This Bastion-Inspired LEGO World Deserves Its Own Game

This Bastion-Inspired LEGO World Deserves Its Own Game

We’ve seen plenty of beautiful LEGO recreations of existing properties, but often the most breathtaking displays are largely original. For example, this is Aurora, a seven-by-seven foot fantasy world inspired by the floating islands of Bastion.

Crafted by Nannan Zhang of The Brothers Brick and Legohaulic, Aurora is a gorgeous world so fully realised that they have even created a logo to go along with it — one I’d love to see on official set boxes one day, or at least a series of PDF files explaining how to craft these magnificent visions myself.

Aurora is a floating world shattered into fragments, each more impressive than the last.

I would kill just to have this wonderful tree on my LEGO shelf, though judging from the scale it would probably take it off the wall.

There we go, a much smaller tree, with a little pond. I really love the vines hanging down from the underside of each piece. It really punctuates the torn asunder feel of the landscape.

The remnants of a market street, a fragment of a once-bustling town square.

Where did this dragon-headed gate once lead? Where does it lead now? Other than down, of course.

The different architecture suggest this world was once much, much larger than it is now.

Each one of these could easily be an official set, with extra bits and pieces included to snap it all together. I need a basement.

Journeying to a new land.

Want to see more? Both Nannan and Legohaulic‘s Flickr pages are filled with imagines of their majestic creation. This is what LEGO is all about.

Aurora, a Lego fantasy world [The Brothers Brick]


  • Bastion inspired lego deserves it’s own game? Or you could just play Bastion? Seeing as most of the objects in the game are destructible all you’d be getting is a reskin with no real gameplay changes except studs to collect.

    On another note, at some point I’ll finish Bastion

    On another another note, this is awesome. I find people being creative in Lego much more interesting than numerous Minecraft articles

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