This GIF Represents The Destiny Player I Want To Be

Despite being — in my own estimation — a little bit good at Halo, my skills have sadly not transferred to Destiny, where I have the K/D ratio of a soggy wet dog-turd. This is the GIF of the Destiny player I want to be. Basically I want to be this person. In a video game.

Yep, that's it. That's the post.

Actually, while we're here, please allow me to ask all a question: how important do you think gear and/levels are to playing competitively in The Crucible? Maybe it's just a convenient excuse, but I've left the game feeling like it's a teensy bit unbalanced, and that certain weapons/abilities feel overpowered to the point where I'm not sure I want to play that game — the game where it's all about the weapons I choose as opposed to my actual performance in the game.

Maybe I should just avoid The Crucible? How are you finding the multiplayer aspect of Destiny?


    Just remember everyone it's the Hunter class that is OP and everything else is perfectly balanced.

      Also gear isn't important at all, but level can be, many of the good pvp builds require the deeper part of the skill trees unlock. Not to say it's extremely important many low level characters do well but they mostly seem to be alts so I'd say practice is much more important and getting familiar and comfortable with your choice of weapons.

      I always thought it was the class that just killed you that is OP, and if you're the same class then it's their weapon/gear that's OP or they're using hacks.

      Rock is totally OP and needs to be nerfed. Paper is fine.


        No way, I'm always being killed by Paper, Paper is way OP. Rock is fine, you just have to know how to counter it.


          Lets be fair, just about everything counters rock right now. :P

      Heh, as long as everyone is complaining about everyone else then everything is fine.

        I think balance, at least as far as supers go, is pretty balanced they are all frustrating when used well

          Still think Bladedancer is a tad OP however.
          Every other super can instakill one to a few people in a small area and then you're done. But you can, and people do, chain blade dancer across half the map and kill half to all of the opposite team even though they are spread out.
          It's the mobility + damage resistance + refresh on kill upgrade that makes it op. Remove one of those things and it would be in line with other supers imo.

            But it's also 2 actions at least per kill, and you can shut it down, it's not as easy as it looks to chain those kills and for every good spree that Hunter has probably wasted 4 supers on 1 to 0 kills. Yes it looks impressive and seems powerful when that happens but it's not that common per Hunter, but Hunter just plays well in the current pvp meta so it's a common class.

    Hmm, he might not be that good just lucky looking at that, re: gear/levels in crucible, in the recent Iron Banner event which was meant to turn offence and defence ratings on, a mate of mine who is level 22 was beating level 30s with their exotic/legendary gear while he had only rare items, I think like most games, practice makes perfect. I pretty much stick with Auto Rifle and shotgun and do aight, I'm nothing amazing myself but still enjoying it.

      Iron Banner is a scam, Bungie admitted they left some serious level-balancing turned on still.

        True, but it still shows levels and gear aren't that important.

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    Thank you for not posting that as the main image for the article!

    In normal PVP, teamwork and actual skill makes up for a lot of the OP weapons I've found. You can easily take down someone running around with an auto-rifle/shotgun combo if you work together and work on your own style of play

    When it comes to Iron Banner though, I read that although leveling and gear made a difference, they still leveled it off so there was a max of around 7 levels difference so a level 5 guy taking on a level 30 guy would only have a penalty of about 7 levels to still make it interesting. Much in the same way that even at level 30 you still need 2 punches to take down level 1 vandals, being level 30 doesn't make you all powerful against any of the n00bs below you

    This gif is 100% luck, no skill involved at all (beyond the basic ones required to perform simple actions in the game).

    A lot of Destiny's PVP is unbalanced - or rather, "balanced incorrectly" I think.

    Standard Crucible turns "off" the damage and defence bonuses from gear - however any item perks/affixes that have been unlocked are still active, as well as any of your subclass perks. Really, everything from items should be disabled and only class perks active in this mode.
    Regardless, there's still not much separating a level 4 from a level 28.

    Iron Banner was unbalanced for reasons already mentioned. Devs snafu'd, but the promise is there to make sure that "power matters" next time the run it.

    Destiny PvP is 90% teamwork, and a lot of people forget that. Even if you're just playing with one other person, you can usually affect the flow of a game. I've played quite a lot of matches of Salvage (3v3, randomised capture the hill) with a full team and working together means you can shut out a lot of other teams.

