This Is Why Your IT Guy Called In Sick Today

If you're heading to PAX Australia today, this is one of the first things you'll see, literally before you enter the building: a sign with a series of rotating messages, one of which totally dobs in everyone who's calling in sick today.

"This is why your IT guy is "out sick"." Great job PAX Australia, IT guys across Melbourne and Australia are totally going to be in the shit now.

[Golf clap]

I stood here for a while trying to snap pics of the best messages. The above one is quality — essentially the PAX Australia team taking the piss out of themselves for the first PAX in the Melbourne showgrounds, which had its fair share of tents.

The 'Welcome Home' message: I remember seeing this message when I went to PAX East in Boston. It's a nice touch, but PAX Australia is nothing like my home. Way more space, way more people. Way less porridge.

What are you waiting for! OPEN THE DOOR!


    If your IT guy isn't smart enough to figure out that he can take Friday and Monday off for a five day weekend you should fire him. =P

      Friday - Monday = Five day weekend? Definitely an IT guy - can't do maths...

      Until you can work how many days Friday plus Saturday plus Sunday plus Monday is and not get an answer that's not four, you shouldn't go firing anyone for stupidity :-P

      Um... Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday are only four days.

      So going by this your IT guy is Doctor Who or Doctor Emmett Brown, for the love of everything keep them on your pay role.

        Melbourne Cup Day is Tuesday, so everyone in Victoria takes Monday off too.

          Whoops, forgot about that little event. Quaint how they still do that h'uh?

          I'm in Brisbane we basically just blow off work an hour before the event and if the boss wins, we all call it a day. If he loses we go back to work. Not really a holiday but most offices and job sites have a lunch and a betting pool.

    Haha, brilliant! Have fun for those of us unable to be there!

    That IT GUY is written in all capitals bothers me...

    I read it as your 'it guy'. Perhaps they should have gone with I.T. GUY if they were going to capitalise everything.

    I guess "fewer tents" didn't fit on the scrolling sign. Or did they mean "less tense"?

    Last edited 31/10/14 12:05 pm

      Bless your cotton socks for understanding the difference.

    "this is one of the first things you’ll see, literally before you enter the building"

    You mean, for reals?!

    I must suck as an IT guy because i didnt even know that PAX was on lol

    According to the tags, these will also be used 90 years from now, at PAX 2104.

    The It guy line was ridiculed by my wife as being a bad way to interest those not attending... I guess it's kinda in-jokish

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