This Is The Closest You'll Ever Get To Real Life Mario Kart

As fun as going Go-Karting is — and it is awesome — the fact that I can't drift like in Mario Kart is always super disappointing. Never mind not having access to red shells and mushrooms and whatnot.

This might be the closest we'll ever get.

This is the Crazy Cart XL, made by Razor. It's essentially a go-kart, but features certain components underneath the kart that allows users to 'drift', almost precisely like you would in any Mario Kart game since Mario Kart 64. I am so down with this.

Apparently adults are welcome, nay encouraged, to get in on this action. It was designed around a 6 foot 3 man who weighed 113kg, but the guys have successfully used it with folks topping 135kgs. That's pretty awesome.

Only 1600 are being made for now as a trial run, and they're $800US a pop. They can be ordered through Toys 'R' Us or at Razor's website. I'm not sure at this point whether they'll ship these things to Australia, but Toys 'R' Us does sell Razor goods locally, so there is hope. Realistically, it'll probably be difficult to get your hands on one of the 1600 initially made, but if these things sell out, hopefully they'll start selling them in international markets like Australia.

Via Polygon


    3:10 onwards - this guy has clearly had way too much practise with this thing :P

    Also that looks super cool and I want one. I also want a warehouse so that I'd have somewhere to actually use it.

    As said above, the fun starts 3 minutes in.
    I so want to see the out-takes from that drift run

    Dats some fully sick drifting skillz brah!

    Honestly though, that's pretty sweet.

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