The Truth About Bosses In Elevators

Flamy507's short video about bosses that are only reachable via a giant elevator is so true it hurts. No matter how easy the boss seems, if there's an elevator, it's almost certain that it will kill everyone.

He uses World of Warcraft (remember Serpentshire Cavern?) as an example, but it's probably the same with every game or MMO with funky in-game physics and the occasional lag.

The Elevator Boss by Flamy507 [YouTube]


    The giant elevator in SSC was responsible for more raid wipes than I care to admit.

    As was the ledge for the twins in sunwell plateau. I saw more raid wipes there as someone dropped over the edge than anywhere else in that game.

    Lag and funky physics had nothing to do with elevator boss deaths haha. Good ol ssc, the one that started it all.

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