The HD Version Of San Andreas For 360 Is Now On Sale… For $3.74 –UPDATE

The HD Version Of San Andreas For 360 Is Now On Sale… For $3.74 –UPDATE

We knew a 720p graphically improved version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was hitting the Xbox 360 this weekend to celebrate the game’s 10th anniversary. We didn’t know it would cost under $US4.

When I first came across the listing for the game on I was confused by the price — was this just the original release? I purchased it for myself, but I have no idea where my Xbox 360 power cable is to verify. Finally I stumbled upon a stream from Twitch user Gtchy1230, who confirmed the 720p version he was streaming was purchased from the Marketplace for $US3.74.

The HD Version Of San Andreas For 360 Is Now On Sale… For $3.74 –UPDATE

It’s a very odd price, which leads me to believe it’s either some sort of mistake or a limited-time promotion, so if you’re interested, now’s the time.

UPDATE: Apologies, this story shouldn’t have been published on the local site. The deal is not available in the Australian region. See this comment for more details.


  • Damn. That’s gorgeous. Is this a retooled version of the tablet game? If so that might explain the pricepoint.

    • What were the differences with compared to the PC port? UI notwithstanding, of course…

      • Honestly, it just had a lot of 3d acceleration going on all over the place. Smoothed graphics, and good audio but the PC version still lacked official controller support which killed it for me. Third party programs let you but it was still a pain in the ass. All up, I guess some textures might have been better?

  • I never liked San Andreas, the whole rap/gang culture thing was a turn off for me.
    I loved the Mafia styling version of GTA3 or whichever one it was, I wish they would do another one of those.

    • Yeah, I never liked the plot/story with SA. Was also very, very cliched. I liked 3 for the plot and characters but liked Vice City for the improvements to the game engine and addition of bikes

    • Kotaku US content strikes again. I was actually excited until reading that. It was something I could actually afford, dammit!

    • I’m actually sort of relieved by that. I would have already brought it by now if it were available, even though I don’t really have the spare time to play through a GTA game that isn’t Vice City.

      • its the allure media network way brother.

        usually i dont mind but this stuff is starting to give me the shits.

  • From what I’ve been reading on the internets this is NOT being released on the Aus store. And apparently making a US account doesn’t work either. Thanks a lot R*, Microsoft, and the ACB.

    • I was about to go buy it with my US account, which has about that much credit sitting on it, but you’re right – it’s a game on demand, not XBLA title, so it’s never going to work. Bugger.

      • Hello everyone I am in Australia and I am playing this right now.

        Here is how you do it.
        – Set up a US account, Silver will do (use a random business for street address)
        – Purchase US Microsoft money Amazon US, Ebay etc
        – Log into your US account
        – Enter your Microsoft money code
        – Purchase game
        – Log into your Australian Account
        – Play game


        • this is probably a stupid/obvious question but can you use an Australian debit mastercard? to buy the credit? or if you don’t get the credit can you use it to buy the game off the u. s xbox website

          • Hi no this will not work as the card has to be linked to a US address, hence purchase XBox Live money on Amazon or Ebay and enter the code in your US account.

  • I would really like not being teased by great deals like this. Normally, I really don’t care. For some reason, learning about this and not being able to take advantage pisses me off.

    • I got to the payment screen too, but couldn’t buy it because I had no payment option on file… I think stored credit is only available on the console itself? Or maybe I spent it all and forgot. I, too, will test further. Hopefully they don’t realise it was a pricing error and correct it before I get home tonight.

      • I’ve got stored credit too, but can’t access it on the site.

        I’m trying to pay via Paypal, but just getting errors.

        And it’s not worth committing credit card fraud so won’t be trying my CC with a US address. Will try via console tonight. Good luck! *nods in serious way*

    • Really? Does it actually run? From memory I think it usually protects you from buying games on demand if they’re not actually gonna run, so you’re probably in the clear – but you’re our guinea pig!

    • Don’t know how, I just made a US account with a legit US address, and it won’t let me buy it.

      • I used my aus credit card with a random address in Florida and a corresponding zipcode, worked fine, downloaded then switched to my aus (main account) to play it, just finished the first mission.
        Not sure if I should even be saying this lol, but I’ve done it before with other games

  • God I wish I could downvote articles. Some of the best games I have on the 360 were crazy sales like this. But US only.

  • Please don’t tell me the author got paid for this article. Maybe Kotaku should read the comments sections more…

    • Aye! Please, this.

      Maybe with any details of a possible future Aus release/pricing, or whether this delay is an OFLC thing or a R* thing. I’ve got the OG Xbox disc version, but for around aud$10 or thereabouts – I’d bite again – however unlikely that pricing is.

      • Yeah I’d live to know if nothing has changed why this can’t be re-released with its original classification in tact?

  • Hello everyone, I’d like to apologise for this. Normally we try and be super strict with these deals. If they don’t appear locally we don’t publish them. This time I didn’t notice. Sorry about that.

    It didn’t help that I was out of the office doing interviews for most of the morning.

    Thanks to everyone who let me know. You are good people.

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