The Naruto Manga Ends Next Month

The Naruto Manga Ends Next Month

It sure has been an impressive run, no? And next month, the Naruto manga is coming to a close.

According to the Asahi Shimbun, the last entry in the long-running Naruto series will appear in the Weekly Shonen Jump that goes on sale November 10 in Japan. Naruto debuted in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1999 and has become one of Japan's most iconic manga.

As Livedoor reports, anime film The Last: Naruto the Movie will hit Japanese theatres this December.

大ヒットマンガ「NARUTO」、11月に連載終了 [Asahi]

『NARUTO』11・10発売の『ジャンプ』で完結 [Livedoor]

Top image: Book Arrows

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    I am sad.

      That lame! If you have time to waste on low IQ comic crap about an orange-jumpsuit ninja who supposed to be an assassin for some fantasy feudal lord but ended up as an Jesus-like warlord for World Peace, why didn't you make yourself useful by serve the community and joining movement like 'A World At School' : or Vision Force : ? That is more noble, dude!

    It's the end of an era, and unfortunately, it looks like nothing is going to take it's place.

    Last edited 06/10/14 7:22 pm

      If you're looking for stuff to read and you're not a fan of Bleach/One Piece/Fairy Tail, maybe try some Korean Manhwa. Tower of God, The Breaker/Breaker: New Waves, Kubera, Noblesse and Trace are all good Shounen-like reads.

        Yeah, I've already read all of those (Tower of God is incredible), but I meant that nothing look's like it is going to be as big as Naruto, or have an impact that last's for an entire generation of people.

        Bleach is ending too

      Except the next Dragon Ball Z.

        I thought that was just a movie but?
        God I hope it's better than GT was...

        edit; also bring back Mr Satan, if for nothing else than the hilarious times he would turn up to a giant crowd holding up many signs saying "We Love Satan!" LOL

        Last edited 06/10/14 10:43 pm

      True, nothing seems ready to take its place yet. Good thing that we will still have the thing ABOVE that place (One Piece) for many years more.

        One piece is awful and you're stupid for having that opinion.

        -The Internet

      Nah... even extendedly long manga series need to end eventually. Ranma 1/2 ended, Inu Yasha ended, Initial D has just ended...

      There will always be another series to take up a new mantle! The fun part is looking out for it and getting excited all over again! :D

    I feel sad now. I knew it was ending but in 5 weeks, a new fight has just started. Please if it needs to end, end it well! Naruto is one of my favorite things in life, a satisfying conclusion is needed.
    Don't Mass effect 3 me!

    Last edited 06/10/14 8:04 pm

    Thank God I thought he might try and squeeze another arc out of it like bleach did

      You mean two, it feels like they just made stuff up on the fly after the Aizen arc

      Can't you describe all of Bleachs arcs like that?

        Bleach peaked after the Rukia Rescue arc. Which is hard for me to say. I tried so hard to stick with it after. But after the defeat of Aizen, it was dead to me.

          Dont tell me that i was so looking forward to the follow up arcs about his father and family!

    Stopped caring about 5 years ago but this news may get me back into it. Will be sad if I dont get a Hinata ending though. At the very least I remember that much...

    The parameters for a screwattack deathbattle is that for a contender to participate, 1 has to have undergone siginificant growth during their series run & during that time, they must of undergone significant training & be battlehardened. With his manga coming to a close, we are 1 step closer to that ultimate pirate vs ninja deathbattle, with one piece still running, thus we have to wait until one peice ends so that deathbattle can do the ultimate pirate vs ninja deathbattle: naruto vs luffy. With naruto ending, he will become a legend amongst ninjas.

    About time. Personally I thought it ended with that dual at the waterfall.

      The original series should have ended there. But no, we got a few filler arcs.

        Hey guys, you want 40 episodes that always goes back to the status qou because we can't make paradoxes to the next series? Well have 70!

          With any luck this will kick off a DragonballZ Kai style filler removing run sooner rather than later.

            Naruto becomes younger for some reason, then terrible stories will happen without the original creator giving input then everything will be denounced as non-canon.

    So we're assuming they're not going to immediately start a new series called Naruto Z or R or some other arbitrary letter?

      Naruto N.

      N stands for Naruto.

        Probably a side story or a different timeline naruto, maybe even a story about Konohamaru Sarutobi who is trying to follow naruto, or or or think about this one..... something happens and naruto went on a journey and no one knows or has heard of him for ages and he goes trying to find him, OR they will pull a Avatar on us, Naruto: The legend of whatever the fuck his grandson/granddaughter may be called :D

        and yes it will suck...

    Been reading it for more than a decade. Will be sad to see it end as I have always looked forward to reading a chapter every Wed/Thurs each week.

    He'll be back. The ride never ends.

    I'm more bummed at the end of Hunter x hunter tv series but I am glad I will have some closure with the end of naruto

      Yea I was upset too. Hunter x Hunter was one of the best ever.

        do you know if they are going to start up hunter x hunter again for another season?

    nope no no no no no nooooooooooooooooo im very sad right now for me naruto is like the best manga/anime ever what im gonna do with my life now .·´¯(>▂<)´¯·.

    Last edited 07/10/14 4:22 am

    Bleach is on it's last arc. Naruto's gonna end real soon. Meanwhile, Oda announces that "One Piece is probably around the half-way mark. Maybe. Not sure."

    Finally. At some point a long time ago, I kept collecting Bleach and Naruto more because I hate having incomplete collections rather than because I was enjoying them. Psyren was a refreshing breath of air that hearkened back to the days of 16 volume manga series.

    Finally. The war arc was so unbelievably terrible. So happy it's finally ending so i don't have to keep feeling disappointed every week over the lack of quality of what was once my favorite childhood show...

    Narutos great reach in my opinion is because, besides the basic ingredients of success, on the one hand it gets so deep in many occasions, on the other it deals with very real energy concepts (such as chakra for example) acknowledged all around the world and in all cultures. Also some very advanced esoteric matters are addressed, such as seals. Seals exist and are used in very sophisticated esoteric literature and has always fascinated me how Naruto could be such a unique cocktail of situations and concepts.

    Kingdom is a great read. If youre looking to get hooked on something new LOOK IT UP. Don't watch the anime though.... its horrible

    i am sad i just want to cry. i have been watching this my entire life :(
    guhhhh poo butt

    I only have this message for Naruto and his hopeless fans :

    I just finished reading Korea webtoon 'Kingdom Fighter' and I enjoyed this manhwa very much cos it is very hilarious, the art work is cute and appealing and most important, K-Pop really proved their creativity in their work : , Naruto on the other hand is just another mediocre Japanese's manga which only suit the category for kids like Cartoon Network, I wondered why is this underrated manga so popular? Do agreed with Michael Matthews's comment since I am an art student myself (I study manga-style art) and mind you, if I draw this kind of storyboard and present to my professor in my art academy, there is 100% that I will failed my examination and drop-out of the school for coming up with this kind of trash artwork and plot.

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