The Witcher 3's Intro Is All About Geralt's Fearsome Ex-Girlfriend

Here's the opening cinematic for The Witcher 3. That lady wielding all the bad juju? She and Geralt were a thing once.

The last part of CD Projekt Red's action/RPG trilogy has been a long time coming but the developers have been promising a bigger scale and more intense story than in previous entries. This teaser — featuring a sorceress named Yennefer of Vengerberg — sure makes it seems like they're going to deliver.


    I saw this video posted on somewhere else, and I'm still not sure if I want to watch it now or wait till the games release to watch it. I feel that it's kinda stupid they release the "opening cinematic" for a game that's being released in 5 or so months. Why not create a completely different one which won't be seen in game to get people's attention and not spoil anything.

      Good point, glad I read the comments before watching the video, cheers!

      It's not like they need to convince me, I've already preordered it and I'm gonna get a new rig in time for its release ;) well played, CDPR

      It doesn't really reveal much. It's very similar to the one for TW2 when they brought out the enhanced edition.

      Didn't realise this is the opening cinematic, didn't reveal much and it is pretty good. Makes me looking forward to the game even more.

      Same. I've given myself an embargo until the game comes out... but it's so damn tempting.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing Geralt and Yen re-unite (Hopefully). That feature of the novels was one of the main things that hooked me.

    I don't really see Yennefer as being an ex, (NOVEL SPOILER AHEAD......) I guess in a way yes kinda but keep in mind, he's lost his memory and only because he's lost his memory he has no idea how much history they had together. Before he died (pre-Witcher game), she was his world and he was hers, for good or bad, at least after they got their relationship sorted.

    Also, I never saw Triss as a viable romance plot, she and Yen have had words about who Geralt belongs to and Triss has tried a few tricks to get him in her bed for good. I'm actually not surprised she hasn't said much about Yennefer in the games so far. The way I see it, Triss has got her way at this point.

    As for the bird...... I remember in one of the novels, from the book : A shard of Ice, Yennefer created a black magical bird for something. I'm not certain but the bird could be something along those lines, when the bird disperses and it's skull falls to the ground, it's possibly made from a shard of ice (a significant line from the novel). I've played back the vid a few times and I'm more convinced.
    I could be completely wrong about this but there's not much info in the trailer on that.

    Either way, I hope the author of the books Andrzej Sapkowski ( Yes I had to see how to spell that correctly) is happy with the way his work is being taken. Over the two games I've been playing and thinking " Oh please don't turn the story into a steaming pile of dung, stay true to the novels" kinda like when a really good book gets turned into a movie, you really hope the director doesn't mess it up because you love the books so much. I'm feeling the same about The Witcher 3. I just hope all of the overarching story and loose ends are cleared up.

      Sapkowski said fairly definitively that he didn't care about the games one way or the other. I guess after some of the other rubbish thats been based on it, The Witcher movie/tv series most notably, you can't blame him for not taking too much interest.

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