These Are The New Best Ways To Farm In Destiny

Destiny has come a long way from the loot cave. Well, not a long way, but the game certainly has changed and, as such, the best ways to farm for specific items has changed. In fact, the type of items you're probably now farming for has changed. YouTuber nJoi has recognised this and put together a really nice set of videos detailing the best routes for materials like Spinmetal, Spirit Bloom and all the type of loot you need to upgrade your legendary gear. This is good stuff.

The best part of these videos? They don't have terrible music playing over them, they don't feature a super annoying 'extreme' host — this is just pure and simple advice for folks attempting to max out their gear.

You can find out more about these videos at this helpful Reddit post.


    I realised last night I'd inadvertently become extremely efficient at farming spinmetal, I had to sell a bunch off to keep it from taking up two inventory slots.

    Now the game needs to let me sell off some of the 450 plasteel plating I'm never in a million years going to need.

    The music truly reflects the difficulty of standard mobs once you hit light levels.

    Best way to farm for me is to wear headphones and listen for the sound that consumables and chests make when you are close. I can't hear it when playing the audio through speakers.
    Makes it a lot easier to know something is close and investigate.

      I do a set circuits of the most reliable chest spawns and keep the headphones on. If I can't hear the chest or resource node, I don't even bother to investigate. With good volume, you can always pick it.

        Do you have similar issues hearing them without headphones? I've been wondering if it is an issue with my 5.1 setup...

          It's still audible, just much quieter. I only use the TV's base speakers when I play without headphones, no amp/stereo setup.

    My new favourite place to farm is on Mars right near where you start in patrol (don't know if this is in the videos or not, blocked at work), go down to the place where the Vex & Cabal are fighting each other, there's usually a chest somewhere in that area, look around up in the hills above that area for relic iron deposit things and then to the base area for the first mission, rinse and repeat. You also get public events in the area and plenty of enemies to kill for loot drops.

    Yesterday I got my best haul from a single chest of 11 pieces of iron. That helped when I need 64 bits of iron just for my rocket launcher

      The best place on Mars that I've found (well, most people have found really) is heading out to the right from where you start and going to the area with all the bunkers and Cabal hanging around. So many rooms in one small area. The only thing that ruins it is when new arrivals come and do the same circuit in the opposite direction and take chests before you get there. Best tip I have is that if others are farming, follow them.

    Thats not the best place to farm spinmetal. The old loot cave area is the best place, as you can farm chests at the same time, which also give spinmetal.

    I won't get a chance to watch all of these until I get home, but I checked out the first one and he seems to do it in an inefficient way and misses some key areas. The Rocket Yard route has been the go-to one since the beginning though. Every man and his dog has put out a video for it.

    Bah. all these destiny articles just serve to remind me that I am without destiny as a PC gamer.

      Have you considered buying a console that can play the game? That would seem to be a solution that would let you play it. Admittedly not as cheap as if they'd just release the game on PC...

        I would but I am just so terrible with the controllers in ANY FPS. I have tried tirelessly but just fail invariably. I literally require a keyboard and mouse.

    I actually found new use for the good 'ole loot cave yesterday, it turns out it makes a great place to nut out the 'kill 3 enemies with 1 super use' bounty.

    The hive still spawn at an impressive speed so you can kill them rapidly to fill up your super energy then when it's full and the next mob has spawned, nip over and super the crap out of the nice tightly confined group for an easy 3-5 kills. I was doing it by myself but I imagine if you had a few people working together and all generating orbs of light with their supers you'd manage to get it done very swiftly.

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