The Fastest (Fakest) Way To Reach Level 30 In Destiny

Once you hit level 24 in Destiny it's pretty much a grind to grab the best legendaries and exotics, and then a grind to level them up to max capacity to slowly churn through the levels up to 30.

But, thankfully, goldvision here has some phenomenal, totally useful tips to skip all that junk and get right to the best parts. I wish I knew this before I finally, FINALLY hit 26 last weekend doing it the normal lame player way. At least my new exotic lights my arm on fire in a way that I am pretty sure does no actual harm to my Warlock.

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    Seriously, stop getting random stuff from reddit. I'm not here to see reddit reposts.

      yeah its a bit annoying, but at the same time this could be new to some people who dont go on reddit. Its why theres a lot of stuff people share on have been posted on reddit a while ago and its all new to them

        Pretty much this. I avoid Reddit. It's full of crap. I'm much happier for an aggregator to sift through the crap and present only the stuff I'll be interested in.

          If you go through specific sub-reddits, it can be pretty amusing. Use the filters to sift out the crap if you don't want to see useless threads. They're easily accessible at the top of each page.

      Well don't read it then! Should we all miss out because you happened to read it elsewhere? I don't read reddit much and hadn't seen this story before.

        As if there is a big [REDDIT] tag at the beginning of the article for me to differentiate.

        Kotaku might as well just post 9gag pictures as article if this goes on.

          This is something that you could only really get mad about if you've spent too much time on the internet. Maybe just ask Kotaku for your money back?

            Sorry for asking for some quality article from my regular gaming news website. I guess you must be really new here in Kotaku to see how Kotaku quality dropped with new staffs that write one liner, single picture articles, reddit reposts, meme articles.

            I guess, enjoy reading these "news"? I'll move on and wait for some actual articles to show up.

              Letrico you're asking too much from the Americans! They don't put anywhere near as much quality into their articles as the Australasian counterparts(Mark) do.

                So true, I know Mark is great. Quality articles pumping out whenever Mark is around. It is disappointing to see that Kotaku is now just a reddit reposter. Do you actually see other gaming news website that writes and article about reddit post?

                  Considering that that is where a lot of 'underground' things go and get surfaced, yeah. IGN gets some of their material from solid ground on some sub-reddits.

                  The Kotaku-US authors are just... Are they even authors? Do they have any passion for their work? My guess is no and no.

        I can't believe idiots are actually cool with writers copying and pasting articles just because they're too lazy or prejudicial to look themselves. Just another case of people pretending an issue doesn't exist if they turn their heads to it.

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    I'm Lev18, thought there might be some nugget of information that might have been useful for when I cross that threshold into what seems to be the beginning of the game at 20... but no.

    My faith in humanity is not restored.

      Should be pretty easy to get your Light up.

      Do Vanguard strike playlists at the highest level you're comfortable with and probably one level higher til you've got a full set of at LEAST blue 20 with light in it. That should get you to 21-22. Repeating the strikes and doing bounties should level up your gear until you've upgraded it enough to improve your light. to reasonable levels. Replace your weakest parts with an exotic armour piece from Xur on a weekend after you've got around 24 strange coins (do chest runs while you're doing patrol/bounties), and by your second week you should be able to get two legendary armour pieces from the vanguard. Do some more bounties and weeklies/dailies to earn experience bonuses, and by that point you should be raid-ready.

        Still quite a bit of commitment everyday for 2 weeks to be raid ready. I have almost full legendary after a week doing queens and some lucky legendary armor(before patch), Still have blue gloves and level 26 and it wore me out quite abit playing 4-5 hours on weekend and 1-2 hours on weekday.

        Taking a rest from Destiny until I decided not to cry like a baby playing Alien Isolation.

          I too am taking a rest. Not because I want to, but because I have to.

          I discovered just how bad the bandwidth usage is for Destiny. Compared to games like WoW, Black Ops 2 or Battlefield 4 using between 50-80mb/hr, Destiny is chewing up 800mb-1gb per hour of play. My internet quota cannot handle this level of abuse and I can't see any reason for it when plenty of other online and MMO titles use a 10th of it.

          If I play for 2 hours a night, thats my monthly quota gone on Destiny alone when previously Ive never even come close to hitting my quota in 7 years of Xbox Live or Steam MMOs.

          I've tried posting on Bungie forums but - being American - nobody has any idea what the word "quota" means. I love the game, but they're forcing me to get rid of it.

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