The New Pokémon Remake Demo, In 30 Minutes

For most of us, the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire demos don't drop until October 21 — and, even then, it will only be available to folks who are a part of the Pokémon Trainer's Club. But you don't have to wait to see what the demo holds, if you don't want to.

Here is GameXplain playing through the entirety of the demo. To reiterate what I said in my preview yesterday, the game looks excellent. Dat flight tho.

I'm especially curious about Buzznav on the bottom of the screen — it seems like you'll have news with you all the time. That feels surprisingly modern, given how we all walk around with phones and such now.

In any case, even if you watch through all of this, you'll probably still want to play the demo, as it comes with some special goodies you'll be able to transfer over to the main game. Like mega stones!

Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Special Demo Playthrough (3DS) [GameXplain]


    Got the demo yesterday and actually quite liking how they took away the roller skates in place of normal 360 movement. And the new mega's are pretty sweet as well.

    I got my copy of the demo yesterday in an email from Nintendo.

    It's fun but very very limited but you get to see the new graphics & try the new sneak ability.

      You can also score a few heal balls and some heart scales. I am up to loop 10, probably going to leave it there for now I do agree that it is short but it is still a solid demo displaying the graphic improvements, sneaking as well as a few new mega evos, the shiny metagross that it is implied you can be given in game is pretty cool

        I think I got to the 8th or so loop. Had seen that mega-Steelix was available in the demo but not sure if that was in place of getting the megafied Galile (sp?) in the first "adventure" with Steven.
        Will play a couple more times before writing the review for my blog.

          Hit 12 so far myself, want to do more as it was implied early on he might someday give you his shiny metagross or whatever it is he has, and I want it.

    Does anyone have a spare code they'd be willing to give?

      it was a single use code, unlike Super Smash Bros. but will be available on the eShop next week.

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