There Are New Interstellar Trailers And You Must Watch Them

There Are New Interstellar Trailers And You Must Watch Them

Despite actually not liking Christopher Nolan’s last two movies, I am so, so hyped for Interstellar. The high concept is glorious, the tone of the trailers is spot on. The whole leaving your family behind hits me heart in the feelings. All of this is coagulating into a hype train that has hit peak capacity and speed. I need this movie. Now.

But these brand new TV trailers will have to do until now. Or until November 6 at least. That’s when the movie releases here in Australia, a whole day ahead of the US. In your face America and Canada.

Oh man, that choice between saving the human race and seeing your children again. THE FEELINGS. WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL THESE FEELINGS?

I have a bunch of friends who have read the leaked screenplay for this. Without exception each of them told me if this movie delivers on the script, you can expect greatness.

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  • I’m pretty pumped for this as well. Might have to visit a cinema despite my huge distaste for village. I wish we had more options in Tas.

    • Which village? Launceston? If so, do you remember that time that someone tried to rob the skill tester? like the whole machine by ramming it out the front doors?

      • Village? I live in a capital city! That’s pretty funny about the skill tester. They actually tried to take the whole thing?

        • *edit for clarity even though I am pretty sure you know what I meant 😛
          Which village cinemas? the one in launceston?

          and yeh, busted up about 4 of the doors before bailing, leaving the machine on the walkway out the front

          • Oops, totally missed that. Though you were making a job about Tas being small.

            I usually hit Village Eastlands (close to home) or town if going with a friend (access to private car park). Occasionally will hit Glenorchy as they had a cheap ticket deal for awhile.

            But I rarely go to the movies because of the stupidly high prices. Just a big one or two movies a year. I have a friend who has a ….wide taste in movies. I go with him now and then to be social.

          • Yep – Eastlands is the way to go. Every time I go to Village Hobart I leave disappointed. The screens are just too small. Glenorchy is okay but I find the seats are often filthy and the car parking is a bit dodgy.

            I’m surprised Village is still operating to be honest. Its rare to see any big crowds – and you’re right, they are way overpriced.

            I went to C-Max (I think) in Devonport once – that was a nice cinema. And they have the only 48fps projector in the state (as far as I know) – so The Hobbit is sorted.

          • Wait a second.
            You mean there are more than three Tasmanian’s on this site*?

            *Not digging at you all, I’m one of those other three (Hobartian)

          • I used to live in tassie, haven’t for about 5 years now but am heading down for a visit and catch up session early november

  • No, I will not watch them. Already watched one trailer and I’m sold, don’t want to see any more, I want to go in fresh.

      • Same here, I practice good movie hygiene. If there is a movie I want to see I avoid all trailers and write-ups, reveiws etc. Enjoy the movie far more that way.

        • I don’t. I hate spending money on garbage.

          What I do, is set my expectations really, really low.
          That way if it’s great – it blows my mind
          If its average – fun movie, money well spent
          if its shit – as expected, not disappointed

          End result – good night out either way.

  • Despite actually not liking Christopher Nolan’s last two movies
    The Dark Knight Rises and Inception?

    Even if parts of the plot don’t hold up under close scrutiny, Inception was still an amazing movie experience. I remember being completely blown away after seeing it for the first time. If Interstellar can replicate that first viewing experience, sign me up!

      • I felt that TDKR actually improved on repeat watching, but yeah, I was talking about Inception. Edited my comment to actually say that 🙂

    • I found inception dull and predictable, the acting was really patchy too. Had some great visuals though, it looked good on the big screen.
      Still haven’t seen Dark Knight rises, but didn’t enjoy Nolan’s first Batman, so haven’t gotten around to watching the other ones yet, though they are sitting here on BD. I have a movie backlog that is worse than my game backlog.

      • Dark Knight’s definitely worth seeing. I wasn’t a big fan of Begins at first, but the Dark Knight made me rewatch and appreciate it more. Dark Knight Rises is probably my fave, but obviously accounts differ.

        And Inception was predictable?! You must be a bloody genius

    • I was all about avoiding his movies for a while until True Detective, Dallas Buyers Club, and a handful of supporting roles in great movies like Wolf of Wall Street. Overnight, he turned himself into one of the most compelling actors in Hollywood, which begs the question why he spent the last decade making utter dogshit like Tiptoes and terrible romcoms.

  • I feel like this movie has now reached a bad level of hype.
    I didn’t like it when I first saw/heard about it.
    Then it grew on me a bit when I learned more about it.
    Now I don’t care anymore and I think it’s going to be pretty but hollow like Gravity.

    • Hmm, I had never heard of it until just now (but that probably says more about me than any level of hype…) I agree about Gravity though, that was touted as being the best thing since bread came sliced and I found it pretty ordinary.

  • It’s a strange thing to be 2014 and I’m more hyped about a movie because of McConaughey than Chris Nolan.

  • Synopsis based on trailers: So they demand he pilots the mission never seeing his children again, looks like he is a useless corn farmer who cant cover his crops with something as simple as plastic sheeting over rows of framework to keep moisture in and dust storms out, he is reluctant so Bitch incharge of mission burns his crop forcing him to go. The mission is some government scam to keep order and the mission will fail.

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