    A few of the maps could use some work. Blind Watch (Mars) is horribly unbalanced, and Bastion (Mars) is just too big. FWIW, the Earth maps and Venus are all great, so just hope that you get those more often than not.

    Lastly, Piat is correct: Hunters are stupid OP. If you really want to win at PvP, roll a Hunter and then roll your face on the controller and then you win.

      PVP is not fair, it can never be made fair. The other guy is either faster or slower than you. His connection is better or worse than yours. He is better or worse at the game than you are.

      And I have to admit one shoting what looked like the whole team with a Nova Bomb is always fun. I've only managed to do it once myself. Snatched the victory too. And normally my K/D ratio is 0.5 (1K to 2D). That being said a good team increases my ratio.

      They where dancing on the flag, they had 20 points to go and we where down. That Nova Bomb followed by the cap gave us victory. It was actually on that Map at C.

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    I actually did that once, well, it was a more open area but essentially the same jump + warlock super taking out a large group of enemy players. It was a really fun moment. I proceeded to suck for the rest of the match but I'll always have that one moment when I was a god at PVP.

      Wow, I thought my sarcasm was quite clear, I dont think any one class is overpowered in
      PvP. The only imbalance I see is perhaps Sunsinger's super is a bit underpowered in PvP, other than that all supers are bullshit and every class has their advantages

        Sunsinger super is pretty meh in PvP but the class is not about the super - it's about the other abilities with the super to support them.
        I still use it in PvP because of the double sticky grenades.

    Why was the entire enemy team at that single capture point when point a wasn't being contested at all?

    Why are there 5 guys standing stock still right next to each other on the plate?

    Dumb is OP. Nerf dumb.

      Nah, I don't think they'll nerf dumb. It's an integral part of how they want people to play the game

      It looks like a complete setup to me personally, not only is the entire team stacked on the point (which almost never happens, especially on that map) they are all just standing there, also not common, nobody is watching the door to C, only one guy is crouching, nobody is using the pilar for cover, stinks of a setup.

        You'd be surprised. I've seen some teams stick together, moving from checkpoint to checkpoint together. Works pretty well until you use a super or heavy weapon against them.

          I've seen teams move together, I never said it never happens, but if it does they are more likely to look a whole lot more ready for action than the guys in this gif.

    I roll with a legendary auto rifle and a fusion rifle. Titan class. Level 24. Armour's not great, but not bad either.

    Hunter's are OP, as far as I'm concerned, and level 28-29's certainly dominate, but I can still make a dent. Just have to learn the maps, keep moving and not panic.

    Epic fun :-)

      ... But don't get me started on the broken loot system. FML!!!

      I don't think it's their level I think that these are the guys getting 100 crucible marks a week, 100 Vanguard marks a week. Clearing the Raids etc.

      I haven't even tried the Vault of Glass yet because I'm playing it solo or with 1 other person.

        Would love to try the raid, but legendary gear requires hours and hours of grinding because my luck with loot drops is beyond abysmal. It's almost insulting how shithouse the rewards have been for strikes and crucible matches... But still I perservere.

        This week's my week. I have 1750 points left to Dead Orbit level 2, 10 strange coins and 22 notes of light. A visit to Xur on the weekend and I'll make my own luck!

        I just wish I didn't have to...

          I have had 1 legendary drop, now level 27 I have had to buy all my gear.

    Sorta unbalanced, sorta not imo.
    Fancy abilities for your character and on high level guns can indeed give you a slight advantage, but not an overwhelming one.
    I'm 28 and have purples coming out of my wazoo but still use a blue auto rifle or hand cannon in PvP because I like the way they handle for that.
    Is a Suros Regime better? All else being equal, probably. But map knowledge and skill will still win out.
    I'd put balance at least on par with other modern shooters like battlefield or CoD with unlocks. Probably fairer actually.

    Remember most of those 28-29 players with fancy gear also have been playing a ton to get that far and thus have a lot of experience.
    But Hunters are still OP :P

      2 Guys about the same I'll bet on the Suros Regime user. A bad player with a Suros vs a guy who knows the game and map inside out I'll bet on the good player.

      No one is going to deny that certain things give you an edge. But they don't make you an unstoppable god. The best game I had was where a Friend and I setup a crossfire and got a ton of kills/assists because everybody on the other team ran back to one of us, one at a time.

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