    Extremely fond memories of my Xbox starting the day I opened it (Christmas Day 2001/2002?). Games like Halo, Blinx, Jet Set Radio, Kung Fu Chaos (this really needs to make a comeback) and so on. Loved the chunky look and feel of the console and the 'Duke.'

    In fairness, I never owned a GameCube and didn't have regular access to one. The only game I remember playing on it was Skies of Arcadia. I would have enjoyed it for sure, for games like Mario Part and Smash Bros. However, I don't think that would alter my decision. I've been team Xbox since the day I got one and I'm happy like that.

    Gamecube...if only for the fact it introduced me to the Tales series and I still love that series to this day.

    Gamecube for sure. I still remember going to the midnight launch. Rogue Squadron, XGIII, Wave Race, Eternal Darkness, Pikmin, RE4. So many amazing games.

    PS2 Fatboy master race ascend, rise above the filthy peasants and 'Slim' imitators.

    Xbox purely for Battlefront 2.

      I still play this in 4 player split screen co-op on the 360 regularly. Here's hoping that the new one has it.

    Xbox for me. I bought one very early on with Halo and it was love at first sight. I imported an Xbox Live kit from the UK before they were released here. Set up an account with a fake UK address and the rest was history. To this day I have not had more fun online than playing games like Unreal Championship, Topspin, PGR2, Rallisport 2, Midtown Madness 3, RB6 Black Arrow and of course Halo 2. Apart from CS and UT on PC I hadn't played much online before this and being able to play these games and voice chat with my mates was amazing. It also helped all my best friends had an Xbox and eventually Xbox live. Every night we played Halo 2 for 2 years. We even went to MS HQ in Sydney for a Halo 2 tournament. It was a magical time.

    Best GameCube game: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

      I found that while going through my garage on the weekend. If only I could remember where my GameCube is.

        The Wii (but not the Wii U) is backwards compatible with the GC, although the last version skipped the GC controller ports. I wouldn't expect that finding an unused Wii would be hard.

        In any case, despite not being a Nintendo fanboy in any fashion, I probably have to say the GameCube, if only for Tales of Symphonia and Baiten Kaitos. Never having gotten into FPSes, the XBox's accomplishments in that area leave me flat.

          I actually sold my sisters GameCube compatible Wii for her a few months back. Mine is somewhere. I gave it to a friend so it's probably sitting in a box in his garage. They both look like garbage in terms of picture quality, so I'd rather go with my original GameCube hardware where I don't have to use a Wii remote to load the game.

    I loved the GameCube -especially that comfy as hell controller.

    It didn't have a huge range of great games but the top tier ones -Zelda: Wind Waker, Eternal Darkness, F-Zero GX (need more F-Zero games!), etc- still stand up well today.

    I never played much of the original XBox but found the controller clunky & no games outside of the original Fable grabbed me much (even that was limited in appeal because of Lionhead Studio's over promising everything as usual).

    Gamecube for sure, I loved it so much, Rogue Squadron games were fantastic on it as well as the awesome Clone Wars game (those graphics blew me away when Yoda brought down the escaping droid ships and erupted a cloud of dirt across the battlefield) and it had some of the best multiplayer games, all the Mario Games like Golf (seriously Nintendo Golf on Wii U please, it's a perfect couch multi game so wasted on the 3DS), Soccer, Tennis, Kart. So many good memories like FF Crystal Chronicles (still get the music in my head often) & Tales of Symphonia (my first in the tales series). I still have 90% of my Cube collection, couldn't bring myself to trade them in & still break them out every now and then for multiplayer fun. One last point, the lighting effects on it were superior to the Xbox & PS2, the best example I can think of is Soul Caliber 2 (featuring super OP link) it just looked so much more vibrant on the Cube. I really wish it had done better.

    As someone who owned both Gamecube and Xbox, Gamecube no question. Had the best exclusives of all three consoles of that generation.

    Also, as a developer, I just wanted to add that Sony was very lucky the PS2 sold the way it did, which basically forced devs to put their games on it or risk losing significant sales, because that thing was a hulking pile of crap to develop on and Sony's support was useless unless you were a first party developer.

    Gamecube will win this easily because Nintendo, but Xbox was a better system.

      Technically both systems were very similarly specced. The Xbox could do true widescreen but was about it's only real advantage over the GC. Xbox also had more memory overall, but the GC distributed it's memory a bit differently.

      Look at a game like Soul Calibur 2 and try to tell me which one was the GC and which was the Xbox (without resorting to looking for the bonus characters :P)

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        The Xbox was more powerful and more importantly, it was more forward-thinking. Built-in hard drive, made using commodity parts and built around network-based gaming. There are games on the Xbox that the Gamecube simply couldn't have done, but there's nothing on the Gamecube that couldn't have worked on the Xbox.

          That weird pac man game springs to mind.

          "More powerful" is in the eye of the beholder.

          I developed games for both the Xbox and Gamecube and I can tell you that while the Xbox was slightly better specced on paper, in reality the differences between it and the Gamecube were very minor. The Xbox did have its network capabilities going for it, definitely, as well as its hard drive (though not many games actually made good use of it).

          One thing I did love about developing on the Xbox was Microsoft's developer support and developer tools. It was awesome. Sony's for the PS2 was abysmal, as I stated in an earlier post. Nintendo's was somewhere in between.

    I never owned an original xbox so the gamecube gets my vote.

    Mario Sunshine, Wind Waker and Double Dash were just too good anyway.

    The Xbox has one exclusive game in my opinion which really made it worth being in support of the console; Midtown Madness 3. A true classic title filled with vehicular mayhem that didn't need to be outlandishly ridiculous to be enjoyable, although it is in its own way. It's a shame Microsoft hasn't worked towards developing a sequel that holds true to the series' name and delivers the exact same kind of gratification of the other games in its series, or at least considered developing such a game.

    That being said, I cannot deny the enjoyment I get from playing a variety of GameCube titles, exclusive to the console or not, which included very unique mechanics, aesthetic design and stories - I like both very much.

    Xbox. That original interface... so awesome. Extremely convoluted, but awesome. But I never owned a GC, only experience being playing it at a friend's house, and didn't care for it.

    Also, Halo:CE, the game that changed me from "games are a cool way to waste a bit of time, but I prefer to stick my nose in a book" to "I now have nowhere near enough time to read cos I play games instead".

    I completely missed this whole generation of gaming. I guess I had a PS2 for a while, though.

    I was just considering buying a backwards compatible wii just for gamecube games plus nintendo are releasing gamecube controllers for smash soon. I really want to get mgs twin snakes I have a feeling it will never be released again. But at the same time I'm hesitant as im hoping they will release GCN games on WiiU virtual console. Plus rogue squadron looks amazing.

    I was firmly in the PS2 camp that generation, before switching to the Xbox. I never had a Gamecube, because frankly it never impressed me. I played on one multiple times at friend's places and it was ok, but never really felt the need to own one.

    On the other hand I wanted an Xbox almost as soon as I played Halo for the first time.

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