'There's No Way That More Teraflops Don't Equal More Emotions!'

Video: "There's no way that more teraflops don't equal more emotions!" This very funny video serves as an announcement that charming indie creation Thomas Was Alone is coming to PS4, Xbox One and Wii U this November.


    Oh that's nice, good game which suits console controls. Will get.

    Very cool. I played this in one session on a lazy Sunday afternoon when it came to PS + a while back. Never heard of it before but that title intrigued me. Probably because my wife had left me a little while before that. :-/

    I love the soundtrack and still listen to it now. Great chillout tunes. Most of the 'best game music' articles I've read don't include it for some reason. Each to their own I suppose.

    Will pick this up on PS4 and maybe even get the Wii U version, just to show support for this great (and funny) game. Actually, I never played the DLC so hopefully it comes with that too.

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