This Week In Games: Sunset Overdrive

Oh boy. It's that time of the year. So, so many games coming out. This week is crazy. The biggest hitter? I'd say it's Sunset Overdrive, you may beg to differ.

BlazeRush (PC)

What is it? A Micro Machines style survival racer with top down visuals. Should you care? Man, this looks super cool. I need to check this out.

Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager (PC)

What is it? Guys, Buzz Aldrin has a game. What the hell? Should you care? It's a space management sim. Goddamn that sounds interesting.

Daedalus - No Escape (PC)

What is it? Looks like a top down shooty thing, sorta like Hotline Miami. IN SPACE. Should you care? It won't be as good as Hotline Miami, but it might be okay.

Dark Arcana: The Carnival (PC)

What is it? An adventure thing with horror themes and whatnot. I don't know too much about this. Should you care? Find out more about the game here.

Fabula Mortis (PC)

What is it? It's a first person shooter set in a world based in steampunk and fairytales. Should you care? I dunno. I'd probably skip it.

Farming Simulator 15 (PC)

What is it? I swear to God I have a copy of this on my desk right now. I'm so tempted to install it. Should you care? Seriously though, I don't understand these games.

Freedom Wars (PS Vita)

What is it? It's a Vita exclusive, an Action-RPG thing with sci-fi elements. Should you care? It reviewed well and sold pretty well in Japan. Might be worth investigating.

Lords of the Fallen (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

What is it? It's a Dark Souls clone. But it might be a good one. Should you care? I'm keen to check this out, mainly because I like the idea of a Dark Souls-style game on current gen consoles.

Majestic Nights (PC)

What is it? It's an Australian made action/adventure/thriller with a cool high concept: all conspiracy theories are true. All of them. Should you care? I'm intrigued. I got to see an early version of this game a while back and I'm keen to see how it all turned out.

NS2: Combat (PC)

What is it? Apparently this is part twitch-shooter part stealth-crawler. I find that quite intriguing. Should you care? Worth checking out at least. Seems a little bit different and unique.

SingStar: Ultimate Party (PS4/PS3)

What is it? Singstar is still a thing. This makes me happy. I should totally get this. Should you care? I haven't played Singstar in years. I think I might still have the mics somewhere...

Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One)

What is it? Probably the biggest release this week. I like the high concept, I like the idea of a satirical shooter. Should you care? I think so. My early impressions is that this is a lot of 'fun', if you still find that word useful.

The Forest of Doom (PC)

What is it? Hey it's a new gamebook from the Melbourne-based Tin Man Games. Cool. Should you care? This is an Ian Livingstone penned gamebook. If you know what that means, you'll know it's a big deal. Apparently this is as good as it gets in this realm. Has reviewed very well.

The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series Season 2 (Xbox One/PS4/Xbox 360/PS3)

What is it? Hey, it's a packaged retail version of that game everyone likes. Should you care? Most likely you've already played this if you're interested. If not, might be a good place to hop onboard.

WWE 2k15 (Xbox One/PS4/Xbox 360/PS3)

What is it? It's wrassling: the vidja game. Should you care? For fans only methinks. We haven't quite crossed over to No Mercy territory yet.

What are you buying? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below...


    When's the review embargo on sunset overdrive?

      There isn't?

      IGN has posted a review and several loads of gameplay videos already, looks amazing!

    Im pretty sure WWE was delayed till late november could be wrong though.

    YOU FORGOT COSTUME QUEST 2! Wooooooooo it's coming out Thurrrrrrrsday! :D :D :D

      Played, completed, replaying for 100% :D

        Jealous! Waiting just a few more days to play on my PS4. And to find Sackboy in there!

    Definitely grabbing Singstar, had a party on the weekend, someone suggested singstar, so had a search and dug out the mics, everyone had a really good time, but could have used some new music.

      I never really liked it until I was given the Disney one for PS2. I got like, the best score for "Kiss The Girl" from the Little Mermaid, haha. Then I bought the Queen one and it became a regular Saturday night thing :D

      Gonna try and give this ago, I download the game over the weekend and got the transfers for DLC that were available on the PS4 also...

      One of the main things that surprised me was the lack of updates (song DLC) Singstar has had in recent times, it's like the whole team was working on the new UI, etc and no one was working to secure new songs or whatever. So I'm really interested to know what their update plans are ongoing before really jumping back in.

      Also, need to try out the Smartphone as a Mic option, which seems way to convenient.

        Yeah, my teenage daughter was annoyed that every artist she searched for wasn't in the Singstore.

          The most important thing to me is wheather the old PS2 and PS3 discs still work.

            Nope, sorry... Disc swap (at least with PS2/3 games) isn't happening.

            I wouldn't be surprised if it does happen eventually, but it will be a long wait...

    Stealth Inc. 2 also comes out this week and is very good.

