The Honest Destiny Trailer Celebrates 'Gaming's Hottest 7 Out Of 10'

Video: "The storytelling of Halo, the scope of World of Warcraft and the co-operative fun of Borderlands — may eventually get patched in." Thus begins the brutally Honest Trailer for Destiny, "The video game equivalent of a beautiful mansion full of cheap IKEA furniture."

OK, easy target, but Smosh Games completely nails Bungie's latest, especially with one of the video's final lines: "Man, I have no idea why I'm still playing this." I'm in the same boat. I am fully aware of all of the aspects of the game that need serious work, but damn if it's not a fun place to shoot things in the face.


    Pretty spot-on. Really looking forward to Bungie coming up with some compelling reasons to go back there to shoot some things in their faces/bellies.

    I would just like to do a Heroic Strike with another player. Setting the fireteam to public seems to do fuck all.

      Xbox or PS4? I have bo friends playing destiny. If I want to do a strike I just select the strike, then go have a smoke or something while waiting for it to find someone. Sometimes takes a while.

        What happens is I set the strike to public, launch and it skips searching for players and just drops me in game, I'll walk around waiting for players and none join. (PS4 BTW)

          Yeah Heroic Strikes don't incorporate match-making. Something Bungie doesn't make clear at all. You basically need to form a fireteam with your PS4 friends and then start the heroic strike.

          You can add me if you want and I can help out: "Geometrics"

            RIght, nah it's fine I have friends I can play with. It's just weird they wouldn't include such a thing.

              Yeah or at least signpost clearly what is happening (that nobody will join your fireteam no matter how long you wait)

      Unfortunately since there's no matchmaking for the heroic playlists, setting your fireteam to public will not help; all it means is that if you encounter someone in a non-instanced zone, they can join your fireteam by selecting you from the roster menu.

      Edit: I'm Fruitlewp on PS4 if you want to add, usually if I run the heroics I just toss invites out to whoever I see playing

      Last edited 05/10/14 4:14 pm

    Loved it. Absolutely nailed it, especially the bit about everyone bitching about a game they can't stop playing. Its like video game crack or something...

    I am SOOOOOO glad I didn't use this game as an excuse to buy one of those new consoles.

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