The Lame Game Marathon Is Back!

I love the Lame Game Marathon. Cool concept (stream loads of terrible video games for 24 hours straight), cool charity (UNICEF), cool hosts and just an all round cool production. November 15, 2014. Put that date in your diary — that's the date upon which the Lame Game Marathon takes place, I recommend you tune in.

The above trailer does a pretty great job of telling you everything you need to know about the Lame Game Marathon, but just in case you prefer reading to watching, here's the skinny:

It takes place on Saturday, November 15, kicking off at midday.

You can watch at the official Lame Game website or on Twitch

They have the social medias which you can follow on the Facebooks or the Twitters.

The list of games the team are planning to play are still under discussion, but there are already some humdingers on the list. Games like...

Aliens: Colonial Marines Mario is Missing Rambo: The Video Game Batman Forever Takeshi's Challenge

Seriously, these guys put on a tremendous show, you'd be well advised to tune in.


    What? I loved Mario is Missing! I remember reaching the Australia level and and being so excited thinking "Oh my god! I live there" when I was a kid...

    Hey mark looks like the Twitch, Facebook and Twitter links are a bit borked.
    also I'M BACK

    As a heads up to the editors, the links from "Twitch" onwards are borken.

    More on topic, it'd be fun to see a Lame Game Speedrun marathon.

      Awesome Games Done Quick always has an Awful Games Done Quick block during their marathons. You can find them on Youtube fairly easily.

        Awesome. Thanks. I never realised AGDQ had that. It must always be on when I'm at work or I just have poor judgement about what constitutes an awful game.

        Last edited 21/10/14 4:03 pm

    I've always enjoyed these and they do a great job at putting these together. Looking forward to it.

    What? No Big Rigs? No Ai Cho Aniki? What about the 3DO Zelda games?

    Lame doesn't quite mean what they say it does ;)

      We've actually played all of those games already in the previous 3 marathons (and I'm assuming by 3DO you mean Phillips CDi with Faces of Evil).
      Cho Anki was a favourite of mine last year. I still have nightmares.

    I missed last year :(

    Cho Aniki is enough to terrify anyone, although it did convince me to not sell my PC Engine Duo-R, so there is that I guess!

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