The Closest Thing To PAX Without Actually Going To PAX

As you are probably well aware PAX Australia is in full flow. I'm currently sitting in a corner trying to connect to Wi-Fi and bashing out some stories. Consider this a public service announcement: if you want to keep track on what's going on at PAX Australia but couldn't actually make it, there are actually a number of Twitch livestreams that'll allow you to keep tabs on the show floor and watch a number of really cool panels.

Watch live video from Spiral_Live on Embedded above is a stream that's sort of showfloor focused: you can check out some of the games being shown and sort of just indulge in the showfloor PAX experience.

This link will take you to a stream of some of the panels taking place at PAX Australia. It's more of a scheduled situation, to coincide with some of the panels and keynotes taking place.

Here are a few of the panels being streamed...

Friday: 1.00pm ~ 'Rooster Teeth': Formed in 2001 with the online smash hit Red Vs Blue, Rooster Teeth has since grown into a Texan-sized production company, responsible for none other than Achievement Hunter, RWBY, The Gauntlet, Immersion, Slo-Mo Guys and plenty more. Join the Rooster Teeth staff as they go up on stage completely unprepared and wing it!

Friday: 2.00pm ~ 'Political Proactivism for Geeks': What's in store for the games development industry in Australia? Where are we headed? This panel invites key members of Australia's political parties to weigh in on recent cuts and changes to Australia's funding of games development.

Friday: 3.30pm ~ 'A Chat with Chris Roberts: The Original Wing Commander': A round table chat with Chris about everything from the early Mark Hamill days all the way through to the most successful crowd funded game of all time.



    To complete the experience don't forget to avoid showering and smear yourself with cornchips.

      You have to prepare!
      You're supposed to rub grease on your face for a whole week before the event.

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