Trials Fusion's DLC Is Expensive, But Oh So Good...

I've been super critical of Trials Fusion and its DLC, which basically gives us a lot less than previous DLC packages did, for roughly the same amount of cash. But the latest DLC drop? Welcome To The Abyss? I have to grudgingly accept that it looks kinda great.

For the record: my issue has never been with the content, just how the content is being packaged and how much we've been expected to pay for it. The Trials Evolution DLC was an embarrassment of riches: 36 tracks, new skill games, all for (roughly) $5. With Trials Fusion you'd have to combine all three DLC drops to come close to that amount of content — and that'll set you back $20 at the very least.

But you can't argue with the quality. RedLynx know how the get the best out of Trials and their level design is unassailable. I will grudgingly be buying this and grudgingly playing it.


    I was fortunate enough to win the season pass through Kotaku's time trial competition, so I don't have to pay for it. But regardless, I'm just not as excited about Trials as I used to be. Sorry Trials, I'm not sure if it's me or you. But the romance has faded somewhat.

      I would have settled for Trials Evolution 2.1. I played Fusion for a bit, but meh. Fusion is essentially Evolution but re-skinned/ re-themed.

    Maybe not quit as fortunate as shadow above but I was lucky enough to find a retail copy of the deluxe version (PS4) for $28. As most of you here would know, that includes the season pass with 6 dlc packs.

    I agree with Mark here, the dlc in Fusion is pretty disappointing compared to Evolution - at least in regard to pricing.

    Motorbikes and aliens. I'll be picking this up.

    To anyone who has a whinge about the DLC costing to much, firstly you should actually go buy the game! Secondly you should try and create your own track that is as good, fluent and detailed as the ones RedLynx makes.

    They don't make these tracks in a hour. They can take as long as up to 100 hours to make 1 track, not saying they all take that long. Average would be around 30-50 hours depending on the length.

      I was just watching their live stream the other day where Shifty(?) said a few tracks only took 1-2 days each. They would also be using a PC editor which is significantly quicker then the console version. They alsoget paid to make tracks. So even if it takes a week to make each track that is still only 1.5 months wages that you pay one guy. Add in say one or two months wages for other random stuff and they are racking it in. This isn't a backyard operation here.

    Tempting.. Also reminds me that I haven't sworn at my console/tv/lounge room for a while..

    Glad I got the digital version with the season pass. The end of the main content is WAY too hard for me so these DLC packs give me some new tracks to play I actually have the chance finishing! (I'm shit a this game by the way! :)

    This is why I bought the retail version which you can already find discounted in stores

    Titan's causeway is the best medium difficulty track I think I have ever seen in Trials (Big call, but it is awesome). Being able to buy the retail version under 30 bucks at EB with all the DLC make it an absolute bargain if you don't have it (Price may increase with cost of broken controller and wall repairs....)

    I own Fusion on Xbone and am enjoying it enough with the addition of the freestyle tricks thing, but overall it just doesn't have the same appeal for me as HD or Evolution had.

    Content packs and prices aside (even though I am undecided on a purchase) I feel Fusion lacks he charm of Evo. I am not a big fan of the futuristic setting and even less fond of the soundtrack. The majority of the levels I have played are fun enough (same great gameplay) but there's something about Fusion as a whole that leaves me reluctant to return.

    This alone is what steers me away from investing in future content for Fusion. It's a bit of a shame as Trials is still the same gnarly brain-cruchingly addicting game.

    I would have spent $20.00 on another content pack for Evo if it included the freestyle stuff. Even though that isn't as good as I feel it could be.

    Either way, there's always more than enough user created tracks to keep one occupied.

    I would like to see future iterations return to the dirty/ gritty and raw feeling of the earlier versions.

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