This Is How Cats Will Rise Up And Destroy Us All

This Is How Cats Will Rise Up and Destroy Us All

Which, you know, might not be a bad thing.

This is Momotaro, whose owner is telling the feline to "stand". In the video, you can hear the owner praise the cat, saying, "You look like a human."

Of course, this isn't the only standing cat on the internet (this one right here might be the most famous).

Here are more videos of Momotaro practicing how to stand as well as walk backwards:

This might take some time, though.

人が入っているような猫 [ko [email protected]]


    Not if my dachshunds can help it.

    The chip in it's brain seems to be malfunctioning

    This cat looks like it's received some startling piece of news and doesn't know what to do with it

    I'm more of a dog person but that was pretty funny/cute.

    Ah internet, what would you be without funny cat videos? A WASTELAND, that's what!

    And thank you Brain for that lovely cat/gaming culture related article. Always appreciated :-P

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