The New Nintendo 3DS Seems Quicker

The New Nintendo 3DS Seems Quicker

When Nintendo announced the New Nintendo 3DS, it said the portable was more powerful than the original. After loading a few games and booting up the machine, the NN3DS certainly does seem faster.

In the above video, you can see me and my older son doing a quick speed test. This is hardly scientific! But, we tried this numerous times, and the NN3DS always booted up first.

The New Nintendo 3DS feels like a slightly quicker, finely tuned 3DS. A performance model, if you will.

Be sure to check out Kotaku’s New Nintendo 3DS comparisons right here.


  • Well I guess its good that it lived up to the claim it was faster. Though the emphasis seemed to be on downloading games quicker from eshop,

    • Seeing as its a system boot test, the CPU for sure, its a sizable bump in power and I imagine they would have kept the class of mSD around the same to keep costs down, which would really only affect the load speed of games stored on it.

  • I swear my 3DS XL has slowed down since I brought it, so another reason to upgrade (other than a dead pixel right in the centre of my screen).

    • I know that feeling. I bought my 3DS at launch and was playing Smash Bros with someone with a recent XL the other day and they booted the game twice as fast!

      I want an upgrade!

      • My 3DS XL seems to take at least a good 8-9 seconds to start up Smash Bros 3DS, not sure why. Tried it on a few different units and they all do the same thing. So I’m hoping the ‘new’ 3DS XL speeds this up considerably. 🙂

        • Super Smash Bros 3DS is one of the few games that makes use of the extra RAM normally reserved for Miiverse and the Browser (these apps cannot be used while the game is running). So that’s probably why it takes a little longer to start up; probably clearing that RAM for the game. (disclaimer: I have very little idea about what I’m discussing).

    • I just had to upgrade to system menu 8.1 from 6.2 when I started Smash Bros the other day, and I can say without a doubt that the new version is much slower than the old.

        • Even just hitting the Home menu to suspend a game, it can hang for a good 2-5 seconds instead of completing the whole transition within 1/1.5 like it used to.

    • IF you care the dead pixel can be fixed. Google it to get a thorough guide but basically you take something soft like a pencil rubber and push down on the dead pixel. It only goes dead after time from coming away from the front film in the screen. It won’t wreck your 3DS.
      But Google first to get an exact guide. 🙂
      Still, the new 3DS is VERY tempting. I have the Link Between Worlds Zelda gold 3DS and even I want the new one.

      • I’ve heard people say to use something small and hard, like a toothpick or something so you can press right on the pixel. Though from memory that was in relation to “stuck” pixels, which appear red blue or green, rather than a dead pixel which is white.

        Could never get it to work though (on my old monitor, thankfully my handhelds are fine), it didn’t seem to do anything at all.

      • Thanks for that. will look it up. I still have it under warranty (a deal from JB to get it for a lot cheaper price) but don’t want to send it off.

        I got the Red Pokemon X/Y limited edition but I want the New 3DS for the control scheme & Xenoblade Chronicles as well as Monster Hunter 4 (since I’ve gotten back into play 3 on the Wii U & got over my initial dislike of the controls).

    • yeah… mine take take a while its sooo slow. i think it might be the SD card that came with it. the system will be on but all the tiles will be blank for up to a minute before showing the icons of the games.

  • The video is not really a good comparison of the NN and the 3DS. Both have the 3D slider turned off. The 3D effect would use more processing power, and initial battery startup power. Have another go at a video, I guess.

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