The Orcs Of Mordor Are Having A Bad Day

Even since the game got its snazzy new photo editor, Shadow of Mordor fans have been doing their best to capture the game’s ultraviolence in all its gruesome glory. But what about all those quiet, sentimental moments that unfold in the midst of all the orc-killing? Sauron’s forces have feelings too, you know.

YouTuber Bart Rowell captured the daily struggle of Shadow of Mordor’s orcs in this wonderfully silly video montage of screenshots captured with the game’s photo mode set to singer-songwriter Daniel Powter’s famously touchy-feely song “Bad Day.” Here’s the original video for purposes of comparison:

Dunno about you, but the first thing I thought when I saw this video way back when was: “Man, someday this will totally help me express the heartsick pain of some video game orcs.”


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