This Video Explains Why I Love Alien: Isolation So Much

For the last week or so I've been playing Alien: Isolation. I love it. This video by Brendan Keogh does a great job of explaining why.

It's a short, simple four minute video. The title of the video is "just an encounter" and, essentially, that's all it is but what it exemplifies to me is how genuinely unique situations are created in response to your actions. Moments that are all the more significant for being unique to the player and his experience.

I'll let Brendan explain for himself:

I'm absolutely loving this game and the unmatched sense of being hunted it offers. The procedural-ness of each encounter is what makes it feel so remarkable. I died and redid this part of the game about four of five times, and how it plays out in this video is unlike any of the other attempts.

The other night there I had a similar experience. I literally sat inside a locker for four minutes listening to the Alien patrol the vents above me, too scared to move, too scared to make a sound. At one point I left the locker, but heard the Alien scatter above me in response. Within 10 seconds I was back in the locker, cowering in fear.

Alien: Isolation is just so good at creating the procedural moments, these tiny little horror-narratives that are unique, compelling and — God, I hate myself for using this word — cinematic. It really is such a genuinely well crafted experience.


    Brilliant, brilliant game. I'm in love with it. I suspect I'll never play it again now that I've finished just cause it's so intense.

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    For a game that accurately replicates the feeling from a scenario of such a classic film, I think you could be justified in using the word "cinematic".

    But how immersive is it?

      So immersive. So visceral. :P

    Dammit @markserrels stop saying how good alien isolation is. I can't afford to play both evil within and this. I need to finally cut my teeth on survival horror. I is survival horror Virgin & now I can't decide.

    Why mark why....

      I haven't played Evil Within yet, but it's going to have a real tough job being as good as this.

    Am I the only person that doesn't find it scary?

    I mean, it's atmospheric, looks cool, sounds cool and all, but the alien is more of an annoyance than a threat. Something that gets in the way...

    It's so painfully easy to avoid and once you become familiar with the audio, knowing what the alien is doing becomes quite predictable.

    Then when you get the flamethrower you can pretty much just walk around without a worry in the world. One small burst and the alien runs back up into the vents.

    Pretty much as long as you don't sprint around everywhere, the game is super easy.

    The human encounters I've had so far have all been pretty dumb as well, basically everyone carrying a gun will try and kill you. Throw in a noisemaker, sit back and watch the alien pick them off and jump back into a vent... then you can walk through without a worry in the world.

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      Question: have you been playing it alone, at 2am with the lights off and sound up on hard?

        Time of day is irrelevant to me as I have metal shutters that block out all light.

        But yes, darkened room and loud headphones.

        Still predictable.
        Still not scary.

    I'm really loving one of my youtubers play this
    Absolutely pissed myself laughing when he first encountered the Xenomorph, and because I know I'm going to have the same reaction when I get around to buying and playing it

    That looks awesome... but sadly, I don't think I have the patience.

    Sorry, but this is the best one.

    I'm too scared. :/

      I think i'll play it for an hour and come out bald from the stress.

        Well at least that's not a worry I have. That ship sailed.

    I lasted about an hour in outlast and then promptly uninstalled it. I hope I fair better at this one #scarygamesaresointense

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