The PS4's Standby Mode Is No More

Briefly: It's now called "Rest Mode." There's even a new little graphic that displays when the PS4 is going to sleep. So peaceful!


    God damn click bait titles. But why?

    It's still technically standby, just with a more explanatory title. But oh boy, the new menus are lovely and subtle and pretty.

    Spose I should turn my PS4 on and update the bastard before I buy The Evil Within I guess..

    Word of warning about putting it into Rest Mode for the time being after the update. People have had problems, including myself, involving the PS4 orange light flashing when trying to enter the standby state unsuccessfully. Forcing you almost to pull the plug out (which I did), but apparently can be reset by holding the power button for an extended period of time (up to 60 seconds). Booted in safe mode afterwards, performed a fix itself, and appeared okay.

    Turning off the new added power to usb to charge controllers under power save setting works for me PS4 goes into rest mode as normal static orange light no flash.there is 3 settings always,3hours or off set to off

    Its a crossover I think,when system detects controllers needs to be charged your controller light bar should flash yellow/orange to tell you its charging but what is happening is your ps4 is flashing instead

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