This Is What Star Citizen's Planets Will Look Like

This Is What Star Citizen's Planets Will Look Like

Lots of people who are eagerly anticipating Star Citizen are already messing about inside the currently playable slices of the hotly anticipated next game from the creator of Wing commander. But other people are not. If you're one of the latter, then take a look at the game in action.

Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts took the stage this past Friday at the second Citizen Con, where he spoke at length about the past, present and future of the game. The upcoming space combat sim continues to break records for how much money it's raised via crowdfunding. And the video above — captured off the Citizen Con Twitch stream by YouTuber kingnewbs — provides a long, healthy look at where all that money's going.

If you want to see all Roberts' presentation, then two hours of deep-dive Citizen chatter await in the archived Twitch video below. The demo presentation starts at about 1:58:00.


    Well, f*** me that looks good.

    How much are scalped rifts going for these days?

    It's been a while since a game has been developed for the PC with out the restrictions placed by consoles and their cost effective ports (ie develop for console, port over to PC with a few fluffy effects\additions). The last one I can remember would be crysis 1? Regardless it looks incredible hopefully they follow up with a compelling story and great game play in the episodic single player portion.

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      yeah SQ42 I'm hoping is gonna be awesome, but if im being honest I'm looking forward to the persistent universe more.

    If this doesn't have TrackIR and Oculus Rift support I am going to be mighty sad.

      It has both - they're already supported in the 'Arena Commander' Module (dogfighting) which is live. It's still pre-alpha but it's the most stable pre-alpha I've ever played.

      You can fly using pretty much any combination of input devices you can think of.

      I confess, I'm a rabid fanboy for SC and already have ... too many ships in my hangar.

        Great to know!

        After flying (for example) with TrackIR and joystick in ARMA 3, it's quite hard to go back to flying without the extra control and awareness these things give you.

      They have already said & shown oculus rift support for the game. They have already TrackIR should be in it but not be the first release but should be on further updates

      Pretty sure it's got Oculus Rift support. There was a video about 6 months back with the devs talking about what they were going to play the game with. Roberts was sitting there with the X55 Rhino and an Oculus Rift - so if he wants it, my guess is it'll be there!

      If pain persists - see a doctor....Dr. Roberts! ;)

    The way they are talking, it still looks like feature-creep is going to kill this.
    Added fps, want economies to affect the AI, etc. etc. Please just get the core game right and released, then add the frills later, or all that money is going to run out before this is done.

      The core game as in shooty bang bang spaceships? Already 99% done, now comes the context. It's not like there's just one team that works on one part of the game blockading all other features.

        That's right. There are studios handling different parts of the game which is where the money is going. One is working on SQ42 for the most part, another working on ships/flight and others doing various other parts of the game as for now it is been built modular.

      I agree. It feels like they trying to move way ahead of theirselves.

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      I agree. It feels like they trying to move way ahead of theirselves.

      The things you mentioned are in the core game. They've been part of the design spec since Kickstarter, they're not new.

    Has there been any talk of the specs required to run this life sucker?

      Pretty high end from what I have heard,

      I'm actually waiting for the release of star citizen to build my new system like many other's waiting.
      Going to be most likely running a GTX980

      website is saying a quad core cpu, direct X 11 GPU with 1GB of ram and 8GB of normal ram.

    I hate to think what the installation size would be

      If it's as good as it seems to be, i'd happily buy another hard drive just for this game... Hard drives can cost less than some AAA titles these days anyway =P

        but you don't want a hdd you want a ssd just imagine the load times on a hdd

    Here's hoping this sets a new standard when released, just as Crysis did back in the day, this will be the equivalent just for sheer scale.

    this game looks incredible! Not a fan of the walk/run animation though, he looks like a complete weirdo

      That animation is really rough and just to show off the planetside game for the first time.
      In no way is it close to the final code. but did you see all the things?

      its an old animation skeleton they talked about during the livestream they have got a newer one being built at the moment to make it look better :D

    It looks amazing in first person but man that third person view really put me off. Terrible animations.

    I've been waiting for it... i will continue to wait as it will set the standard im pooling my money to save for a rig capable of playing this beast of a game when it comes out in glorious 4K.

    The only other game i've been interested in is evolve but it is but a passing fancy to pass the time till this.

      It's amazing to see it in 4k - like, 'oh my are those tears in my eyes or just space dust?'

      Theyre currently developing the Cryengine in conjunction with Crytech to utilise 64 bit processing for MASSIVE space maps with the precision one needs.
      In the presentation on the weekend there was a good explanation on the limitations of 32-bit vs 64 and well, just damn it's going to be a benchmark setter.

      The pipeline for ship production has been streamlined to a point they can now build new ships in a shorter timeframe and there's a good 6-7 more playable ships coming down the pipe for backers to show their support for SC.

      Damn I have never been so openly fanboy for a game until this...

    soooo pumped for this game!!

    The next 12 months are looking really good for SC fans.

    In the words of Kevin Smith: 'F#@& you, take my money.'

    Now where's that old timie gif of the kid throwing throwing the cash out the window?

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