Titanfall Is Adding A Co-Op Horde Mode

Titanfall Is Adding A Co-Op Horde Mode

Titanfall is a lot of fun, but there’s no denying that it feels a little… thin. The game’s exclusive focus on player-vs.-player combat left many of us wishing for a bit more variety. Good news: The game’s latest update will add a cooperative mode to the game, and it looks pretty cool.

The mode is called “Frontier Defence”, and it’s a four-player co-op mode that uses existing maps and sets players about defending towers from waves of computer-controlled enemies. Titanfall developer Respawn debuted the new mode today on Twitch.

Frontier Defence looks pretty cool — players can set up automated machine guns, strategically place their titans, and even fight from a drop ship that hovers over the battlefield. While at this point it feels fair to say that this sort of thing should have been included in the game at launch, better late than never. Respawn will doubtless have more detailed information soon, including when the update will go live, and for which platforms.

The update will adding some other features as well, including Marked for Death Pro, which is a single-elimination round-based take on the popular Marked for Death mode – if the marked player gets killed, a point is awarded and the round ends. There’s also a mode called Deadly Ground, a modifier for existing game modes that Respawn calls a “Floor is Lava” mode, which fills the levels (not every level works, they say) with electrified fog, forcing players to use wall-running to keep from touching the ground. The fog also causes constant damage to your Titan. They also detailed a new ranked play mode, and say that they will be adding a few new voices for your onboard Titan AI, among other things.


  • I still love this game and still play it on PC. But there don’t seem to be so many people around. Anyone else still play?

    • I do every now and then. It’s just a shame the only mode anyone plays anymore is Attrition. I loved Last Titan Standing and Hardpoint 🙁

      • Agreed.

        Why the hell can’t they just give us a server list where we can see where all the players are congregating, instead of the shitty ‘I’ve got time to go to a barista course, buy a coffee machine, set it up at home and make myself a coffee before I connect to a game’ matchmaking it has now (I assume this hasn’t been fixed since I moved on from T-Fall)?

        As for game diversity, I don’t know why they didn’t run events where you got double xp or some other bonus for playing in certain game modes. I would’ve liked to have played in the Variety pack mode.

        For all of BF4s problems, you could at least find a game.

        • This…. i played titanfall when they opened it up for the free week. it was fun and i would consider purchasing if you could find a game. Alas i still play battlefield instead.

      • These are thing things which are sad about competitive-multiplayer-only games.

        Did you ever play Shattered Horizon?

        The game’s core mechanics were fantastic. The graphics were drop-dead GORGEOUS, the physics were crazy novel and interesting, the sound engineering top-notch and so immersive, with delicious, atmospheric environments compelling new and weird tactics.

        It also had no single-player, no tutorial, no bots, and practically no-one was running Australian servers. The ones which existed were almost-always empty.
        No hype and a too-high-for-curiosity-alone release price meant no players, nothing to do in the game except scoot about in beautiful null-gravity arenas, emptying clips into the environment to see how weapons handled.

        By the time they finally got around to implementing bots, it was already dead. No re-release hype, no surge of new players. Especially vital: no fellow rookies for new players to play against/with. Just the die-hard faithful who never stopped, and are consequently untouchable death-god-elites.

        This is why multiplayer-only games are a pretty bad idea that only a few can pull off. For every TF2, there’s a dozen fall by the wayside, like Showdown Effect, Savage 2, Shattered Horizon, Rage, Blade Symphony, etc, etc.

        Even the MNC, Garden Warfare, LoadOut and other ‘successes’ find themselves eventually struggling to stave off deaths of low-pop irrelevance.

        Ten years later you can pick up a copy of a single-player game and get the full experience and all its related enjoyment. The same can’t be said for multiplayer-only titles.
        They’re transitory, moments in time, suitable only for the people who are keeping up with the latest thing. Blink and you’ll miss it.

  • Haven’t played for a long time, I really enjoyed it at first but then one day the magic was gone and I never looked back…

  • A coop horde mode has certainly sparked my interest to play again. could be a lot of fun.

  • I might actually do that update on the x1 finally. That seems like fun to me. Something to tide me over till Halo MCC and GTA Online.

  • The ‘multi-player only’ was the reason I didn’t pick the game up.

    Now I have a reason. I’m not sure it’ll be worth paying EA prices, given that EA seem to think that their games have a much longer premium tail than they deserve, but it’ll probably be a worthwhile buy if there’s ever some 4-pack bundle on sale to share with mates.

    • Are you on PC or Xbone? I’m sure it was on sale for $30 on xbone to gold members a month or 2 back.

    • Weirdly the MP only stance was the reason I did pick it up – after Battlefield 3 with its stale campaign and the insomnia cure that is its co-op mode I really hoped that EA would have the balls to go MP only.

      Even Black Ops II – I can’t muster enough interest to get through the campaign but the multiplayer was like crack!

      So I’ve gotta put my money where my mouth is – they impressed me by focussing on what they do best – something DICE could learn from.

  • Oh what, so they have finally realized that no one cared or wanted new maps?!

    Wonderful, it’s about time new content was added, I guess this is somewhat of a start however I feel it’s now too late, don’t think I can get back into TF PC

  • No offline play = no sale. Titanfall is already in the final stages of the typical online play only title and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will almost certainly finish it off

  • I might get back into Titanfall if there’s something other than deathmatch-style multiplayer. I’d love if they added a proper campaign though.

    Might have a crack at this.

    • My ideal would’ve been a varied campaign with a halfway interesting narrative, with unlocks staggered over the course of it and some ludicrously spectacular set-pieces not possible in a multiplayer ‘match’ format, with a horde mode for co-op longevity.

      I very much doubt they’ll do the campaign/set-piece thing, but horde co-op would make this a worthwhile fun-with-friends weekend-filler for $15-20 or so.

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