The New Borderlands Trailer Spells 'Arse' The Australian Way

And I think we have to reward this kind of behaviour.

Here in our office we are constantly debating the ass vs arse conundrum. We have a system that actually changes 'ass' to 'arse' automatically on US stories posted on the Australian site. That's right, we are fully dedicated to 'arse'.

Me, personally? I think there's a time and a place for 'ass'. Specifically, I prefer the term 'kick-ass' to 'kick-arse' or 'bad-ass' to 'bad-arse'. Adding the 'r' in this case is forcing things a little too much in my opinion.

So yeah, the arse conundrum is a difficult one. But given that Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel was made in Australia, I think it's sort of cool that they've grabbed the arse by the balls and just ran with it.



    I thought an "ass" was a donkey and an "arse" is a butt. Hence a "kick-ass" is a kicking donkey?

      And bad-ass is a naughty donkey?

    I think it’s sort of cool that they’ve grabbed the arse by the balls and just ran with it
    I hope they put this line up on the screen when you step on the stage to accept this year's IT journalism award...

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      lol! This guy?...\

    Reward them for charging us more, just because they spelt "Arse" right?

    Yeah, no.

      GOTY with DLC for me. Never been a fan of the crap gunplay on PC so I am not in a rush. BF4 headshots woo, BL why you feel wrong with my mouse aim?
      That and the fact it should be $49 on PC (heck last gen too) means I will vote with my wallet and get it on price drop. I can't be "arsed" being ripped off.

        It's $52 on GreenManGaming if you use the code "p65pw6-f9b91d-tw2ag2"

    Gawd if The Evil Within didn't come out the same week I'd be all over it.

    Me, personally? I think there’s a time and a place for ‘ass’. Specifically, I prefer the term ‘kick-ass’ to ‘kick-arse’ or ‘bad-ass’ to ‘bad-arse’. Adding the ‘r’ in this case is forcing things a little too much in my opinion.I find this too. I always favour arse over ass, badass and kickass feel more "right" than badarse and kickarse (I also prefer non-hyphened for those for some reason :P). But then I prefer smartarse over smartass. But dumbass over dumbarse. Assload over arseload? That one probably depends on context.

    Words are weird.

      Makes sense to me. Kick-ass is illustrative because mules kick when overly excited. Bad-ass is when they kick when they're in a bad mood, and aren't afraid to let everyone know about it. In fact, all of those could stem from the temperamental moods of your stereotypical mule, so I'd stick to the ass-version, with one exception: smart-arse, purely as it flows together because of the phonetic repetition, despite likely being incorrect, etymologically speaking.

        Now ass-kisser takes on a whole new meaning.

        Kickass/arse more makes me think "yeah! I kicked its arse!", smashed it out of the park, total domination/excessive victory.

    I wasn't all that interested in the Pre Sequel, until I read yesterday's article where they mentioned that everybody on the moon is Australian. Despite being surrounded by people speaking with Aussie accents all day, every day, playing a game with this environment sounds novel enough to be appealing!

      For the most part, apparently they're Aussies hamming up their Aussie accents, and it's supposed to be so bad it's good.

      New South Walers on the moon?

        Do they carry harpoons? Also, do they tell tall tales when there ain't no whales?

    To me, 'arse' is the same as 'gaol' - it marks you as a 55yo man using largely deprecated terms in an attempt to appear more educated than you actually are.

      Unlike "gaol" (which I prefer anyway because language is fun), "arse" actually affects the pronunciation of the word. For one, it makes it a whole lot more fun to roll it off the tongue. The added phoneme also allows you to add nuances impossible to express with the inferior "ass".

        Gaol annoys me because g+a doesn't feel like it should be make that soft G sound.

        I should have added a caveat - if you have (or can imitate) a Scottish accent, there is really only one choice!

      Struth. Strike me flamin' roan. Next you'll be saying that we should be saying 'Mom' and that we should all develop a phobia of the letter 'u'. We should also shun the rounded edges of the letter 's' and instead embrace the spiky pain of 'z'.

      As opposed to misusing the word 'deprecated' which just marks you as an idiot.

        What would you prefer? Obsolescent? Archaic? Totes dumm, brah?

      I'm more inclined to believe that it marks me as "quite obviously not American." If I'm going to persist in having a favourite colour, and measure things in metres, I may as well use the whole package. Besides, "arse!" makes for a much better curse than "ass!".

      More importantly, the spelling "arse" always conjures up the image of a fuzzy plumber's crack as he bends over to grab another wrench from his toolbox.

      Arse sounds gross and unappealing, whereas an "ass" is the sort of butt you want to see.

        I never thought of it like that... Though it does make the usage of arsehole much more appealing now.

    I have never experienced anything Borderlands related before, but that trailer makes me really want this game. Good job, trailer!

    Did I hear that right? A joke about poopdicks?

      Considering Claptrap was dressed as a pirate, I'm going to guess it was poopdeck.

    Being raised in America I can't even pronounce arse without sounding like a complete idiot. My brain is hard-wired for ass, any attempts to change it go horribly wrong.

    If only claptrap starting singing eveything is awesome and that was the theme song for this vid.

    Also blink and you miss it

    Me, personally? I think there’s a time and a place for ‘ass’. Specifically, I prefer the term ‘kick-ass’ to ‘kick-arse’ or ‘bad-ass’ to ‘bad-arse’. Adding the ‘r’ in this case is forcing things a little too much in my opinion.

    I think they sort of fit into American slang. Dumb-ass isn't strictly American but Beavis and Butthead weren't saying dumb-arse and that's where I get it from. The only exception to the slang rule is calling someone an ass because I feel like both work.

    Reminds me of a certain Genki challenge in Saints Row 3 (or maybe IV?) where the commentators were mulling over their inability to properly deliver British phrases like 'Arse' or 'Bloody'.

    Truly, a challenge for our times.

    That’s right, we are fully dedicated to ‘arse’.
    ...That is all

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