The Struggle To Solve A Video Game Murder

An unsolved video game murder is just a terrible thing. Using everything I’ve ever learnt from years of watching CSI, I took on Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments. There was no way Sherlock Holmes, a fictional man of the past could conceivably outsmart me. But would I be able to outsmart crime itself?

Sherlock Holmes: Crime & Punishments is the latest in Frogware’s long line of Sherlock Holmes based adventure games. This one feels similar to LA: Noire, only with less creepy face technology and more creepy robot policemen.


  • I’ve got stuck on a few things, leaving me no choice but to pull up YouTube and watch walkthroughs. Then I realise it was plain obvious what I had to do :/

  • I actually find it a little sad that all walkthroughs appear to be on Youtube these days. I love text-based ones that I can do a quick search on keywords and get my answer quickly, not having to sit through minutes of inane dialogue that doesn’t give me any insight! Maybe I am just getting old :/

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