Three-Year-Old Crushes Fools In Dark Souls II

Three-Year-Old Crushes Fools In Dark Souls II

Oh kids — one day they're screaming at you, the next they're demolishing invaders in PvP. How time flies!

YouTuber ZOMBIEHEADZoCOM let his three-year-old daughter try her hand at PvP in Dark Souls II. And while she didn't pull off a parry or a backstab, she did vanquish two invaders and almost polished off a third.

They git gud so fast.

3 Year Old Girl kills 2 invaders - Dark Souls 2 via ZOMBIEHEADZoCOM (h/t Cyriaque Lamar)


    Ahh yeah.......and this is the reason why games/gamers get a bad name. She is 3, prooobably shouldn't be playing a game like this, maybe?

    Reminds me of a mum who last year told me "Oh my boy has this new game which he is just obssessed with...ahh....GTAV?"
    "How old is your son?"
    "Would you let your son watch an MA or R rated movie? Not just with you but by themselves? At all times of the day?"
    "Of course not....gosh, absolutely no."
    "Did you buy GTAV for your son?"
    "You're an idiot."
    "Oh but its just a game"
    "You're an irresponsible idiot."
    "What do you mean"
    "You're an irresponsible ignorant idiot....but at least you were fertile at one point, yay world!"

      Dark Souls II is hardly in the same league as GTAV when it comes to objectionable content.
      Probably why it's rated M, compared to GTAV's R.

      I'm not condoning letting a 3 year old play an M rated game, but it's not a fair comparison.

      It's also worth noting that the M rating only carries a age "recommendation" rather than the "restriction" that applies to MA and R.

      I am outright doubtful that conversation ever took place; there's absolutely no defensiveness in her responses whilst you prattle on in a cocksure manner.
      Merely goes to show how easy it is to create a scenario that supports your argument.

      Gamers get a bad name because it's rare to come across someone heavily invested in politics or the mass media who is actually knowledgeable in the field. There's hardly any reasonable thought put into a story portraying negative aspects, and very few prominently viewed stories contain anything positive about the hobby.

      And as Karachiking said, GTAV is a horrible comparison. DSII is on the bounds of PG/M, both of which are recommendations because they often contain only very slight themes or content. I don't question the 3-year-old playing it if the parent or guardian feels that she will not be negatively affected. He knows his child better than you or I ever will. She's clearly just having fun and I'm sure he's explained anything that needs to be explained - I don't envision any negative repercussions.

      I'd generally agree, but she was being supervised by her parent and she was only playing the "hit the spooky red ghost with your sword " part of the game.

      I doubt he'd let her see the more disturbing parts of the game like the Rotten or the Demon of Song (which would've totally freaked me out when I was three).

    Having 4 girls, I dont let them be in the same room when I play GTA or dead rising 3. But I have made some exceptions with some games.

      As many have - brings to mind the bloke who switched the blood off in Skyrim and always supervised his child whenever she played. We're not all the "blindly bought GTAV for my kid because he/she wouldn't stop carrying on" type. Being there to choose what games you feel are suitable for your child, and being present whenever they are playing said games is an understated blessing in this technology-driven world.

    Drop your shield !

    Getting quite sick of these videos featuring 3 year old kids playing adult games. My son's 6 and there's no way in hell I'd let him play Dark Souls II (which I do own by the way), even if I was irresponsible enough to let him play it my wife would have my balls if I did.

      im with you.
      i dont even let my daughter watch me playing non violent video games. nor will i ever.
      i dont want my kid to fall into the addiction that i have had to deal with.

    Hah! "Don't look at the kitty!"

    Priorities, man.

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