    I might be getting the Sunset Overdrive Xbone bundle if it reviews well....

    Just waiting on that Sunset Overdrive PC date

      I'm guessing this is what you've seen recently;

      Hate to break it to you;

      Although it's entirely possible they're covering their arses and it will still be announced soon, we can only hope.

        Whilst true, the same could be said for both Dead Rising and Ryse...

        The IP for Sunset Overdrive stays with Insomniac, so whilst I don't believe a PS version is ever going to happen, we've since seen PC versions of the above two games, 3rd times a charm right?

        Haven't seen anything, it's just based on hope and, as @oggob pointed out, precedence

    Oh yeah! Sunset Overdrive!!!!!!!

    Also, I was gonna wait and pick up Costume Quest 2 on the 'Bone, but since it's being released in time for Halloween on PS4 I might grab it on that. Good times and a fun Halloween weekend for me!!!

    I will be getting the physical release for The Walking Dead.
    It's only about two and a half times the price of the digital download, which still makes it cheaper when I factor in my shitty internet.
    I love that they release these for me. I bit the bullet and bought Wolf Among Us digitally, but been holding out on TWD for this.

    I'm very much wait-and-see on Sunset Overdrive. Everyone is saying this is a must-play, unmissable game but I'm just not "getting it".

    Two week delay for WWE 2K15 on PS4 and Xbone :(

    Sounds like the 360/PS3 versions are gimped versions of 2K14 as well. Definitely holding out for the PS4 version, sounds like it's going to be great.

      Gimped version? Do you think they intentionally held back the 360/PS3 versions so the PS4/XB1 versions would look better?

    Sunset Overdrive does look like a lot of fun. I'm a big fan of Insomniac games. Played through all PS2 Ratchet & Clanks, and Resistance 1 & 2. I was already sold on getting an Xbox One based just on Forza and Halo releases.

    Last edited 27/10/14 10:52 am

    The only two games of last gen that I missed was Walking Dead and Sleeping Dogs. Now both are out for PS4... which one should I get people? Anyone played both?

      I'd say go sleeping dogs walking dead is good but it's a point and click adventure you'll be done with it in a weekend. Sleeping dogs is a open world crime action with hours of content

      Sleeping Dogs!
      Bad-ass kungfu fighting dude, Hongkong crime drama set in one of the best Hongkong backdrop i've ever seen in a game. What's not to like?

    Super excited for sunset overdrive, can't wait.

    Super excited for Freedom Wars. Hoping it'll scratch my God Eater itch until a Western release of God Eater 2 is announced. *cough*

      I just want MH back on Sony portables :(

        Me too, but I've honestly moved on at this point.

        Played MHFU and MHP3rd (fanslated) for unhealthy amounts of time on PSP, but Toukiden/Freedom Wars/God Eater 2 are more than adequate substitutes for the Vita.

        I actually didn't really enjoy MH3 that much anyway - not because of the console either - just didn't like the setting, monsters, etc as much as previous iterations. I've got MH4 on my JP 3DS, but haven't even touched it.

        Last edited 27/10/14 3:11 pm

          Yeah I just haven't gotten into any of the other MH-likes, played some Ragnarok Odyssey and Soul Sacrifice but couldn't get the same enjoyment. Never played the first God Eater and have been tiredly waiting for the 2nd one.

            God Eater Burst is fantastic. My anticipation for GE2 is palpable and throbbing.

            Ragnarok Odyssey just never grabbed my attention, despite trying several times on different occasions. I wanted to love Soul Sacrifice, but had the same issue. Loved the design, the themes, etc. But the actual gameplay just didn't feel right.

            Give Toukiden a shot. Great game, and it's probably the closest thing to MH available on Vita.

            Last edited 27/10/14 3:46 pm

              Looks like Toukiden is getting an enhanced version next year, might check it out then.

    Man i wish WWe came out on PC as well

    Already got Sunset Overdrive ready on the Xbones, can't wait. Will certainly be good to break up the fun, but repetitive, Destiny sessions :p

    Freedom Wars? Really? Hm. I haven't played my Vita in a while. Perhaps now is the time.

    My copy of Bayonetta 2 arrived today. Just in time for me to pack up and leave it as I go to Melbourne tomorrow for holiday and PAX :(

    On the plus side PAXXXX!!!!!!

    I dunno if I'll get Sunset Overdrive now, but I will get it at some point.
    I'll probably hold off on Freedom Wars 'til the PlayStation TV comes out here.
    I'm interested in Majestic Nights. I'll probably pick it up.

    I'm eagerly anticipating WWE 2k15 - but I'm waiting on the Xbox One version which is something like a month away still. From what I hear the previous gen version is a bit disappointing though. Sucks for people stuck with the old consoles but I hope it's just a case of all the resources going to the current gen title.

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