The Trials Competition That Actually Teaches You How To Play

Trials, the series, is hard. Trials Fusion sure as hell isn't an exception to that rule. Friend of Kotaku Australia FatShady has spent a lot of his time helping people play Trials through his University of Trials YouTube account, now he's running a cool competition where you can win stuff and learn to be a better Trials player at the exact same time.

It's actually an interesting concept. FatShady picks a track each week, gives everyone a primer on the track's shortcuts, and some tricks to help lower your time, then lets you off the leash.

He also gives players a decent time to shoot for whilst livestreaming. I approve of this competition. Nice work.


    This competition is really about being inclusive and there is a great community of people that will make you feel welcome. I also pick about 5 names from a hat and its the winner rom that sub group, not always the fastest that wins so everyone has a chance. If nothing else, it's great fun. I'm always looking for more people so jump on over to the University of Trials channel and join in.

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    Turns out there are some ridiculously fast trials players in Australia..... If only I was one of them :)

      It's funny but most of the 'fast' riders were not that fast at the start of the competition and just about everyone has improved through a bit of focus on a specific track. I purposefully built the competition so the fastest didn't always win to encourage others to compete anyway.

        Agreed, this approach kinda works. My time last month was probably 10th or so out of the ones posted, but was still better than 4 of the 5 drawn out of the hat in the final draw. If I'd been the fifth person, instead of the jerk winner, I'd've been the jerk winner instead!

    @markserrels: It's actually "FatShady picks a track for a week each month"... unless the setup has changed.

      This has always been a tricky thing to communicate. In weekly comps though I'd get burnt out of keeping that pace up all week every week. This lets you have a break and come back to it every now and again. I'm enjoying the pace of it. I still play the competition track 3-4 days of the week during the comp for maybe an hour or two but over a month it's not that bad and by the time the next comp comes around it's fresh again.

        Don't get me wrong - I think it's perfect timing. I nearly killed myself chasing the competition last month. I (and probably my wife) appreciate the time off in between!

    Ooh, looks like fun. I might have to get Trials back out. Thanks for the tips too.

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